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  1. One bad defensive play (or game) does not make a player a bad defender


    One of the positives about Bonifacio is his defense at third base, it's the best we've seen there since Lowell.



    Bull crap! Bonifacio is terrible at 3rd! Cabrera was better then him at 3rd! Cantu was better then him at 3rd! Are you F'in blind!? This guy has booted balls all season over there, and he has a weak arm for a 3b.


    Yea he's fast, and gets in on bunts or infield singles well but he's messed a couple of plays like that to! He has a lot of mental mistakes also.


    You are wrong on the defense, my non-friend.

  2. Why wast the blonde's belly button sore?


    Her boyfriend was blonde too.


    Why did the blonde wear condoms on her ears?


    So she wouldn't get Hearing Aides


    Why did the blonde stop using the pill?


    It kept falling out.


    How do you know if a blonde has rummaged through your fridge?


    Lipstick on the cucumbers

  3. I'm sorry, but on personal principle - why should my money go to people who got bad loans for houses that they could not afford in the long run, and to the companies that were greedy enough to give it to them?


    Divide the $700B among every American adult. Boom, we'll all have our credit cards paid off, houses paid off, and new American cars from our struggling automakers. Problem solved and we're all happy! Why not do this? Oh, I forgot.... it is too socialist - and treating businesses the same way is ok? :rolleyes:


    Divide 700 billion by 200 million. That's $3,500 per adult (assuming 200 million adults).


    Great idea though. :thumbup


    fwiw I oppose the bailout too.

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