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  1. Thanks for the lesson. Mr. Jeter is far from a genius. He must have skipped geography at Kalamazoo high school. Florida may be the third largest state (population-wise), but it is also at the southern end of a sub-tropical peninsula. Figure out what that means for future attendance and since it is your forte, TV ratings.
  2. You guys don't get it , less is more. We want the #1 draft pick in 2020.
  3. Ha. That's genuinely funny.
  4. Therin lies the rub, you don't care.
  5. But the fact is, the more the marlins lose, the more they gain in next year's draft...there is the incentive to tank.
  6. Majority marlins owner. What do you know about him ?
  7. Well, you got me there. My son used to have a Jeter poster in his room and who could not like him his playing days ? But, honestly the guy turns my stomach now, and that poster is in the landfill.
  8. There's only one reason a person would make 9500-25000 posts on this site...
  9. Yea, pretty much. Jeter ain't your savior. Wise up.
  10. Hey, I'm a binge poster, but I was saying the same thing last year...
  11. So, if the Marlins front office is intent on reducing payroll to the point of having an inferior product on the field,why should fans TRUST that this a rebuild versus an attempt to force a relocation?
  12. The 5 million dollar CEO with a HS education...well played. Project Wolverine, you suckers. Show me the money.
  13. You can start firing people and blaming others,but at some point don't you have to look in the mirror ? How is Jeter in any way qualified to be a CEO of a MLB team?
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