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  1. Fredi doesn't get mad enough. I want to see his forehead veins poppin
  2. Oh I hate on the team plenty at the stadium. Except for Fredo I loves him
  3. OldSand

    Blonde Jokes

    Did you hear about the blonde who tried to blow up her husbands car? She burned her lips on the tail pipe.
  4. Saw them play. An italian team of 10 year olds can kick their ass.
  5. One bad defensive play (or game) does not make a player a bad defender One of the positives about Bonifacio is his defense at third base, it's the best we've seen there since Lowell. Bull crap! Bonifacio is terrible at 3rd! Cabrera was better then him at 3rd! Cantu was better then him at 3rd! Are you F'in blind!? This guy has booted balls all season over there, and he has a weak arm for a 3b. Yea he's fast, and gets in on bunts or infield singles well but he's messed a couple of plays like that to! He has a lot of mental mistakes also. You are wrong on the defense, my non-friend.
  6. so much hate. love your team!
  7. OldSand

    Blonde Jokes

    Why wast the blonde's belly button sore? Her boyfriend was blonde too. Why did the blonde wear condoms on her ears? So she wouldn't get Hearing Aides Why did the blonde stop using the pill? It kept falling out. How do you know if a blonde has rummaged through your fridge? Lipstick on the cucumbers
  8. Do it yourself when he's 12
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