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  1. While I disagree with you, I respect you sticking to your guns when Alfaro is hot. Because otherwise it's an argument rooted in emotions rather than an assessment of talent.
  2. Alfaro hits the piss out of the ball for 48 hours solid and suddenly no one wants to bash on him? C'mon guys! Get your hate on the record here!
  3. How long until I figure it out? 😂
  4. I think that may be part of it, but my guess is the velocity explosion and the breaking ball revolution has a lot more to do with it. Take for instance Rich Hill. When he came up many years ago, 91 mph was an average fastball and it was unheard of to use a breaking pitch as your primary pitch. Now the league is averaging 93.8 mph with a large minority of players who throw a 91 mph changeup, and Rich Hill himself is a poster child for a whole subsection of pitchers who use their fastball as a secondary pitch. Plus improving defenses and shifting have made seeing-eye singles much harder to
  5. Great points. I think it's easy to forget our parents and grandparents watched MLB lower the mound, make a foul bunt a K, and outlaw the spitball -- RADICAL changes to the game at the time.
  6. My guess was "futurist Wright Brother's plane designs."
  7. I honestly think his plate appearances looked much better at the start of the year. I don't think the week off helped. It's frustrating as hell to watch, but I'm willing to give Alfaro another month or two before giving up on him. Baseball is all about the long game, and if/when Alfaro gets hot, he's going to look like God's gift to humanity. In that way, he's kind of Duvall Lite back there. But if he can't put it together, that'll suck. I'm not sure who y'all think they should have signed though. The only free agent catchers who are doing well right now are Ramos -- who I don't thin
  8. "Best division in baseball!" 😂
  9. I'll say, it does look a bit like the framing is hurting him blocking-wise, which is not uncommon (Flowers has the same issue). But a good pitch frame can be with their weight in gold, so I'll hold judgement on Alfaro's defense until the framing data builds a little bit.
  10. Lol, y'all need to decide if you hate Mattingly because he's too old school or too new school! You're embarrassing yourselves out here!
  11. White Sox catcher who's off to a very strong start.
  12. I wonder if you'd have a higher opinion of Mattingly if you just didn't write so much negative fanfiction about him. 😂
  13. Y'all are giving up on Alfaro after just 4 games? And 4 games in which Statcast ranked him the 10th best pitch framer in baseball?! SMDH.
  14. I wanna say somebody did research (maybe at Baseball Prospectus?) one time that showed umpires call slightly more favorable strike zones for large home crowds. I wouldn't be surprised if that unconscious bias then feeds into close plays and maybe even replays? I mean, imagine if that strikeout/HBP happened in Yankee stadium in a Mets vs Yankees game. No way on earth does that umpire call for anything but a K.
  15. Yeah, there are exceptions for children with special needs, but otherwise strollers need to be checked when entering the stadium. I personally wouldn't want a stroller with me, given it's just one more thing to keep track of and there's nowhere to put it when you go to your seats.
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