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  1. Really it's not that we needed 2 pitchers. We just needed pitcher who would do their job and hold the other team. We had plenty of offense in 2017. We always grinded. We always lost on pitchers no holding. Now do that & you got easily 10 to 15 games in the win column & you have a chance in the playoffs. This wasn't rocket science! Our offense did their job well. The pitching was not.
  2. So if all of you fans (no matter what type you are (LOL), the real purpose of me starting this thread was to find out if you are going to protest a 2nd year or not. I know that this thread really got off topic. But it would be interesting to know. You only need to say whether you are going to still protest or you have decided to give it a go this year. THANKS!!
  3. Cool with me. I will leave you with one other thought (and the rest who aren't protesting with what is going on). If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything.
  4. Don't make up words that you think I am saying. I NEVER said anything about cowards (your own interpretation). Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. If you don't like MY definition, then you don't care about my opinion, which I don't mind. Since you don't agree and lashing out, you must be so thin skinned that you can't take my constructive points of view. Instead you post like a juvenile that blurts out profanities (how mature). Like I said I started the post to find out if fans are supporting the team for this year or not so I can gauge how people feel for this year. If you want to go & spend your money you have every right to. Obviously you don't find my meaning nor humor in anything I wrote due to what you are spitting towards me. You should grow up. Instead maybe you should just say your point of view like you did when you said "just a choice to continue to support my team. I'm not doing this against my will or because I want to be part of a silent majority or because I'm afraid to make waves". That would of been good enough, but I guess you can't help yourself with the way you interpret things.
  5. This is MY OPINION (and others). A BANDWAGON FAN is someone who doesn't really follow the games during the year or any news on the team until at which time they see that their local team is doing well & then they get involved & are a fan. My definition of a REAL FAN (as I need to differentiate) is a fan who is loyal to the Marlins (AS WE ALL ARE BECAUSE IT IS OUR TEAM), but is no longer is willing to financially support the team (going to games, buying food, parking, merchandise) as the owners DO NOT take in to considerations what their fans want (keep good players, get good players, get rid of bad players - basically being fan friendly owners & to make a winning team). Jeter could of come in here and not tear up the whole team right away (the fans would of loved him instead of not) with the great players he got rid of and worked on OTHER weak spots of the team. This is what I feel the majority of fans really wanted (maybe you too!). Example, we had one the best outfields in baseball (why would you get rid of that when it takes a very long time to get to that point, you have it already & you LOVE those players?). My definition of a FAKE FAN (had to come up with a name to differentiate) is a fan who also is also loyal to the Marlins and willing to have their team dismantled for a 4th time with again another owner. They don't mind and supporting that type of ownership & doesn't/won't take a stand to make their voices heard (which by the way this is how most people are in our country - it's called the Silent Majority) as they just go with the flow & don't make waves. They don't want to do something that takes an active stand to protest what is going on. I am certainly entitled to have my opinion as this is what this forum is all about. You are certainly entitled to yours and I am not hear to stop you. This is how "I" feel on the situation. There are plenty of the same type of fans as me. If there wasn't, I would be wrong & you wouldn't of had a dismal attendance at the games where their were more fans from opposing teams then ours. I am GLAD that this happened as it showed Jeter that the fans can have an impact on income. But as a previous post with a link to a Flipboard article shows that a lot of owners don't care what their fans want as they just want to make money with the other avenues that they have. Loria for example made more money out of 2 losing teams then we could ever dream about having. How is that supposed to happen? Something is messed up with this business model for fans (but certainly not for owners). I love my hometown team as you do, I just do something about it & you don't. I would love more than anything to sit with what I call the fake fans (even you) at a game when we get as fans should. A good team & an owner that cares for their fans. Maybe Jeter will end up that way, but he certainly didn't care enough of the fans to start that way.
  6. I really didn’t intend to pit fans against each other to argue. I really wanted opinions of wether any fans were going to go to he games or buy merchandise which give financial gains to the owners that tore down a team again. This time however we had really good players that if we had good pitching, we definitely would of had a playoff contender & we didn’t get a chance to see that. That is what I am upset about and so based on the history of OUR team I referred to those of us with have had enough & decided last year to boycott going to games and spending any of our hard earned money. It’s just like when you don’t like what is happening in your HOA that you don’t like. There are people that GIVE A SHIT and express their opinions and go to the meetings to do some thing about it,(Real Fansj and then there are those that just go with whatever is going on (Fake fans)nuthatch don’t do anything so nothing good gets changed for the betterment of the community. Yes, ALL of us are fans and the Marlins are our team and we all really want the team to succeed, however as all of you know, we keep getting screwed no matter what owner we have. In this case, to be smart about it you would not support the team with your money. Hey, nothing wrong with watching games or listening to games to see what we might have for down the road. I did last year. i just feel that if you were a Real fan that you would feel like me and not financially support Jeter and company until they actually gives us a playoff team. After all they are the guys with more money than we will ever have and get richer off of us. The bottom line is I wanted to find out that that if you boycotted like I did last year and not spend anything to support them, was this the year that you go back to being the fan you were or do you stay out and not financially support them for a 2nd year.
  7. For those of us that are true REAL FANS that know we got screwed with everything that Jeter and Sherman did. Like getting rid of our great developed players, got rid of Jack, Conine, Dawson and Perez and all the other things that pissed us off. We protested and kept our money and DID NOT go to any games, nor buy any merchandise, so what are your thoughts for doing the same or not this year?
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