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  1. It could negatively affect some things I would think. If that wasn't the case then why do we need minor league baseball at all lol. Just cycle everybody through the majors to have them face the best hitters and pitchers and boom, development.
  2. The question is, can Sixto receive the necessary seasoning up in the majors as he would have in the upper minors? Will starting in the majors next year stunt his development?
  3. Agree with this. Sixto, while dominant in some starts, obviously needs more polishing. I'm a big Elieser fan after this past season for him. Sandy-Pablo-Elieser is a nice solid trio. Definitely plan on seeing a lot of Sixto at some point though. Rogers needs to be in the minors for the majority of next season imo. Same with Braxton Garrett. If not the entire season for both. I think both have a lot of development left.
  5. What an anticlimactic series man. Damn.
  6. Looking forward to all of the fun off-season talk! It was a fun run. Reload for next year. Go Marlins!
  7. Offense gotta fucking show something let's go. Marte being out will prob cost us a game in this series tbh.
  8. Big ole hoss of Skoal (or any other snuff or chewing tobacco) in your lip.
  9. Gonna have to stream on the laptop in the back again. Don't get MLBTV @ work. Really wish this was on in the evening so I could really sit down and enjoy it with a lip ripper in.
  10. You fuckin guys ready for this fuckin game or what?
  11. Up 4-1 with your ace on the mound against their ace. Doesn't get much more ideal than that. Pretty big, and gloomy outlook loss. Regroup fellas. I still have faith. But fuck. Gotta close that out.
  13. Seems like a lot of us won't be able to watch these games.
  14. Yeah that schedule pretty much fucks me. Going from ABC to FS1 and MLBN? Quite the downgrade. We don't get FS1 or MLBN at work, so I'll have to pull it up on my laptop in the back. Pisses me off pretty badly.
  15. Anybody got any good realistic targets for us to pick up in free agency? It's a fun convo I think.
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