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  1. One step forward and two steps back. That's what this team is. I see no reason why that'll stop.
  2. This team is back to being a fucking trainwreck
  3. Garrett feels like such a bridge pitcher. Like a lame duck QB only holding time until the real future is here. He has no real future role here imo.
  4. What happened to Cabrera starting for Jupiter? Looks like he didn't pitch.
  5. Luckily we don't need Brax Garrett at all. He just doesn't have it. Not really sure what his outlook/role is for this team going forward. I'd trade him as part of a package if he's still worth anything.
  6. Odds we get another bases loaded situation in this game? This team finds so many new ways to lose it's funny.
  7. Pathetic at bat from Aguilar. Sometimes I wonder how much these guys just fucking guess and swing. Alfaro and Aguilar, holy fuck.
  8. What an awful game to attend but it was still cool seeing all the guys up close. Oh and it was free shirt Friday at PNC.
  9. Team is in a serious fucking tailspin man. These losing streaks will continue throughout the season, with some mini winning streaks sprinkled in. That's how we'll ultimately end up 20 games under .500. One step forward, two steps back. That's literally the best expression I can use to describe this team. Yay I'm so excited for the game tomorrow at PNC. Like fuck bro.
  10. I think this team should definitely sell. I've thought that for about a week now. Mediocre team in an awful division. Keep things in perspective. Doesn't mean they can't compete though with how bad the NL East is and who they'd be selling.
  11. Was hoping we'd get to see a better pitcher than Poteet but I'll tolerate it if I get to see Jazz lol. Hopefully Jesus Sanchez by then too.
  12. I have tickets for Fridays game @PIT. I'll go but after today, I'm a bit less excited. Just a middling mediocre team right now with not a lot of reasons for optimism.
  13. Outside of the one successful bullpen game, this is starting to become a fucking problem. Really putting us behind the 8-ball with this shit.
  14. I wanna see Holloway out there as a long term rotation option, not really just as another bullpen guy. I wanna see him throw 5-6 innings.
  15. Man Sixto and Elieser can't come back soon enough. Hopefully the bullpen proves me wrong again if that's the way we're going!
  16. Boy was I wrong! I'll gladly eat that crow! Love seeing Holloway out thurr.
  17. This is probably a better way of stating how I actually feel. Feels like throwing up the white flag.
  18. I look at these bullpen games as automatic L's unfortunately. Get after it again tomorrow.
  19. What's the new *redacted* since they don't show baseball anymore?
  20. I live about 20 mins from Pittsburgh in northern WV. Been to a million pirates games. PNC park is beautiful. The city skyline is awesome and the entrance into the city through the tunnel is unlike any other city entrance you'll ever experience.
  21. Maybe I am wrong. The rotation looks legit. If Rodgers can repeat this, or something close to this consistently, we're talking top 5 rotation. Very very impressive outing from T-Raw.
  22. Sure looks like a cellar dweller. Team has a LONG way to go man. Holes up and down the lineup and bad managing. With an overrated rotation to boot.
  23. Man could we have asked for a better ST opener? Super impressive and very exciting.
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