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  1. Giants: two words: Tim Lincecum He is on the top of my list of players I want to see live
  2. Cant Believe we passed up Billingsley and Carlos Quentin for him... Don't feel too bad. Rays passed up on Bruce, Rasmus, Garza(who we winded up getting but cost us Delmon Young) and others for Wade Townsend, a guy who hasn't gotten further than AA. And once he finally got to AA, he did so damn bad, that is he now back in A ball. Awesome work. and in 2003, you were probably cursing your team for picking the wrong Josh after watching Beckett dominate in the playoffs
  3. there ,ucky they dont have norman braman living there
  4. Zach was given a blessing with his release, just because he wasnt public with it, doesnt mean he didnt want to leave. We all know he wanted to play with a contender, and it was an amicable breakup, unlike the Pennington situation.
  5. Why the hell was Jay Feely released? He was our offensive MVP (sadly) last year, and easily of the best kickers we have had since Olindo Mare was good.
  6. J-Will to the Clippers: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=3524422 Lets trade dorell for Livingston
  7. juanpierre


    Everyone in college knows english, just dont go into little havanna
  8. wtf are you talking about, its assault, and he should go to prison
  9. From your favorite team Favorite player of all time: Luis Castillo Favorite up-and-coming player: Hermida, I love his swing wish he were more consistant Least favorite player of all time: Mike Piazza NOT from your favorite team Favorite player of all time: Ted Williams Favorite up-and-coming player: Tim Lincecum Least favorite player of all time: Bonds/Clemens
  10. Quick, someone distract Hamilton with some heroin Stupid, cold and completely uncool. :thumbdown Please man, dont be so sensitive.
  11. Quick, someone distract Hamilton with some heroin
  12. dammit,now one more from braun and hes gone : gone
  13. What happens in the event of a tie? Player on the team with the lowest payroll is eliminated. lol, no affirmative action?
  14. so now we need braun and hamilton to choke to give uggla a chance
  15. Thanks to Utley, this broadcast must have a 10 second delay
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