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  1. Atta boy Sandy what a performance!
  2. There's only one Sixto...
  3. Was cruising until he had that little stumble. I feel great about him moving forward.
  4. Step in the right direction for Luzardo. Hopefully he can sustain it for his last handful of starts.
  5. Hopefully the glasses really were what was missing lol
  6. I mean I don't think I've ever had less confidence in a SP. We're getting to like Conley/Chen level stuff here. At least guys like Thompson and to a lesser extent, Poteet, Holloway and Neidert, have shown some semblance of competence. This guy is arguably the single worst SP currently in the majors with X amount of starts. It's really fucking frustrating to watch and be a fan of.
  7. Jesus "Jam" Luzardo at it again
  8. Is that good or bad lol
  9. Crazy how accurate I was
  10. I agree the trade was Def worth it. Just frustrating to see him go out there and struggle when he clearly needs to be down on the farm working on things.
  11. How many runs will Luzardo give up in his 3 2/3 tonight?
  12. Good game from some of our building blocks it seems. Happy for Elieser and Jazz.
  13. Vic D


    This dude's been our worst starting pitcher all year. Like I don't even think that's hyperbole or an overreaction.
  14. Man I hate throwing all these lame duck starters who have no future in the rotation. Garrett, Neidert, Thompson, Poteet, Castano, etc.
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