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  1. How many of those injuries are because he is trying to hit more homers? Perhaps he is overexerting himself to improve his numbers. Was it ever sustainable to begin with?
  2. What happened to Yelich? He is barely better than league average now. While I firmly believe that we lost that trade badly, would still having Yelich even elevate the Marlins to where they need to be?
  3. To be fair they did quickly make changes to the catcher collision rule when it went against the mediocre Marlins in 2014 during a regular season game against the Reds.
  4. This is true. Technically the word century works the same way, but if you are going to term it the "21st Century", which is how most people consider it, then it starts in 2001.
  5. So is the year 1990 part of the 80s or the 90s?
  6. It always seems like teams that have really long winning streaks always come up lame in the playoffs. The A's lost in the 1st round after winning 20. Indians after 23 wins (and as defending AL Champs) in 2017 and now the Cardinals.
  7. Can we all just never forget that the Mets practiced their celebrations for winning the World Series and then never even made the playoffs?
  8. Not upgrading the catching position when they knew that there would be no viable options this offseason was kind of stupid. I mean I guess that d'Arnaud wasn't locked up before mid season, but come on.
  9. As a diehard I am kind of with the team no matter what, but if they don't do something to make improvements I will be real pissed off.
  10. Part of the reason why I supported signing Realmuto last season was because of how barren the Catching market is this year. We would have to make a trade to get a significant upgrade now.
  11. The fact that multiple different sources including local and national sources have said that the Marlins are going to be aggressive and Jeter has even said it himself makes me thing it is completely legit. They literally have no obligation to say this and given the animosity of the fanbase and media what would they have to gain about lying about it?
  12. Why are they taking out Pablo! Miggy Ro needs to be fired. Terrible manager!
  13. They need to cycle the out of town scoreboard more often.
  14. I actually said hi to Marlins Man.
  15. Crazy day for baseball, game 162! I am at the game.
  16. I am excited for this. I will be at this game too.
  17. From May 20th until May 23rd, Swanson hit 3 homers in a 4 game span in a 4 game series vs the Pirates. He also has a multi homer game 3 times this year, July 11th vs the Marlins, July 31st vs the Brewers, and August 14th vs the Nationals. He has never had a 3 homer game.
  18. Update: Riley (32) Freeman (31) Albies (30) Swanson (27) Looking a lot less likely with just 4 games to go. A 3 homer game is not out of the ordinary so they still have a shot until the final game is played.
  19. By winning percentage, 2019 was worse than 2013.
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