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  1. Thinking about a Saturday game in April, Maybe the game against the Phillies...
  2. Right I'll just hop on my private jet from NJ to catch the game in the 13th inning...
  3. WINZ is going off about how many fans have told them how much they love the new areas in the park... What all of 3 people today? It does look great but man talk about talking it up...
  4. Telling you guys Michael Hill in the booth was the curse yesterday !
  5. Game 2 Attendance by year at Marlins Park 2019: Guess?? 2018 : 12,034 2017: 16,808 2016: 17,883 2015: 17,483 2014: 15,906 2013: 14,222 2012: 30,169 (2nd game ever at Marlins Park which was a week after the first game on a Friday) 2011: 32,495 (Sun Life Stadium) Also was a Saturday against the Mets. Lowest Attendance ever was Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018 with 5,265.
  6. @MarlinsRadio Twitter is about to do the free tickets again fellas..
  7. Anyway what's the over under on the attendance? I'm going to say 8K and I'll take the under...
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