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  1. Fuck man. C'mon Sixto. This rotation is looking extremely rough.
  2. I'm here to serve, till even death, sir.
  3. Silver lining: if we're gonna lose a game/series, lose it to one of the AL East teams. In particular, any team not named Phillies and Braves.
  4. Damn Ureña! Wtf this come from bro
  5. Kleb Smith still has HR issues! All wonderful!
  6. Well here's to a 40 pitch first inning. Gonna be a bullpen night.
  7. Nice little start by Sandy there. Bats need to wake up, get upright.
  8. It's truly an honor to charge into battle with you, commander. @No Limit Marlins Commander, sir. I am here to serve, sir.
  9. I fuckin love this guy!!! YES SIR COMMANDER SIR!!!!!
  10. Happy that Sandy only got charged with 3 ER. Awesome win Marlins. On to tomorrow.
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