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  1. My vote would be Pablo. The way he cemented the pitching staff after the Covid outbreak kept the team together. And now that the postseason is just around the corner, he has gotten hot again. But, anyway this team has a ton of leaders that have helped them play above expectations. It has been fun.
  2. Rough inning by Tarp. At least I missed most of it.
  3. Nice of Donnie to give Stanek some more work before icing the arm for the offseason.
  4. They must be planning on using Rogers out of the pen in the WCS.
  5. Right now the only series to scoreboard watch for the rest of the season would be Cardinals vs Brewers and Cubs vs White Sox. Those series will determine who we play in the first round.
  6. I think Rogers struggles in the 1st inning against the Braves and his subsequent comeback later in the game provided some crucial lessons for him. He is attacking guys early today and his stuff is really playing.
  7. Thought that foul was going to go a couple rows deep.
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