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  1. And what's crazy is he's not just a speedster a la Sierra or Pierre. When Harrison connects with a ball, he can hit the livin' piss out of it. Brinson too. And we're starting to see why the Marlins we were to trade Yelich for these fellas.
  2. Wait til we see Kyle Hendricks in the playoffs! Slow can work, but it's got to come with top-notch control.
  3. Not sure if this got shared elsewhere already, but this video is perfect.
  4. I... I thought we were all Marlins employees here. I mean, how else do you explain how there's more than 16 users?
  5. I think that's a fair complaint, and really, I believe Alfaro is the guy with the high ceiling here. But in all fairness, Wallach has been living on part-time play for years now. Last time he got regular playing time, he was hitting the piss out of the ball for the Reds minor league teams. It's hard to hit well when you're not playing regularly. But the bigger issue here is Alfaro appears to have taken a big ol step back defensively this year -- can't block, can't frame, can't throw out runners -- and that big beautiful offensive ceiling remains an enigma. I think Alfaro is still who
  6. I think one of the things not being discussed is where the negative RD is coming from. It's coming from a bunch of young guys (Neidert, Yamamoto, Dugger, Eibner, Shafer) who really needed some minor league conditioning. Right now, rookies are having their worst year in recent history. The Marlins burned their veteran depth during the COVID outbreak -- Venditte, Moran, Morin, Tarpley, Elieser -- all them fellas pitched much better than the young guys (even Moran, who struggled relative to his 2019 performance), but they've all since been lost to injury (save Tarpley, who's back today). I s
  7. Gotta imagine the, what is it?, 15 games in 12 days is really starting to take its toll. Just gotta get through a few more, though. Hopefully they muster some strength and pull out a series split.
  8. Very correct. I think it's also very interesting to hear that apparently the extension the Phillies offered came in below the Marlins offer. Folks were criticizing the Marlins for their offer, but clearly teams are risk averse when it comes to catchers. But again, it's only going to take one team. They don't know if their offer is $1 or $100M more than the next closest. And some owner out there is going to be just sick enough of their current catcher to bite the bullet and make a bad deal.
  9. I think the Marlins absolutely could afford an above-market contact for Realmuto. The problem is that he is going to sign a market-breaking contract, and the one team to offer something stupid is ultimately going to be the winner. I love JT. He's clearly in a class of his own right now. But catchers are in the most injury-prone position in the sport. The wear-and-tear will eventually move him to first base, and while he's a good enough hitter to play first, $35M per year for a decent first baseman isn't the foundation upon which championships are built.
  10. Definitely burning through the internet more than ever. Didn't even know I had a data cap!
  11. Game 2 is underway in DC. The Phillies are doing a bullpen day. Trea Turner on base with a double, 1 out. Go Nats!
  12. Y'all, we're watching scoreboards in September. Look at us! Who would've thought?
  13. This is a great breakdown. Thanks! And someone on Twitter from MLB was saying Monte was going over 31 ft/s -- basically the fastest anyone in baseball ever runs (the league leader in Statcast sprint speed, Tim Locastro, currently runs 30.8 ft/s as his average top speed). Freeman had to gun the ball over to a moving target, a shortstop who was racing the fast man in baseball to the bag. Monte actually beats him to the bag, but the throw beats Monte. Very impressive play by a couple of great defenders.
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