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  1. I like that 10 of these guys have an expected arrival date of 2020.
  2. In Southern Alabama, the only games blacked out on MLB.TV are Atlanta Braves games. All 19 of them. This is the only reason I have Youtube TV — to watch those 19 games. I'm cancelling my subscription now, and will use the illegal stream in the front row for those contests.
  3. It would have to be a hidden Easter egg. But for real though that'd be pretty cool if you found it.
  4. It's almost like they had some sort of super power!
  5. tHe MaRlInS oNlY hAvE 15 fAnS
  6. I know that. What I mean is, if people read it here, they're probably not going to follow the link and give your page valuable views. I clicked it because I like you, but there's 20 lurkers for every person that actually talks in these forums.
  7. Very funny but all kidding aside, when I reboot, it always stops to say, "your computer can't close because OOTP is keeping it open, please close OOTP."
  8. I started playing OOTP three years ago and I never NEVER close the window. It's completely taken over my life.
  9. It's gonna be harder to watch if it's only on the radio.
  10. Yeah I didn't count all of the games that are going to be available this ST but it's more than seven.
  11. According to the Fish Army twitter, Pat Venditte, Robert Dugger, Adam Conley, Stephen Tarpley, Yimi Garcia & Ryne Stanek will come in after Yamamoto.
  12. Spot on, Silver Bullet. They reminded me of my daughter apologizing to her sister for hitting her, but only because she got caught.
  13. Pretty sure it was Pipeline at one time. Not sure where we rank today, as the rankings are somewhat dynamic.
  14. So we have Cooper, Aguilar, Kemp, and Diaz competing now for first. This is a great development for Kemp, at least. FanGraphs ZiPS projections for these four in 2020 (and keep in mind that ZiPS doesn't take into account playing time): Aguilar 104+, 1.2 WAR Cooper 98, 0.7 Kemp 95, -0.5 Diaz 83, 0.1 So Kemp has a bit of an uphill battle, considering his age, and will need to outplay probably Cooper to make the squad. Although I do like this much better than putting him in the outfield.
  15. I'm only allowed to use Getty Images on Marlin Maniac, but will definitely share pics with you if and when I get out to games. Will you also be in the market for minor league pics?
  16. That looks interesting, but I'm not paying for another baseball-only site.
  17. I'm quoting this hot-take in a Marlin Maniac article.
  18. Did you realize that this was the 70th comment on the thread?
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