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  1. He not only hit one, he hit a no doubter. Dude has pop after all.
  2. You guys are serious haters. Rich was a snoozer. Tommy was the man and Craig tries too hard.
  3. I like severino and hollandsworth, our games are bad enough to watch, at least them going back and forth joking around makes it more interesting. They are not monotone and seem to enjoy their job. I think they need more love, a lot of other mlb announcers are old and have no real excitement.
  4. Its a good sign nonetheless. I wish our MLB team would put up those kinda numbers.
  5. The Marlins traded great hitting for decent pitching. It's hard to imagine the Marlins being anywhere near the current Astros team, especially since we have no real MLB caliber offensive players in the minors. We don't have anyone that really dominates minor league pitching except Lewis Brinson, who now seems to be wearing a blind fold for some reason. Marlins will need to get very lucky with a draft pick, trades or something to get some offense.
  6. Bring back Lewis Brinson, we need help.
  7. Lol Samson wrote all his tweets the day after he left the team. He's just waiting for the Marlins to make any move and he'll be ready to criticize, you know cause he made the best deals. Gotta stay relevant somehow. O_O
  8. Guess this is part of the overall "rebuild", hire, fire, trade. No one seems safe. This guy seemed like he wanted to improve the experience, and it's hard to blame him for low attendance when the team can't find ways to win. Maybe he did get caught doing something, but this whole thing seems odd.
  9. I think they meant boost HIS development, since he's obviously going backwards playing at the major league level.
  10. Its the pot calling the kettle black. We had some really awful trades, but at least in this regime we have some good pitching to show for it.
  11. Seems like all our trades are made like this.
  12. lol Those chains are cursed. Hanley turned to a lazy bum and now gordon turns to some juice. Unbelievable.
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