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  1. MLB realized that the Marlins were winning games and cursed us with the umps from hell.
  2. This last one gives the Umps an assist on the win
  3. 1st pitch for a strike was one of the worst all night.
  4. Not walking Biggio is gonna cost us.
  5. Walk to get Bichette. He hits 43% GB's. Tarpley can get a GB with Bishette.
  6. Tarpley has been a good GB pitcher this year.
  7. Fuck. They can bunt Panik over for Biggio and Bichette.
  8. Last out from previous inning. aka Brinson.
  9. You have to remember that the Blue Jays start with the same scenario so I would not do it unless you are tied as the home team with a couple of guys with good bat control coming up next.
  10. Brinson would start at 2nd if it goes to extras.
  11. Marlins tie it. Orlando City ties it. Great last 5 min for Marlins fans from Orlando.
  12. Cervelli saves Brinson's at bat.
  13. Brought to you by Monkey Elixir.
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