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  1. I did add the "to those who have sent these threats" hoping no one would think I meant it about anyone here, but if someone needs that professional help, by all means go for it.
  2. To those who have sent these threats: I love baseball and probably take it way too seriously. I hate that the Astros cheated and have put a black eye on the integrity of the game I love...but for Pete's sake people! Wishing cancer on someone's kids...or threatening to kill players...over baseball??? IT'S A STINKING GAME! Seek professional help.
  3. I have no opinion on Fiers one way or the other, and take this how you will, but according to A's reporter Susan Slusser, she asked him about why he didn't come forward sooner. His response was that he was talking about it and reporting it privately and when he saw no actions being taken after several private attempts he decided to go public. That doesn't necessarily answer why he didn't try while with the Astros (although I think Michael gave a pretty good scenario above). It at least sounds like (if you believe his story) that Fiers was trying to not be a "snitch" publicly and would've
  4. Sorry about posting on a topic that is probably considered a "beating a dead horse" topic (and from a Cardinals fan no less), but I just returned from my in-laws place in Ft. Lauderdale and then saw these so my mind has been thinking a bit more about the Marlins this week. While I'm not usually a big fan of the rubbery logos on caps, I saw this new Marlins cap and thought it stood out much better than the current on-field caps. While most of these "clubhouse" caps looked crappy to me, I think the Marlins cap looks good. I still wish they would find a way to make the on-field caps stand ou
  5. Thanks. I participate because I love baseball. I have no hatred for other teams or fans of other teams (even if I pretend to dislike Cubs fans ?). I've never seen a reason to be a jerk to others on a message board where we're supposed to be discussing a subject we love. This is why I don't post a lot on most of the message boards I read often. I enjoy the playful banter but the real hateful stuff is a waste of time and ruins good discussions. Anyway, thanks everyone for not despising me! ?
  6. My thoughts exactly. I don't honestly think the Cards will pull off any big move (I'd love to be wrong), but the timing of acquiring a highly touted pitching prospect when there are at least some reports of discussions around the likes of Arenado at the very least make it suspicious.
  7. Maybe they're intentionally trying to hide the hideousness?
  8. Agreed on all of those, but I would add that I'd love to see the Phillies go back to burgundy. It was unique to them, like brown to the Padres. There's enough red in baseball and they looked good in burgundy...they should own it.
  9. That's what I thought as I watched it. How do you say your plan is to do everything you can to keep the team in the Tampa area and then turn around and basically say, this harebrained plan is all or nothing? If this doesn't work, he says he doesn't see a way the team can stay. I did notice the comments about how it's not up to only one person when it comes to where baseball is played, but it's ultimately up to a large group. I interpreted that as "when I move the team, I can blame it on the local gov, MLB, MLBPA, etc." so he's "not the bad guy."
  10. I think that looks great. My only disagreement would be to use the black crown/blue bill cap with the blue jersey. Of course, I may change my mind if I actually saw it together. The all black cap with black jersey looks good.
  11. Personally, I like Ozuna, even if he makes me scratch my head from time to time. You can add last night, getting thrown out at first from right field. But even though I like the guy, this is funny: https://www.birdsontheblack.com/blog/the-cardinal-sin-cardinals-to-retire-marcel-ozuna-s-number
  12. No way. Our bird would use that bat to club the fish!!! ? All kidding aside...they do look good!
  13. I'm definitely a 3930 guy. They're my favorite out of all the different options. My head is too small to look good in a 5950, even a low crown, but the 3930's look really good....and are super comfortable too! That filled in M looks a lot better to me as well. That should happen to the on-field caps. The non-filled makes it look like on of those cheaper caps to me.
  14. That looks great! I'd love to see that in a 59Fifty. That should definitely be an on-field option.
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