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  1. [MEDIA=twitter]1095454792124588033[/MEDIA]
  2. I'm in the same boat and that really just seems too time consuming. JT got traded though I do know that.
  3. [MEDIA=twitter]1093634471172165632[/MEDIA] Found this to be somewhat interesting considering his injury problems over the years
  4. Thanks for posting this. Really good read. Feel sure no one here has read it before.
  5. Padres are probably the most ideal team to trade with.
  6. Isan was also and Yamamoto has had a great year so I wouldn’t exactly say the return was bad by any means.
  7. No way anyone likes this dude. I guess because we won’t sign his clients to the massive contracts he likes then he hates us.
  8. The amount of teasing they’re doing is killing me
  9. Jeff Mathis and AJ Ellis back as Marlins please?
  10. You know who will be on the team next year? Wei-Yin Chen, the superior profile picture.
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