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  1. Everyone on this board has had the experiences of deciding whether it’s worth it to keep traditional cable or go with streaming.

    Some Members of this Board go to Streaming for Several Factors:

    1. Price 

    2. User Interface (More Modern than Cable)

    3. Business Tactics of Cable Company (Contracts, Big Price Increase after 1st Year etc.)


    Some communities aren’t wired for Cable TV (Only Internet).


    As of Right Now if the organization renews with YouTube TV, Marlins Baseball will be available on the following streaming providers:

    1. AT&T TV NOW (Max Package)

    ..... and that’s it.


    The Marlins won’t be on:

    1. YouTube TV

    2. Fubo TV

    3. Hulu Live TV

    4. Sling TV

    I’ve had two horrible experiences with AT&T. So as of right now, even though I’m willing to pay for any add-on necessary in order to watch the Marlins, I cannot because Sinclair won’t play nice (or even close) in the sandbox.

    It also looks like Sinclair isn’t playing nice in the sandbox in the TV rights negotiation judging by the cold winter stalemate their in.


    Please find another distribution options (Amazon, ESPN+, or My33 like Inter Miami CF).


  2. https://www.fishstripes.com/2020/11/19/21574056/offishial-news-11-19-20

    If Sinclair is unwilling to pay us what they’re giving the Rays then the organization should WALK out of principal.

    FS Florida and Sun isn’t on: Dish Network, Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV and the list has been growing over the past six months.

    Plus they’re attempting to turn the channel into an all sports gambling network (Bally’s Sports)

    Mr. Jeter wants to turn the organization into a championship organization that’s Family-Friendly and appeals to Millenials. Sports Gambling being constantly pushed isn’t the best way to accomplish these goals.

    SINCLAIR CAN’T CRY POOR AND THEN COLLECT SPORTS GAMBLING REVENUE on top of the retransmission fees they get.

    In Short:

    Our Team is Rising.

    The Rays are Relocating.

    There isn’t much risk in signing a one to three year deal with a new TV partner.

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  3. 46 minutes ago, marlinsmaniac said:

    Definitely explains the hometown discount on the naming rights.

    However, If that’s the case then they’ll have a pretty deep well of new funding in the mix in exchange for a minority stake (even if they exercise the option for the other 15%) to ride them through what is inevitably going to be a recession that probably would have sunk them otherwise. 

    I agree, 

    There situation in the boardroom is basically:

    Q: We bought these networks for way over their actual value. Teams are asking for more money with each contract renewal and Cable Companies and vMVPDs aren’t tolerating future price increases. How do we get our margin back?

    Answer: Use Sports Gambling as a major source of new passive income by:

    1. Renaming the networks after a sportsbook and obtaining Naming Rights Fees.

    2. Taking an equity stake in major casino player which could pay off in much the same way as when a team gets an equity stake in an RSN. 
    Note: If the Marlins could get an equity stake in a new TV deal it would help their value tremendously.


    Sinclair gets a big boost in value to the Networks because they now own 15% (potentially 30%) of Bally’s and they don’t have to operate a sportsbook in order to benefit (They’re letting Bally’s deal with the day-to-day sportsbook operations.

    Ballys gets a HUGE marketing presence on the RSN’s that can’t be underrated and will be featured on Sinclair’s 150+ broadcast stations as well which gives them visibility to a wider audience.


    It’s a WIN-WIN as long as Sinclair can keep the RSNs afloat.


    BTW, Bally’s Sports Florida will sound ridiculous.

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  4. It’s not such a great deal for Bally’s.

    Even though the $85 Million for 10 Years looks great there is item at the bottom of these articles that you’ve missed.

    Sinclair acquires 15 Percent of Bally’s


    Sinclair has an option to acquire ANOTHER 15 PERCENT if they meet certain financial performance metrics.

  5. The Marlins TV numbers have come out for 2020, let’s set the table first:

    We had 59 games on Fox Sports Florida, because of the 1 YouTube game.

    1. We only had approx. a 17% chance of making the postseason when the season started so only a few were tuned in at the beginning.

    2. Many of our games were part of 7 inning doubleheaders which caps total viewership to a more finite period (2.5 hours instead of 3 hours) and moves some games to during the 9-5 workday.

    3. Marlins games had to compete with Miami Heat games 12 TIMES in the 59 game RSN season, many of which were playoff games!!! I’m excluding conflicts that are only 1/2 hour or less.


    Our TV ratings Year over Year are: Up 2%

    From 20,661 to 21,082.(Dade, Broward & The Keys Only)

    We need to be able to compete for free agents in this new decade, if FS Florida is discouraged by the smaller increase in an uphill year for sports viewing, the Marlins should focus their media strategy on Streaming Services such as ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube as well as TV stations (WSVN 7 (very high ratings), CBS4 (Has Inter Miami Rights) etc.

    I’d rather pay $4.99 per month and have a $130 Million Payroll vs. a $70 Million Payroll included with cable.


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  6. This is a huge exposure boost for the club at a time when they’re emerging and will bring in a lot of Heat fans who are watching the NBA Finals this week on ABC.

    This is the ultimate time to attract new fans

    Our new regional TV deal just got another notch more expensive!

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  7. 23 minutes ago, SirFishFan said:

    The biggest issue I have with Paul and Holly is that their tone of voice sounds so similar.. The first few games I watched with both of them, I had a hard time telling which voice was which..

    It's nice to have some contrast in voice tones from the Play by play guy and the color commenter.. It's also nice to have color commentary guy who can give some valuable insights and isn't too annoying all the time..

    Do a trade of Holly and Glen Geffner! Or bring back Boog Sciambi to the Fish!

    DVH is 81 Years Young so I’d imagine he’d want to retire soon.

    The main issue for Holly is that Paul doesn’t fill much time for a PBP man so it leaves Holly filling the rest of the airtime

    My Dream Booths would be

    TV: Three Man Booth

    Paul Severino (PBP)

    Glenn Geffner (Analyst): Would bring analytical insight and historical reference to the TV booth.

    Juan Pierre (Analyst): He was very informative during the interview on how he’s helped Lewis Brinson become a big contributor to the team, would bring insight on baserunning and the style of baseball the Marlins play.


    Jon Sciambi (PBP): Really enjoy his national ESPN TV and Radio telecasts. ESPN has not given him a defined role so Jeter could give him a steady role in a great organization.

    Todd Hollandsworth (Analyst)

    This radio booth would be a party, I think there would be great chemistry in a Sciambi-Hollandsworth radio booth and bring constant joy to the radio side, especially during blowout games when filling time can be tedious.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:

    I lived in Orlando for a few years and I am now in Gainesville. I've actually seen more Rays gear on random people walking around in Gainesville (btw, I saw an #ourcolores Marlins licence plate yesterday!). As for the Magic, they are garbage so I can see why fans don't show up. But the city does support Orlando City. They haven't made the ever made the playoffs, but they get decent attendance by MLS standards and I'd seen a lot of folks wearing purple during my time there.

    The Rays are in a horrible spot. 

    Ocala and North: Braves Country

    Orlando: Split between MIA/TB.

    Naples/Fort Myers: Fort Myers is MIA/TB split, Naples is majority Marlins.

    The Rays are going to move because the only market that they have majority support in is the Tampa/St. Pete Area.

    The Marlins will be able to capitalize and build a dynasty because they will be the only MLB team in Florida in 2028 and will have EXCLUSIVE STATEWIDE TELEVISION TERRITORY.

    In 2028, the Marlins will have the Largest Population of EXCLUSIVE TV TERRITORY in MLB!!!

    The Marlins will have the largest captive audience in Baseball that can only watch our club on Local Cable TV.


    The times I’ve visited Orlando I’ve seen way more Miami Heat Vice Plates than Magic Plates.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

    And looking at just the Tampa market (ignoring Orlando, where they are the de facto home team), the Rays rank up there with Seattle and Denver:


    Orlando is not the de facto home team for the Rays.

    Orlando barely has a connection with their own NBA and MLS teams.

    In comparison, The Marlins are much more popular in the West Palm-Ft.Pierce market than the Rays are in the Orlando market.

    Orlando’s actually a 50/50 split between Rays and Marlins, and the Marlins have a majority in Brevard County.

    The Marlins should add a radio affiliate in Orlando. (They don’t have one now.)

  10. 11 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

    I hate agreeing with Das and there details that can argue this point but in the context of this conversation this is the truth. 

    Outside of diehards like us Miami sports fans aren't programmed to religiously watch Marlins games the way fans in New York are to the Mets and Yankees. It's just two totally different towns as far as how they follow and watch their teams.

    With that said I do agree that better lead in programming before Marlins games should be a nice boost for their ratings and I do agree with the post three posts up that explains what the Marlins are doing right, the problem is that this damn city still doesn't give a shit on a grand scale until a playoff spot is actually clinched. 

    I don’t think it’s a cultural difference because the Heat get extremely high Regular Season ratings on a consistent basis, so it isn’t that Miami fans hold out for the playoffs.

    Inter Miami even has a decent following for an MLS expansion club despite not having a great start.

    I though 162 games we’re the problem and even with 60 games we’re not getting a big boost. 

    Complaining about the Loria years gets stupid, imagine having the man/woman of your dreams in front of you at a bar and only talking about your ex from 5 years ago who is irrelevant to the present or future.

    My point is:

    The team performs great!

    The stadium looks amazing!

    Our ace is a 22 year old phenom!

    The fan base is excited!

    FS Florida doesn’t give the organization respect or exposure by cross marketing upcoming games on Miami Heat or Florida Panthers telecasts, YES cross promotes the Yankees and NYCFC (MLS).

    FS Florida hasn’t benefitted the Marlins financially through a lucrative TV deal.

    Fox Sports and Sinclair have no more excuses. Time for ratings to improve or they should be replaced after this season. Low ratings are worse than just a bad TV deal, low ratings can negatively impact ticket and merchandise sales which are important revenue streams for the club.



  11. 7 minutes ago, Das Texan said:

    Mets have a passionate fan base that has been passionate albiet jaded for decades.

    Marlins have no fan base based largely on ownership fucking things over and over again.


    the programming leading into the live sports isnt bringing in new viewers.  The same people watching on SUNY for the lead in programs would be watching the Mets also.

    You make it sound like fans are going to all of a sudden wake up and say, oh why the fuck not!

    Baseline the ratings from 2019 to 2020.

    I bet the Marlins are up.

    I bet the Mets are at a minimum baseline from last year if not up.

    Its not the programming leading into the baseball games.

    RSN's literally do not give a flying fuck about other programming other than the live sports and/or any related shows that are tied to said live sports programming (aka inside the clubhouse or whatever the fuck each team calls it)


    #1: The fan base has to get past the Loria years, it’s like thinking about you ex from 2 decades ago. We have a great ownership group NOW.

    #2. If F**king things up leads to Two World Championships SIGN ME UP!!!


    By the way, I watched the great performance tonight and the whole postgame, then what pops up after...

    World Poker Tour


    We should go to YouTube!

  12. Just now, Michael said:

    Explain then, please. ❤️ 

    Yes, please explain

    It’s not

    1. Demographics, South Florida has the highest 55+ population per capita in the U.S.

    2. Availability: We’re on cable like everyone else.

    3. Performance: We’re a playoff team that’s making a run at the NL East.

    4. Commitment: We bought at the trade deadline, adding Marte, a $12 Million player

    5. History: We have 2 World Series Championships, the Rays have 0, the Mets haven’t won since ‘86.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Das Texan said:

    Thats not why the Mets ratings are higher.  



    It’s absolutely why, the Mets have a 2.3-2.5 rating which adjusts for population despite being mediocre at best and the Marlins have slightly over a 1.0 rating for 2020 and would be a playoff team right now. The Mets get double the eyeballs population-adjusted because they’re on a better RSN.

  14. 2 hours ago, rmc523 said:


    Ah, gotcha.


    Personally, none of that would get me to tune in earlier.  I tune in at game time, and out after it's over.


    How do you know this is true?  And not just because that many watch the team already, so just tune in a bit earlier for the other shows?  Could you not argue that viewers of the fishing show right before may wind up tuning into the game right after?


    I'm just playing devil's advocate, but also think you're over-estimating the affect of surrounding programming.


    I do like the idea of a local sports show (never heard of who you mentioned).  Ultimately, it sounds like you basically want a mini ESPN surrounding Marlins games?

    Yes, think of SNY and the Mets ratings. The Mets have been atrocious most of this decade and have are one of the highest rated MLB teams locally.

    The reason why is shows like: Loudmouths, Baseball Night in New York and most importantly SportsNite that surround Mets coverage.

    YES has the Michael Kay Show from 3-6PM.

    How much would it cost to simulcast Hochman & Crowder?

    At most $25,000 per year. A few cameras to be placed at Entercom (790 The Ticket’s) Studio and a raise for each personality, that’s all.

    At this point I’m convinced it’s a lack of effort from those running the RSN’s and not a lack of funds.

    By the way if FS Florida added Hochman & Crowder to the lineup it would cover FOUR hours (2-6PM) leading into live events making it very cost-effective.


    Fox has made attempts to take their affiliation from WSVN but can’t. Why? WSVN has by far the biggest audience in Miami for their news programming and FOX knows they would take a dive if they built their own station in Miami.

    Never underestimate the power of great lead-in programming!




  15. 3 hours ago, rmc523 said:

    I get what you're saying, but really, what else are they supposed to show to fill the other time slots?

    It hasn't even worked the last few days - literally just blank.

    I appreciate your opinion, but did you really need to copy paste your opening post into this reply?

    I posted the reply first, I then included it in the opening post because the cheap national Fox RSN programming is why we only attract 19,000 viewers. This season we are serious playoff contenders yet still struggle to attract eyeballs because we have no lead-in programming.

    I have a list of programming that would beat the drivel that airs now to lead us in:

    1. Sports Betting Show

    2. Local Sports Talk Show Simulcast (Hochmann & Crowder)

    3. Quick 30 Minute Highlights Show like FSN Final Score of years past

    4. A show similar to Detail on ESPN+ that has a legendary player break down important plays from around each league

    SNY, YES and NBC RSN’s have great lead-in programming for their teams which leads to higher ratings for those teams.

    My point is there comes a juncture where the Fox RSNs have to be told:

    It’s not us, it’s you.

    when they mention our rating as a reason why they want to offer less.

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  16. 9 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

    It is not a crazy idea. Amazon was involved in the bidding for TV rights this off-season so YouTube could very well be involved as well. In terms of getting your foot in the door for sports, the Marlins would be an attractive "low cost" option.

    This would also be a great opportunity for YouTube to create Cool and Modern Sports/Lifestyle programming like players music tastes which was seen between innings

    The Fox RSN’s are horribly run outside of Marlins, Heat and Panthers programming.

    The nonsensical useless drivel that airs outside of Marlins programming is what is holding our ratings down. It is cheap programming that is worse than watching paint dry. Sherman and Jeter should look at the programming schedule that Jeff Krolik thought was acceptable the past 10 years.

    Just Look at Fox RSN’s Programming Schedule on an average Weekday:

    3-4PM Epic Fishing

    4-5PM Glory Kickboxing

    5-6PM Classic Tennis

    6-6:30PM Focused

    6:30-11PM Marlins Pregame, Game and Postgame

    11PM-12AM World Poker Tour

    12-1AM World Poker Tour

    1-2AM World Poker Tour

    2AM-Eternity World Poker Tour


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