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  1. This is a bad look for the Marlins! Essentially, they are saying any journalist who criticizes the team too harshly can get their press credential taken away. Have the Marlins ever heard of “Freedom of the Press”? I get the Marlins are a private business, but Andy Slater has had press credentials for 7 years, according to his comments on the Dan LeBatard show. Now, because Slater went with Marlins Man to the British Virgin Islands to expose them, they revoke his credentials?! I call bullsh*t! Shame on you, Marlins!
  2. jeffbakercircus

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    How much do you guys think JT Realmuto is worth? Would you give him a 5 year deal worth $50-$60 million total? 🤔🤔🤔
  3. I did not see the link posted anywhere on this site, so I put the entire segment here for those who would like to watch. I thought Bryant Gumbel was fair with his questions and Jeter was fair with his answers. Very interesting. I would love to hear all your opinions on this piece.