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  1. Edwin Velez

    Billy the Marlin performer fired

    78 wins!...He didn't deserve to keep his job The Team only had 78 wins...but Jeter is gonna do it the right he is getting a mascot who may not bring many fans at first but down the road will make the difference...I repeat 78 wins!
  2. Edwin Velez

    Joel Sherman: Marlins should sign several veterans to 1 year deals

    John Jay and Trevor Cahill make sense on a 1 year contract Jay is a Miami native then maybe Ubaldo Jimenez or Brett Anderson
  3. I don't think they will sign many Free Agents ...maybe a pitcher or 2...definitely bargain basement players We still have some solid position players Bour Dietrich Prado Riddle Anderson Rojas Cooper Realmulto would leave a huge hole although Nola is becoming a Catcher between Tellis and him they can make it through a season
  4. Yelich is a Southern California guy he won't be spending much time if any off-season in Milwaukee
  5. Edwin Velez

    Realmuto Trade Rumors

    I actually prefer a multiple prospect trade with the Nats, they can keep Robles/Soto I am OK with Seth Romero, Carter Kieboom, Eric Fedde and one other it is about the future not the present anyway
  6. Edwin Velez

    Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    http://eastvillagetimes.com/2017/12/the-padres-have-indeed-inquired-about-christian-yelich-but-what-would-it-take/ Just a blogger's view of what it would take for the Padres to get Yelich
  7. What is the Deal? We are the Houston Astros of the future? If the New Ownership thinks we are bleeding money now wait until they see attendance figure for the next 2 years! I know they have the balls to say they are going to build it right this time. It has already been done right before. It was done right by Dombrowski and it was done right by Beinfest it was never given a chance to become sustaining . I disagree with the premise the Marlins can't leave because of Stadium commitments If they lose enough money and Las Vegas, New Orleans or Billings Montana offers them a deal sweet enough they are gone! There is a reason why there are more lawyers than words in the dictionary... Let them deal with it. What is the window Jeter is looking for in a turnaround? He will not commit to any, If in 5 years they are still losing money do they blow it up again or will we be a Farm team for everyone else? For sure they would leave given the chance
  8. I don't like showing that I am Bilingual but I enjoy the hell out of screwing with you Bald Pajaro If I am not mistaken Jeter spoke about creating a successful formula for Baseball in South Florida but I think he has been watching a bit too much Fixer Upper and that mantra 77 wins does not work....If they were complaining about poor attendance wait until next few seasons when there will be more people manning the concession stands than those buying from them and you will be able to hear Marlins Man Fart if you are sitting in the Bleachers....I think that it will be very hard coming back from this..Sherman/Jeter may have actually killed off Baseball in South Florida. Anybody interested in some Las Vegas Marlins Jerseys I am having made?... I will always be a Marlins Fan but I fear I am in danger of extinction
  9. Bald Pajaro what was there was built from within...Mike Hill alone crapped all over it. He is still around even though he made the bad free agent signings and gave away the Farm with crappy trades. Maybe Loria could have directed him to try to win now but Hill is the one who fucked up the trades... I will say it again....The loss of Jose Fernandez changed everything for this franchise The FO panicked and tried to overcorrect
  10. Edwin Velez

    Notes from Jeter's town hall meeting

    That wasn't his role in the Organization under Beinfest, if anything it may have been Dan Jennings he was the one more involved in Scouting and Player Development When it comes to Hill, he worked closely in the past with former President of Baseball Operations Admin Beinfest, focusing on roster management, payroll and contract research and negotiation, and waiver and rule compliance.
  11. Edwin Velez

    Notes from Jeter's town hall meeting

    Urena became a Marlin in 2009... That is a YES
  12. Edwin Velez

    Notes from Jeter's town hall meeting

    Admin Beinfest left September 2013 His last draft was for Colin Moran a bust, he however drafted Stanton , Yelich, Jose Fernandez, JT Realmulto, Adam Conley, AJ Ramos Nick Wittgren, Drew Steckenrider, JT Riddle, Andrew Heaney and don't forget he also signed Marcell Ozuna Although he was already gone a couple of months later The Marlins selected Bour in the Rule 5 draft I would absolutely give him a lot of credit in it Jennings did trade for Dee Gordon However Mike Hill's track record has been God awful in every way
  13. Edwin Velez

    Notes from Jeter's town hall meeting

    Bour and Prado were injured The problem with this team was only one...A Huge One...Starting Pitching Streily a Mike Hill acquisition just plain sucked by the end of the year besides Urena everyone else was AAA caliber that is why this team won only 77 games Now We got rid of our best Players and Our Pitching is no better in the short term and really who knows in the long term...They will not win 77 games next year they may 37 games next year...and the year after...and who knows how long
  14. By the way my money is on Giancarlo vs the Marlins roster BTW he might just hit more Dingers than the entire Parent and minor league teams affiliates added together
  15. I think the question is if Yelich and Realmulto are traded can the Marlins break the record for lowest amount of HRs in the modern ERA, They may have the lowest Slugging percentage in History.

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