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  1. He said that probably half the FO wants to keep him and half want to move on. Mish's gut was that he will stay after renegotiating the mutual option before the end of the season.
  2. Mish basically said that half of all teams have to rebuild their pen in one way or another every single year. Marlins will be no different.
  3. Well they want a new catcher to replace Alfaro. If that falls through, I am sure they will give Leon a lifetime contract. They might also try to lock up the other Sandy... But that's neither here nor there. Preferably the team would like to acquire another Sandy. Just like they are doing with Jesus. Always looking for a 3rd to complete the set.
  4. And the operative word is 2022. They might make their moves in the offseason rather than deadline. They aren't gonna force anything.
  5. Complete Mish notes: Mish really gave the impression that major pieces in the big leagues (except bullpen) are unlikely to go at the deadline unless the other team wows them. Aguilar is a maybe (most likely not) trade candidate. Duvall is probably 50-50. Pablo and Cooper might get traded, but they will wait until the offseason when they are healthy. No momentum on BA extension. Maybe early talks on Sandy extension. They want a new catcher (mentioned Travis d'Arnaud as FA target) and a post hype prospect that is MLB ready for CF. Someone who's value is down. A lot like Luzardo. (So no Mullens, Buxton, Ketel etc.) They don't want to trade with the division. They really don't want to trade with the Braves.
  6. They apparently gave him lowball offer that everyone knew he would reject just to get the ball rolling. They were going planning to up the offer, but decided that they will see if his trade market develops. They will give it until the deadline. If no one wows them, then they will keep him and then continue negotiating.
  7. Marsh was asked about. Mish has not heard that name discussed. At the same time, he did not find out that Oakland was in on Marte until about 30 minutes before he broke the story. He did say the Angels would be a good match as they need pitching.
  8. Mish says that the thing he is most certain about is that the starting catcher for the Marlins next year will be someone who is not in the organization right now. Whether that is a deadline acquisition, or FA, whatever, they are moving on from Alfaro.
  9. When asked about Reynolds, he says very unlikely. Suggests that Marlins could target a post hype top prospect that has seen their value dip recently, similar to Luzardo.
  10. Mish also said that the Marlins are weighing their options with Duvall. His gut says that the Marlins retain him for at least 1 year. Perhaps with a renegotiated mutual option before the end of the season.
  11. Craig Mish is doing a twitter spaces right now. He just said the Marlins will NOT be in on Mullins, Buxton, or Ketel Marte. I repeat they will not be getting either of those three this deadline.
  12. On MLBNetwork, they are talking about how not only are 3 true outcomes at all time highs, HBPs are as well. They mentioned the Marlins and Acuna. John Smoltz (obviously a major figure in Braves history) said part of the reason for all the HBPs is that guys (including Acuna) aren't getting their hands out of the way so that they can keep their hands in a ready position to do damage.
  13. Alfaro chases a 2-0 pitch way out of the zone to get the easy play at the plate. Up to Brinson now.
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