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  1. Nice job by Rojas there. Good piece of hitting.
  2. Put Chen in the pen? Worked for Conley.
  3. That was good. I would like to see him hit many more.
  4. Yeah me too. Were you watching for that no-hitter back in....wanna say 2007?
  5. Stationed here in Alabama for the last few years, I get all the Marlins games except for when they play the Braves. They black that out. I live four hours away from Atlanta. I mean, really? But otherwise yeah, MLB.TV is on point.
  6. I like Holaday for the backup spot, closely followed by Vigil.
  7. MLB.TV is the best purchase I've ever made. It's been with me through my entire army career. I've followed this team from all over the world. It's clearly the best deal ever. Add MILB.TV as an add-on, and it gets even better.
  8. Wow that Nationals reporter is just beautiful. Yeah, Lopez is looking great. Let's see if the offense can support him.
  9. I'm one of two main writers on Marlin Maniac. I don't remember this article. Is it very old? I can assure you that I fact check on the articles that I personally write. I have a lot of pride in my website. I don't like that your experience with it was negative. I will always strive to bring the best coverage I can, but understand that I'm not local to the team, and have no press credentials.
  10. I don't know what to say. I'm one of the two lead writers for Marlin Maniac, and I did not write that article.
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