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  1. Rich Waltz is calling the game. If you have MLB.tv I suggest you guys tune in quick.
  2. Madero makes good use of the parks dimensions to get through that one. 3 outs left.
  3. Make up call from the ump. Hope it does not get into Isan's head.
  4. Great plate appearance for Miggy Ro.
  5. Brinson with a double in back to back days. as hot as Isan is, we clearly only lost the Yelich trade by a large amount rather than a huge amount.
  6. Cool. The Phillies can fail to make the playoffs with a $210 M payroll. Good for them!
  7. They should add a lime so I could have used that instead of the banana.
  8. Really feel like Jazz would have been ruled safe if it was the original call against the Rockies and Grisham would have been out if that was the original call. The fact that they defer to the original call is the dumbest aspect of the rule.
  9. Very similar to the one with Jazz vs the Rockies. They said Jazz was out. Guarantee they say Grisham is safe.
  10. It would help, but I am more interested in something like this: Not Buxton specifically, but if the team shows it is willing to give someone a fairly sized contract, then I will be pretty happy.
  11. We should agree to only post trade news in the game thread so that people have to toon in.
  12. Isan now has a 4 game hitting streak for the 1st time in his career.
  13. So the Marlins have up to around $ 4.54 M. The only guys who took over slot deals that were enough to deduct from this total were McCants and Mack. Had neither of them signed, they would have just over $4.7 M to sign Watson. I seriously doubt that that difference would have made the difference. Watson either signs for what we have left or he would never have signed with us in the first place.
  14. It's just a cute animated tarantula with googly eyes and a child like voice that the maker used to help kids not be so afraid of spiders.
  15. If they were going to do a music inspired name, they should have gone with the Blues. First it is the team's original name, unlike Spiders which was a different team from Cleveland. Second, Rock music did adopt some elements from blues so there is a connection to rock and roll. Finally it would mean the the Ohio season series could get the extra nickname, the Reds vs Blues.
  16. It would be like exposure therapy. It would actually help arachnophobes get over their fears much like Lucas the Spider on youtube.
  17. Is there going to be a special name given to the season series between the Guardians and the Angels?
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