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  1. That's horrible. COVID-19 ain't a joke, folks. Got a friend intubated right now. Mask up, keep physical distance, and be smart, everyone!
  2. 我现在没有老师还是大学课,所以我使用一点点 Duo Lingo 和 aprendo más español porque yo vivo en el sur de la florida.
  3. 我为四年在大学学习中文,但是在南Florida,没有同学和老师。
  4. 我也喜欢 @taiwanmarlin,但是我想要他更多写中文。我要实践我的中文。
  5. What is it folks say? If it sounds too good to be true, it is? With all due respect to Darvish and his final 3 years of team control, he and his $60M contact are a whole different bucket of worms from Contreras. I don't see a deal happening without a big prospect going to Chicago, so I don't see a deal happening at all. Sorry y'all. 😟
  6. All BUT the last point. Big typo there. Sorry!
  7. Agreed on all by the last point. Mattingly played Brinson exclusively against lefties, and Brinson excelled. As a reward, Brinson started getting more playing time against righties -- something we were all clamoring for -- and he began to struggle. And ultimately, I think that early success / late struggle may have been a good thing. It showed Brinson, yes, he's making positive changes and capable of hitting MLB pitching. But it also showed him there's still room to grow. It gives him hope and keeps him hungry. I don't think Mattingly could have managed it any better. Gosh, yer getti
  8. I know you ain't asking me, but I'll toss my pair of pennies your way: In a few days, I believe the Marlins will be officially signing Yiddi Cappe, the top or near-top international prospect this cycle. They have drafted aggressively and maxed out their signing bonuses every year, save 2020 where I think they stayed just beneath the overage tax. I also believe they were one of the last teams to furlough their employees, and one of the first to un-furlough them (can't remember where I heard that; Mish?). They also didn't make huge cuts to player development and scouting like a number of other t
  9. Y'all gotta keep in mind the "time value" of money. Folks don't realize it, but the Bobby Bonilla deal was actually great for the Mets. Yeah, they're paying him a million dollars until the heat death of the universe, but $1M on a modern payroll is less than 2 MLB minimum salaries. Back in 1990-whatever, a $1M salary would have been a big deal, much less the $8M or so he was scheduled to make. Inflation and the steadily raising costs per win make long-term deferrals like that kinda dandy for teams. I mean, paying Hendricks $1.5M in 2035 isn't going to be very stressful for the White Sox. B
  10. Can a middle reliever win the Zac Gallen award?
  11. Well clearly it's that rapscallion David Sampson.
  12. That's a very good point. Y'all need to keep in mind the Marlins minor league system is pretty much better than it's ever been. Even back when Miguel Cabrera and them were in the minors, that was a very top heavy system. But this current group of fellas has talent stretching from Triple-A to the DSL. And what that means is that meaningful reinforcements will be arriving via minor league talent. It's not something we're accustomed to as Marlins fans. But Rays, Yankees, and Dodgers fans are used to a new face coming up and blasting dingers or tossing smoke. The Mets haven't got that,
  13. I fully expect they'll act more like a mid-market team once (or if) they start filling the stadium. Running a Twins-like payroll doesn't seem impossible once they've begun to sustain success.
  14. I agree. I think it's reasonable to hope and expect similar production to 2020 -- i.e. a .500 or near-.500 team that has a real chance to luck into a playoff spot. If -- IF -- a couple of the young fellers make big improvements in 2021, then things could go even better. I mean, imagine a scenario where Sanchez and Bleday both force their way onto the 2021 roster. That's probably a playoff team. But on the other hand, if a few starters go down with injuries and the team has to call on some youngers guys who aren't ready yet, then it's not difficult to envision a 70-92 season, unfortunately
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