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  1. Now say it 10 times fast.
  2. If he stays as a starter, I can see Meyer ending up as a better pitcher than Lacy.
  3. Based on his pipeline ratings, he seems like a mix of Lacy and Hancosk. Better stuff than Hancock, but better control than Lacy.
  4. If he's a Marlins pitcher he'll be coming out of right field.
  5. He's probably going to make the next pick.
  6. Fuck. #TankForTork officially failed.
  7. Still kind of hoping Tork falls to 3rd.
  8. Tough that you gotta go so early. The Marlins only have the 3rd pick, but you gotta get your beauty sleep.
  9. You guys like Lacy or Hancock as the top starter?
  10. If Brinson is a different guy, then is he still Brinson? What if this new guy has a different name?
  11. I'm sure that at least 17 people will go. I mean, the Marlins have 16 fans and we have the worst fan base in all of sports. They should be able to at least top that.
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