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  1. CBS Sports is giving love to the Marlins on the gram. Very cool.
  2. Well, 25th anniversary weekend came and went. I will miss these teal jerseys. But damn man, I want teal jerseys back forever. Go look at Social Media. Read this article. People want their teal. So do I. Who agrees? ? if you agree. If you don’t, I respect your opinion, but you’re wrong. And don’t tell me the current color scheme has “flavor”. Even though it sort of does. Thank you! https://www.google.com/amp/www.sun-sentinel.com/news/sound-off-south-florida/fl-sp-marlins-teal-uniforms-follow-20180607-story,amp.html
  3. BTW, I just heard the announcer say the Marlins are not big on launch angle and hit more ground balls than any other team in the league. Is that a bad thing in your opinion?
  4. I feel you. But is it me or is it crazy to draft that many players who play the same position within the first 10 rounds? I get the baseball draft is so different from NBA or NFL, that just confused me.
  5. Why are the Marlins on National TV right now? ?
  6. Can someone explain why the Marlins drafted three catchers in this draft? Also, do you think that is foreshadowing the reality that at some point soon, the Marlins will indeed trade JT Realmuto? ?
  7. As of right now, it’s pick #45. Marlins are at 53 and 69 ?
  8. Just don’t yell at me to get off your lawn ?
  9. I love Brinson because he is a local kid, but his entire season has been ? so far.
  10. Lmao no ?... fire is a slang word, meaning it looks good. Like, If I said the way you cook pasta is ?, that means you cook really good pasta ?
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