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  1. Craig Mish said on the Fish Stripes pregame stream that the timing of it makes him think that they have a guy in mind to replace him. Also considering they offered him a separate position, they were not completely dissatisfied in his work. But those are just Mish's hunches.
  2. Fuck. Sandy might be hurt...
  3. Sandy is really pitching well. Too bad he sucks against the Dodgers and Rockies or else he could really be in the Cy Young conversation.
  4. I don't understand this move International scouting has been one of the organizational strengths. Can't fault them on Victor Victor Mesa who was coveted by the entire league. Makes you wonder if there was something going on beneath the seams. If it was performance based, then they will probably have to fire nearly the entire FO based on the enormous bar that they just set.
  5. The Marlins just fired that International Farm Director who was in charge when we signed Perez back in 2019.
  6. Starting to think that the Rays employ Devil Magic when it comes to relief pitchers. I mean we use Devil Magic when it comes to starting pitchers and Indy relievers, so I'm not complaining.
  7. With Brad Hand on the Marlins now, it got me thinking about Adam Conley. Has he continued to pitch well with the Rays?
  8. Albies got his 26th earlier today.
  9. Yesterday Ozzie Albies hit his 25th homer. That gives the Braves a 4 man infield where every guy has hit 25 homers: Freeman (28) Albies (25) Swanson (26) Riley (28) The become only the 2nd infield in history to accomplish the feat after the Marlins in 2008. The Marlins could have gotten all 4 to 30 if not for that damn Chevron car in San Francisco... Surely the Braves have got a shot to get all to 30 with a month left on the season.
  10. Still think that Mattingly is not the right fit, but would anyone have been a good enough fit to get us a winning season this year? As for the team, they still look like they can win at home at least. Good chance we have a winning record at home when all is said and done. They have been lost on the road though.
  11. Just 2 pitchers away....
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