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  1. Despite all of the questions, that's the biggest thing that the majority of reporters learned. We are the Miami Marlins, not the Florida Marlins. Unfortunately they still think that we have the Loria logos...
  2. So was Mike Hill technically the GM since he was promoted to President of Baseball Ops after 2013? Is Ng going to be in the same position as Hill was or just a standard GM?
  3. Perhaps a Marlins reunion. He would cost $10 M for his option, which is well worth it given his production. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/10/indians-brad-hand-closer-waivers.html
  4. If anything this helps Hill's career. I imagine it would have been hard for him to get a similar level position if he had been fired day 1 considering how badly the organization was being run. Now that 3 years have passed and Hill got a chance to prove himself to the world, he looks like a lock to get a high ranking FO job elsewhere. Hill should be thanking Jeter for allowing him to stay for 3 years.
  5. I think Hill did a great job even before Jeter and Sherman took over. I mean the bad trades and signings were on Loria. But the players he broight in and developed in the organization were fantastic. That great offense in 2017 along with Luis Castillo, Chris Paddack, Domingo German, etc. There were certainly great player evaluation in terms of bringing in young players.
  6. Braves have woken up the sleeping giant in the Dodgers offense. As bad as the Braves rotation is after the top, I feel like momentum is on the Dodgers side and they will win the next 2. Would not be surprised if this went 7m but I think the dodgers pull it off.
  7. Making win now moves will be the difference in the team being like the Pirates/Royals window or being like the Cubs/Astros window. The Marlins weakest and thinnest position right now has to be catcher. Can anyone think of a championship team the last 20 years where that has been the case? You look at the '97 team and the '03 team and they both had a terrific catcher both at the defensive end and in handling the pitching staff. Charles Johnson even had one of his better years offensively. Pudge was solid across the board. An upgrade behind the dish has to be the team's top priority this offseas
  8. Who is the best catcher in baseball then? JT stumbled at the end of the year, but that was based on a 25 game span. That is the definition of small sample sizes. And regardless of his offense, he is regarded as a fantastic defensive catcher. Attendance was better in 2004 and 2005 even though the team was better in 2003. That's because the team was good out of nowhere rather than people expecting it from the outset. People showed up in 2012 rather than the following years with all of that star power because there was an expectation that the team would be good. Remember how Stanton said tha
  9. JT was an outside MVP candidate before he stumbled a bit. I don't put much stock in it. I think there is a definite difference between JT and the others in that JT is the best player at his position and the others were not at the time. The 2012 team was a bit unbalanced, but you can't say that the moves didn't bring attention. Say what you will about inflating attendance numbers, but 2012 was the highest recorded attendance figure since 1997 and the 4th highest in franchise history (per game). As for the Stanton contract, we are on the books for $30 M total. And that will
  10. A JT signing could boost excitement going into the next season enough to possibly improve the new TV contract negotiation.
  11. TV rating increases tend to lab behind good seasons. Stay the course!
  12. some Braves fan in the *redacted* comments was like "can't get him at the plate. Can't get him on the bases. They must hate him now." Did that guy not watch yesterday's game when they stuck him out 4 times?
  13. There was no way they were going to overturn that.
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