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  1. Maybe Rob Manfrield told the testers to slow down. I believe that's a proven technique to reduce the COVID-19 spread.
  2. I'm all in favor of Cleveland changing their name. We shouldn't name sports teams after ethnic groups. That's an easy line to not cross. Just as naming a team "The Italians" or "The Mongols" or "The Jews" would be a trap for reinforcing stereotypes and dehumanizing a people group, so too should Cleveland and Washington change their branding, like, yesterday. And under normal circumstances, I think "Braves" and "Chiefs" should be fine given that those are occupations, rather than ethnicities. But those two fan bases have well demonstrated that they do not have reverence for native cultures
  3. I read somewhere, FanGraphs I believe, that even most LOOGYs faced 3 batters in their outings. The guys who are going to be MOST impacted will be the guys getting blown up, who can't find the zone or give up two dingers in a row. So the impact on strategy may not look the way we expect.
  4. Actual Marlins baseball news! How exciting!
  5. There are indeed a few names to note on this list. The aforementioned Twine, who was built like a turret gun, but listed as a second baseman (unfortunately, he never showed much game power). And there's McKenzie Mills, who is the guy we traded for in the Bour trade (though scuttlebutt is they were looking to get rid of Bour more than anything). Beggs is noteworthy for his presence in MLB The Show this year.
  6. My precious little eyes can't handle all these bright lights. And I can't find how to get it back.
  7. Well normally at this point, the Marlins would have cut somewhere around 50 players from extended spring training and full season teams. In the absence of those cuts, there's less need to load up on $20K guys. Also, it's worth noting that $20K guys aren't likely to be prospects anywhere near the team's top 30 or so. Any meaningful undrafted guy is likely to go back for another year of college.
  8. You can, but you wouldn't get compensation. The strategy being suggested here isn't to pass on picks, but to select unsignable guys with your first pick or first couple picks. This means you'll have twice the picks, twice the slot money in 2021, a year that should come with a full season of high school / college stats and scouting reports. Or maybe you end up signing some guys at a discount that nobody in the industry thought could be had. There's also a number of players who have said they're waiting until next year before they even consider signing, guys who might be mid-round steals if
  9. It also adds 52 MLB jobs for the players, and could be a quick way to make them happy.
  10. Sounds like one team might punt the draft and save the money and picks for 2021 (which isn't the craziest idea given how many players are planning to wait until then anyway). Any guesses which team is thinking that? My guess is the Pirates.
  11. Yeah, what's the article say? Is this about potentially trading Villar?
  12. Yeah, that was frustrating when it totally scrambled my 26 man AND my lineups! On the bright side, though, I was able to trade Jonathan Villar in spring training for Wander Franco... And then the Rays put Jonathan Villar on waivers, and I grabbed him and traded him for 17-year-old Jasson Dominguez (who inexplicably has a 72 overall rating). So yeah, Franchise is a little broken right now.
  13. Have you played with either in a Diamond Dynasty game? Is one better than the other? Not sure I have the perspicacity to do both programs.
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