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  1. Okay. Fuck devil magic! Let's score here!
  2. His is missing the sweet spot of the bat, but he is not really fooling many guys.
  3. STL's use devil magic against the Marlins.
  4. Well, when you make it bold, it does make it seem more special, so...
  5. Whoops. Inside secret: I copy the first page from previous threads I start. I may or may not have been hungover when I posted today.
  6. Doesn't have his usual good stuff. Not even fooling the pitcher. Not good.
  7. He knows if you can't beat him, drill him!
  8. Yeah. Fish are quiet. They don't judge. Perfect for guys with headaches, which I may or may not have...
  9. Like I said, I might not be. It's really shrouded in mystery...
  10. I may or may not be super hungover for this one, so Holly is gonna need to use his inside voice today...
  11. Let's sweep the Braves! Pitching matchup: Marlins: Pablo López (2.76 ERA) Braves: Drew Smyly (5.82 ERA) Stats to note: In 2020 Pablo gave up 7 runs in that 29-9 game. His very next start vs the Braves he pitched 5 shutout innings with 6 K's and only 2 hits to best Ian Anderson. This year he gave up 6 runs in his first start vs Atlanta. What will he do in his second in Miami? The Braves have scored 4.6 runs per game in Smyly's starts and have a 3-7 record in those games this year.
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