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  1. Absolutely. There was a time when I was kinda counting on him to be a future starter. Now? To be frank, I don't really care what happens with him. The SP depth we have is ridiculous. He isn't needed or essential in the slightest. Throw him in the pen.
  2. I've come to accept that Jordan will be no more than a reliever. And that's fine. He's had ample chances to prove he's a starter and has failed. Now all we need is Don to realize this.
  3. Makes it an easier decision to trade Marte and whoever else. This season crumbled pretty quickly. At least it wasn't a long drawn out death.
  4. I certainly don't think it's some inevitable transaction.
  5. Yeah just feel like some are really jumping the gun with this starting pitching "depth". Hardly any of it is proven. Trying to trade Pablo or Sandy? Like what? Why?
  6. Not big on trading Pablo or Sandy.
  7. I'm cool with either outcome tbh. We'll get a nice haul for him.
  8. I think they're very comparable at least. I think we'd get more for Sandy so if I had to choose one I'd move him. Both good pitchers though and very happy to have both on my team.
  9. He'd bring back a high quality haul, but I wouldn't be comfortable moving Pablo. I love Pablo and he can be a cornerstone of this rotation for a while. He's a proven quality starter, and for as promising as Sixto, Cabrera, Meyer, etc. are, they're all projection at this point. I'd have to see a couple of them establish themselves as quality starters like Pablo has before I'd feel comfortable moving Pablo.
  10. Just want some college position players
  11. Pumped for this guy! Our layers of pitching are unconscious man.
  12. Proud of this dude. Super pumped he's on our team. Really looking forward to watching him mow batters down for years to come in a Marlins uniform. Major key piece to our team. Hope we can turn into an overall winner for him, Pablo and Sandy to pitch for.
  13. Man what a fucking shit dumpster of a season. Hard to not tune this team out. Only interested in the progress of the youngsters at this point, and to root for continued good seasons from Sandy and Pablo.
  14. One step forward and two steps back. That's what this team is. I see no reason why that'll stop.
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