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  1. Went to an Orlando Solar Bears game (basically minor league hockey) a few years ago and had a pretty good time. However, I have never been to a Panthers game and don't really watch them at all. Still it's nice to see the team is doing well. Maybe I will get into them this year...
  2. So glad that Kim rejected it. Biggest difference between the new ownership and the Loria regime is that they actually value the prospects in the system.
  3. I feel like I have been one of the more vocal advocates of having a short leash on Elieser. But this changeup could really be a game changer. Great news.
  4. JT's not gonna be able to put his thumb down until he's healthy again.
  5. One of the biggest problems with the Phillies is their lack of depth behind their stars. If JT, Harper, or Aaron Nola miss significant time, it will be difficult for their team to live up to expectations. We shall see.
  6. Is this going to be more of a paper or will they be presenting slides?
  7. Last year the Marlins had 2 of the top 10 starters in whip % in Pablo and Elieser. I would consider them to be the 3rd and 4th best starters on the big league roster right now. Our rotation is loaded and is only going to get better with Edward Cabrera and Max Meyer. The biggest reason why all the projection systems expect the Marlins to lose 90+ is that they underestimate the pitching. We're gonna surprise a lot of people.
  8. There are already 2 S's in my last name. do I have to add a third?
  9. What are the odds they mention that the first time he pitches for the team?
  10. When is the last time we won a trade with the Rays?
  11. This is not my "called it." More of PECOTA's. Just want to reference this at the end of the season so I'll save it here. I can't see the Marlins losing 90+ games.
  12. Isan only saw 97 pitches in 2020. Not a large enough sample size to do a fair analysis. Also, he was still less aggressive in 2019 than league average. Considering his contact profile on balls in play was great to excellent, his patience did hamper him offensively. As for defense, I agree that Jazz is better, but that doesn't mean Isan is bad. He looked like it got in his head in the field, but he is better defensively than we saw in 2019.
  13. When Diaz made contact in 2019 it was solid contact. The problem was that he wasn't swinging at enough pitches in the zone. He swung at 57.3% of pitches in the zone compared to 66% for average hitters. His contact for pitches out of the zone was below average, but his contact for pitches in the zone was near league average. If he starts being more aggressive at the plate he will improve. Defensively he did seem to have the yips early. But that does not mean that he is horrible defensively. Perhaps you could take your head out of your ass and d
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