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  1. Honestly, a game like today was probably great for him. He definitely struggled, but the team gave him a big enough lead that he could keep pitching and try to get it together. I think I read on Twitter or something somewhere that he lost a lot of spin in the middle of this year. He's probably one of the folks having to get used to pitching without the sticky stuff, and frankly, there's no better place to know whether your new approach is working or not than facing actual major league hitting. If the season isn't going to be a championship season, then why not use it to get Luzardo right?
  2. Yeah, I'd much prefer a front office that LOVES being wrong on guys, that gets a kick out of apologizing about acquisitions.
  3. Can't wait to see him hit!
  4. Y'all realize he was the closer in Triple-A, right? Pretty sure he can face both LH and RH batters. Hard to use a guy like that in the wrong situation.
  5. I think you might have misunderstood me. They don't want to backdate to before Poteet was optioned. They had to get Brinson into the game after Poteet was optioned so that they could add Braxton for Saturday then immediately call Poteet back up for Tuesday. At least that's how I'm reading it.
  6. Wow! These are so much better than Bostons's! 😆 I love these!
  7. I think this is why Brinson was used as a pinch runner on Sunday. In order to add Poteet back, they've got to IL Brinson, but if they backdate it to before Poteet being optioned, I don't think they can use it to un-option Poteet. It's a bit of clever roster management, though it does mean they've had to use pitchers as pinch hitters while their bench is short.
  8. I think it's just a joke, saying that because he walked so many players, his mustache was bad luck.
  9. I get what you're saying, and I agree with much of it, but I think it gets some things in the wrong direction. Take for instance beer league softball or high school baseball -- why aren't they shifting there? Why are infield hits and (in HS baseball) stolen bases a bigger deal? I think it's two things: 1) lower velocities / fewer breaking balls and 2) worse defenders. In slow pitch softball, shifting is useless because guys can easily take the ball the other way. Same was true in the 1980s when starters were averaging 88 mph on their heaters. And in high school, the pitchers aren't throwing 98 with a 60% curveball rate. It's hard as hell to bunt a breaking ball, but MLB pitchers are throwing them more than ever. Plus amateur shortstops and catchers don't have the hands or arms to make the hardest 10% to 20% of plays that MLB players do, thus more SB and more infield hits. It's hard to bunt just like it's hard to hit and keep hitting, and if teaching, say, Freddie Freeman to bunt reduces his ability to hit dingers and take walks, well then learning to bunt will have actually made him a more well-rounded but worse player. I guess what I'm saying is that the problem isn't the hitters. They're still playing catch-up to the pitching revolution of the last two decades. Aw shucks, did I just convince myself they need to move back the mound? Someone please put me down.
  10. Wow! It's really impressive he can throw any pitches given his history of back issues and age. You gotta give it to Mattingly.
  11. Yeah, but like 3 of those K were bull calls from the ump in just one game. That was a horrible umpire job that night.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa! We don't need to stoop to accusing people of being me! We're all on a 1990s message board, our lives are clearly rough enough. 😂 And I would like to take a moment to address a bit of slander that has been meme'd my way. Yes, it is true I don't say anything negative about the Marlins players -- but I don't really say anything negative about any players or coaches, regardless of team, though we can leave that aside for now. This is our team! I don't boo them when I go to the games, and I certainly don't boo them online either. Do I wish certain players had less or more playing time? Absolutely. Leon, for instance, is a guy the numbers seem to hate, but two analytical organizations (Red Sox and now the Marlins) have used him heavily. So rather than stick my neck out there and boo him when he strikes out, I'll do what ma said and say nothing if I've got nothing nice to say. Chances are, these teams may know something us mere mortals don't. Bitching ain't cathartic. If it were, yoga instructors would use cable news as their background music. So instead, I try to be positive. If folks are gonna call me Don Mattingly's wife because of that, then hell, I'll be Mrs. Baseball.
  13. Eno is great. He alone is worth an Athletic sub.
  14. I saw this on The Reddit: When doubt, blame Manfred.
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