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  1. Personally I believe that people who like to correct other people do that to make people think they are superior. It's a power trip, a way to be bigger than what they really are. It's a power trip to point out to somebody when they can't understand the difference between your and you're? I enjoy pointing out grammar mistakes to people so that they know they are inferior.
  2. I think Hanley probably reached his peak in power last year, but he is going to be one of the BEST hitters in the NL for years to come. And I mean best...like Pujols-esqe. You think Hanley reached his power peak at 24 years old? Well if this new stance is permanent, then he's going to lose power, correct? No. That is not correct.
  3. This year he no longer protrudes his left leg out. It's more aligned with the rest of his body. He's gone from a very open stance to a slightly open stance, fyi.
  4. are they joking since when is cody ross not getting the job done at CF????? hes been solid offensively and Defensively this is a ridiculous article!!!! Reading comprehension FTL ESPN's Rob Neyer ponders whether its time to call up Cameron Maybin and sheds light on Emilio Bonifacio's deficiency in a way that WildMarlinsMan would never compare. As David Pinto notes, the Marlins and the Mariners have both balanced their streaks this season to sit around .500 and are actually contending in their weak divisions. I've already given my prescription for the M's -- get Mike Carp and Michael Saunders into the lineup, stat -- but what about the Marlins? R.J. Anderson suggests that maybe it's Maybin Time: Cameron Maybin's stay in the minors could be coming to an end soon. The Marlins' collective centerfielders aren't getting the job done, ranking in the bottom third of the league in offensive and defensive contributions. Meanwhile, Maybin has scorched Triple-A in his second month at the level. Overall, Maybin is hitting .323/.404/.452 with a homerun, four stolen bags, and a passable BB/K ratio. --snip-- There's also the question of whether Maybin is indeed ready for major league action. Given a limited sample size of just under 200 plate appearances, Maybin has hit a pedestrian .242/.309/.345; although, the incumbent group of centerfielders is not doing much better, with a combined line of .272/.321/.443. If Maybin is able to make contact better than 70% of the time, he could do a lot better. Anderson is selling the Marlins' center fielders short, because lately center field has been manned solely by Cody Ross, and Ross' hitting stats would place him in the upper third of the league's center fielders. While it's true that his fielding stats this season aren't good, career-wise he's been fine.
  5. Yeah, online poker is a real resume builder.
  6. His brain would probably lead to Ronald McDonald.
  7. The government is creating this recession on purpose. aheheheahaaehh
  8. Yawn. Crooked I and Slaughterhouse
  9. Everyone should have just left this thread when the poster asked whether or not Ross Gload could play third base.
  10. Amezaga cannot hit.
  11. I didn't like Girardi when he was in Florida, but how can he be blamed for his starters not giving their team a chance?
  12. Madman81

    I'm Back!!!

    Unfortunately, yes.
  13. Nobody has said it's just about money... Except the person whose thread it is...
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