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  1. Ya the more i look at the mets and their negotiations the more i say just tell them to fuck off and good luck trading prospects for aging veterans with huge contracts. They have like 1 possible package of guys that id be willing to accept and thats Conforto/Nimmo, Rosario, and Alonso. And the only reason i would do that would be to immediately flip the OF they get for more prospects. I would never do a deal with the mets unless i got BOTH Conforto/Nimmo AND Rosario. From all accounts they are only willing to give up 1 of conforto, nimmo, and rosario. In that case, you laugh at their moves this offseason (and pretty much just every mets offseason) and say good luck going with this dumbass plan of trading prospects for veterans. See you in a similar place in the standings in august.
  2. thats a good first 2 prospects in the deal but they would need to add a few more to that deal. Getting rosario and alonso would be a great return though, just want a bigger deal.
  3. there is nothing sneaky about their farm system. They have the best farm system in baseball. they have 10 guys in the top 100 on mlb's list and 11 and 12 on that list used to be top 100.
  4. Give me Giminez or Rosario, Alonso, and then maybe mcneil for JT and Conley or Straily. That actually seems like a really solid deal for us and fills a bunch of long term needs
  5. Rosario, Alonso, and maybe Mcneil for JT? Would certainly fill just about every hitting hole we have except for catcher.
  6. fish20


    You can do that at other positions like RP and for hitters. Evaluating our own talent and seeing what we have is more important than the possibility of a flip in the rotation. We simply have too many SP's we need to evaluate this year to do this. Maybe if there are a ton of injuries in spring training but not otherwise.
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    Not at all unless he is interested in becoming a possible really good reliever. This year needs to be about evaluating the young starters we have that are ML ready now or will be at some point next year. We might not have a defined rotation moving forward, but we have a ton of options from the last couple years of trades that we need to see what we have this year before hopefully moving on with 5 guys in 2020. Just this year alone between guys we already have in the majors and those that will be ready at some point next year we have Urena, Chen, Straily (likely dealt though), Alcantara, Richards, Lopez, Caleb Smith, Neidert, Gallen, Merandy, Dugger, Yamamoto, Beggs. Not all of them will come up this year and there will obviously be struggles and injury, but we need to evaluate our own talent first and foremost. Im all for adding possible deadline candidates to flip for 1 year deals, but they should be for veteran bats and relievers.
  8. I too am optimistic about the team's future under this ownership but next year is gonna be too soon IMO, especially once we trade JT. I could see wild card in 2020 and that should be the goal. Use this year to keep churning through players and seeing what you have in guys. this year should be straight evaluation and player development
  9. Read that article earlier. IT was really weird cause it seemed like he was arguing that we dont intend to trade him when its pretty obvious he will be gone within the next month. Also, the whole asking for more because you are a division rival thing is incredibly stupid and antiquated thinking. Get the best deal for your asset and worry about your own team, especially when we are not going to compete this year and likely next year anyways.
  10. Coghlan his rookie year as well as Hermida the 2nd half of 2007 and Maybin for those last few games of 07 i believe were pretty huge teases.
  11. Dan Uggla was phenomenal for us by any measure let alone a rule 5 pick. Those hanley and uggla teams had such solid hitting we were just continually let down year after year because Loria refused to invest in depth and our pitching was horrendous.
  12. Decent pick up. Doesnt need to be on the 40 man unlike Peters. Stinks for peters though as he was looking good as a prospect until we were forced to rush him to the big leagues in 2017 cause loria is a dumbass and never realized the importance of organizational depth.
  13. exactly, thats about average and again, he is a career .750 OPS guy in a league that is clearly finding it easier and easier to find for much cheaper than 5 million. I mean CJ Cron hit 30 hr's last year and OPS'ed over .800 and got DFA'd. These types of players just arent as valued as they used to be.
  14. and the only reason prado is still around is because his contract is enormous and unmovable and he's a good veteran to have around young guys.
  15. The rays have won over 90 games 6 times since 2008, perhaps we should be making more rays moves as a small market team.
  16. Youre severely overrating his ability at 2b/3b. He might be average there, but he is in no way above average and he has not graded out positively at any position in his career according to fangraphs. He is the perfect DH/platoon guy for an AL team like oakland, but for a team like us given his arbitration status he might just be the type of player who had no value across the league when you look at what you will be able to get 1b/corner OF guys for again this offseason.
  17. I think they could have gotten a bullpen arm, but its abundantly clear you can get those 1b/corner OF types for very cheap and this years free agency might make last years look like a players market. Teams seem to be getting smarter and smarter about the surplus value of a guy like dietrich relative to another replacement level guy you can find.
  18. People need to just stop reacting to everything every ignorant to how baseball works fan that is out there. They will blindly criticize every player they didnt like or even show up to watch being let go and there is nothing we can say until we start having this long needed depth make a difference. It makes no sense to react every time someone shows their ignorance. Not to say every move we make is perfect, but as of now this front office has really done a solid job since taking over. The draft last year seems to be really impressive early on, we have cleared any long term salaries that would inhibit any small market team from operating as a consistent contender (we couldnt survive G potentially breaking down like the angels and pujols), and we might not yet have that best farm system in baseball but it is clear we are building a team that is sustainable and regardless of if it is next year or 2021 with the depth we have built specifically in the pitching , this will eventually turn around because this is a proven method of rebuilding and we are finally willing to bite the bullet in the present for a future vision.
  19. I think the dietrich thing is surprising, but after seeing the moves today it seems clear that Denbo is now in charge after giving a year of holdovers from the previous regime a chance to make an impression. You'd think dietrich would get something, but after looking at the market for 1b/corner OF, this seems to be the theme for guys even better than Dietrich (Cron, Bour, among many others at that position this year as well as last year). I hope we use these savings for JT, Dietrich, and eventually Straily, to sign some veteran bats to fill the lineup for at least half the year until Diaz, Harrison, Victor Victor, etc are ready and we can possibly flip some of them at the deadline for another interesting piece.
  20. The more i look at it the more I want the Astros. JT and Straily for Alvarez, Martin, Bukauskus, and Stubbs. Would be the perfect deal for us.
  21. im sure the competition isnt great but good to see nonetheless. I still dont think he gets talked about enough. His ceiling isnt sky high but he has a fairly high floor. He has long term 2b written all over him with like a .260-.270 avg, .350 + OBP, and 20 hr's with some speed as well. Really good piece to have in the system.
  22. I didnt even think about that point. That could put them in a really tough position of not being vehemently anti-castro not because they support him but for the safety of their family members. Really tough position for them to be in. Hope nothing big is made of it.
  23. Id take Joe Girardi back if he's still available after next year.
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