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  1. Game 2 vs the Braves. Let's take the series here. Pitching matchup: Marlins: Zach Thompson (6.00 ERA) Rockies: Max Fried (4.63 ERA) Stats to note: Only including division games, the Braves, have the highest hard hit percentage (per fangraphs) at 32.8% and the highest flyball rate (36.7%). Interestingly enough they also have the highest softly hit rate (18.5%). The Marlins still have a bad losing record despite a positive run differential (+6). Will this even out? And if it evens out will it mean that we will start winning close ballgames like last night, or start losing blowouts to have the run differential match the record? Another interesting stat, brought up in the Braves SB Nation pre series write up, that might indicate that we are better than our record is WAR. According to fangraphs, we are putting up WAR at an 87 win pace. Is this due to unlucky breaks or just overperformance in garbage time?
  2. This just makes me more skeptical of Jesus Sanchez.
  3. The journey to getting the high leverage ERA down to a decent level starts tonight! Marlins Win!
  4. This is the definition of high leverage, folks.
  5. A 99.2 mph lineout into the glove of Duvall get's the 2nd out, but hanging a slider to Feeman is not normally ideal.
  6. Please score before Acuna gets another at bat.
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