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  1. They’re hitting like they want a chance at a walkoff now.
  2. These conspicuous, ugly Nike logos on the jerseys are one of the worst things to ever happen to MLB. And Yamamoto’s poor pitch location is the worst thing to happen to my day.
  3. Elieser is getting pretty close to doing a thing through 4/7 of this game.
  4. That Tim Spooneyboxberger/Ian Kinsler combo appears to be pretty deadly. We may have reached a simple equation of “No Conley = Win”, which is something I’m certain Mattingly will still manage to screw up.
  5. There was one swing in particular that looked really hesitant and ugly, and it was on that hands-high four-seam. I forget the count. I do think most of Brinson’s issues have been psychological because he’s clearly capable. I’ve admittedly been a huge cheerleader of his.
  6. I don’t think Brinson looked lost at all. He worked a couple of counts and made decent contact on the grounder to third. He didn’t get a hit. That happens occasionally in baseball. Don’t read into it until you have to. It was his first Major League game in some time.
  7. Eh, don’t sweat it. They’ve already barreled through quite a bit of adversity so far.
  8. These Orioles seem like a pretty cool team. I hope things go reasonably well for them when they’re not playing the Marlins.
  9. And Monte avoids the golden sombrero in his debut!
  10. Exactly zero people would’ve blamed Donnie for leaving a starter with a 2-hit shutout and 7 Ks in for the sixth with 61 pitches. What are you talking about?
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