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  1. If this team manages to sneak into the playoffs then we have a chance. I doubt that we would see many soft tossing lefties. Advantage Marlins.
  2. Maybe it is anecdotal, but Aguilar gets a ton of flyballs that could score the run from third with less than 2 outs. Bunt Brinson over, have hi steal, whatever. Just do something. Bottom of the lineup, you have to score at least 1. Why not go for the easy run and then get it done in the 11th?
  3. Like I said. Would be a tie ballgame, but why actually manage a game?
  4. We should have bunted Brinson over then. Aguilar is a pro at warning track sac flies.
  5. Looks like we get strikeout Rasmussen today.
  6. Stanton hit a walk off for the Yankees. Single through the hole.
  7. It rewards prioritizing strikeout pitchers rather than guys who can eat multiple innings. More strikeouts, I'm sure that that will help the game pick up more fans...
  8. Lewis at 2nd so anything down in the outfield likely scores him.
  9. Drew Rasmussen gets a ton of K's but also gives up a boat load of hard contact. It will be Isan, Leon, and then probably Aguilar.
  10. Big first out, but hottest hitter coming up...
  11. The good news, the three headed monsters are out of the game. The bad news, Anthony Bass gets the 10th...
  12. Didn't we go back to back off Hader one game?
  13. Looks like Counsell does not know how to play reverse psychology. Sad.
  14. When Elieser gets back, option Coop. Never thought I would say that, but he is absolutely lost.
  15. I wouldn't want to play the Brewers that often since they are a dangerous team, but Brinson sure would. He has a 1.232 career OPS vs the Brew Crew including this one.
  16. When the ball goes towards the corner, you never know with dick, but easy play. Sigh of relief.
  17. Thank goodness. So he learned to manage at the same school as Donnie then?
  18. The only problem is that they can save Hader for the 10th and small ball a single run in.
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