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  1. Much better. The better team actually won today. No Conley= much, much better odds. Starting pitching these two games looks pretty solid. 60 game season, who knows what might happen?
  2. Marlins legit look like the better team right now. Definitely take our pitching over Atlanta's for sure.
  3. They have a good strong lineup, but the only reliable pitcher they have is Soroka. Their rotation behind him is a literal crapshoot.
  4. I don't know about you guys, but just LOOKING at these two teams over these two exhubition games, the Marlins actually look more well rounded. I think they take this one today, and only lost yesterday because Mattingly was so insistent on using conley. 10 games againat these guys for the year, i can definitely see a 5-5 split or even 6-4 advantage Marlins.
  5. Looks like that's the day for Wright
  6. Dang it. Too much of the plate and right into Riley's wheelhouse, and he did not miss it.
  7. Sweet. Kyle Wright is not impressive, I'm not sure what their execs see in him
  8. I have a feeling they are going to put at least 4 on Wright.
  9. Kyle Wright from what I understand is a fringe prospect whom is prone to walks and having really shitty innings. He's probably the least impressive of the starting pitching options the barves have. So maybe there will be an abundance of runs to be plastered off of him today. And hopefully there will be no Conley to screw it up if they do tee off on Wright. Of course Foltynewicz was pretty bad himself. This Braves team imo isn't all that good because of their lack of starting pitching depth. Though today is another exhibition it would still be nice to rebound and get a W on these
  10. seems it always happens against the notorious playoff choking barves.
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