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  1. FS Florida and Sun get $6-7 per subscriber. $1.70-$2.35 is a safe estimate per sub, especially if they can get Inter Miami CF on board. Right now the Marlins have 0% equity in FS Florida/Sun.
  2. The Marlins should start their own TV network. There are ~8.5 Million TV Households in Marlins Territory 8.5 Million x $1.70 per household (could charge up to $2.35) = $173.4 Million per year $16.2 Million to produce each game. ($100,000 per game) $30 Million for purchasing other programming (INTER MIAMI), and hiring on and off air talent. After expenses the Marlins would walk out with ~$100-120 Million in profit per year. Plus the Marlins would have a 100% equity stake in the network which is worth at least $300 Million This is getting to be a no-brainer.
  3. It’ s horrible and both sides are to blame. Sinclair should have had their DTC streaming service ready by now if they were going to play hardball with all of the streaming providers. Their service is rumored to be ready in Spring 2021. Youtube TV/HULU should know that live sports and events is the main reason why people pay $65+ for a streaming service instead of just having Netflix and HBO Max.
  4. Mike Ozanian, one of the top media deal journalists, hasn’t heard a word on our TV Deal lately. This might mean that a serious development will happen shortly with Spring Training only 60 Days Away. Since no one knows what is going on: Could be a sign of Marlins going DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) or switching media partners I’ll report on it: ”Guns are drawn, neither side is blinkin’, and the whole Saloon is watching. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in a Western Standoff.”
  5. Everyone on this board has had the experiences of deciding whether it’s worth it to keep traditional cable or go with streaming. Some Members of this Board go to Streaming for Several Factors: 1. Price 2. User Interface (More Modern than Cable) 3. Business Tactics of Cable Company (Contracts, Big Price Increase after 1st Year etc.) Some communities aren’t wired for Cable TV (Only Internet). As of Right Now if the organization renews with YouTube TV, Marlins Baseball will be available on the following streaming providers: 1. AT&T TV NOW (Max
  6. https://www.fishstripes.com/2020/11/19/21574056/offishial-news-11-19-20 If Sinclair is unwilling to pay us what they’re giving the Rays then the organization should WALK out of principal. FS Florida and Sun isn’t on: Dish Network, Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV and the list has been growing over the past six months. Plus they’re attempting to turn the channel into an all sports gambling network (Bally’s Sports) Mr. Jeter wants to turn the organization into a championship organization that’s Family-Friendly and appeals to Millenials. Sports Gambling being constantly pushed isn’t
  7. I agree, There situation in the boardroom is basically: Q: We bought these networks for way over their actual value. Teams are asking for more money with each contract renewal and Cable Companies and vMVPDs aren’t tolerating future price increases. How do we get our margin back? Answer: Use Sports Gambling as a major source of new passive income by: 1. Renaming the networks after a sportsbook and obtaining Naming Rights Fees. 2. Taking an equity stake in major casino player which could pay off in much the same way as when a team gets an equity stake in an RSN. Note
  8. It’s not such a great deal for Bally’s. Even though the $85 Million for 10 Years looks great there is item at the bottom of these articles that you’ve missed. Sinclair acquires 15 Percent of Bally’s AND Sinclair has an option to acquire ANOTHER 15 PERCENT if they meet certain financial performance metrics.
  9. The Marlins TV numbers have come out for 2020, let’s set the table first: We had 59 games on Fox Sports Florida, because of the 1 YouTube game. 1. We only had approx. a 17% chance of making the postseason when the season started so only a few were tuned in at the beginning. 2. Many of our games were part of 7 inning doubleheaders which caps total viewership to a more finite period (2.5 hours instead of 3 hours) and moves some games to during the 9-5 workday. 3. Marlins games had to compete with Miami Heat games 12 TIMES in the 59 game RSN season, many of which were playoff
  10. Did they forget to install lights at Minute Maid Park? TBS is having 4:30, 8:00PM doubleheaders for the ALDS. 2PM is also a bad time for TV ratings.
  11. Postgame show is on Fox Sports Florida right now. Game 2 will be on ABC tomorrow at 2PM.
  12. ABC Schedule This Week Tuesday: Twins vs. Astros Wednesday-Friday 2PM each day: Marlins vs. Cubs Heat play in NBA Finals Wednesday & Friday Night.
  13. Thom Brennaman had his controversy in the past month. He was the TV PBP man on Fox Sports Ohio Ultimately, he handed in his resignation to the Reds organization.
  14. This is a huge exposure boost for the club at a time when they’re emerging and will bring in a lot of Heat fans who are watching the NBA Finals this week on ABC. This is the ultimate time to attract new fans Our new regional TV deal just got another notch more expensive!
  15. DVH is 81 Years Young so I’d imagine he’d want to retire soon. The main issue for Holly is that Paul doesn’t fill much time for a PBP man so it leaves Holly filling the rest of the airtime My Dream Booths would be TV: Three Man Booth Paul Severino (PBP) Glenn Geffner (Analyst): Would bring analytical insight and historical reference to the TV booth. Juan Pierre (Analyst): He was very informative during the interview on how he’s helped Lewis Brinson become a big contributor to the team, would bring insight on baserunning and the style of baseball the Marlins pl
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