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  1. Well, the Brady house has enough space for at least 9 people if you include Alice, and as far as I know it’s in Southern California, so I guess it’s for when the Nats are playing on the road vs the Dodgers or LAA. The starting lineup can stay there.
  2. Called it on June 3rd! Although now that I look back on it, I realize how dumb it looks when I wrote “I think that Trevor Rogers will be selected as a pitcher.” Like what else would he be selected as, Shortstop? 😂
  3. Before tomorrow’s game we hear the news: Marlins have optioned Bender to AAA and recalled Lewis Brinson.
  4. Marlins should start with trying to get a 1 game winning streak.
  5. You know that there are still going to be at least two people who be like “Isan has been having some solid at bats lately, hopefully he’ll gets things going.” I had to do my best in the past couple of months to not get into any waste of time useless message board arguments over Isan Diaz. 😂
  6. I’m so frustrated with the Marlins offense. Marlins should trade all their starters except maybe Jazz, Sanchez, Rojas, Marte and Berti. Everyone else can go to different teams, and the Marlins can replace them with other players. 😂
  7. That’s true. I think the other thing is that a lot of us were under the assumption that the Marlins would have Sixto and Elieser all season with Max Meyer/Edward Cabrera not far behind, and also that Bass would be a top notch closer. Hypothetically, Marlins with Sandy, Pablo, Sixto, Elieser and Trevor Rogers could be a playoff team, I guess. Maybe they could be. 😂
  8. Remember when we thought that the Marlins were going to make the Post Season this year?
  9. Wake up, you’re missing the game!
  10. Berti should hit leadoff. Jazz 2nd, Marte 3rd. Then the first three would be Right handed-left handed-right handed. 1. Berti 2. Jazz 3. Marte 4. Aguilar 5. Duvall 6. Sanchez 7. Alfaro 8. Rojas 9. Pitcher
  11. Just don’t be surprised/disappointed if the next manager is another former Yankee/Member of Yankees organization, it could even be an obscure player/coach that you probably never heard of. 😂
  12. Finally!!!! I’ve been wanting Dick to get traded since last season. Nothing against him as a person, he seems like a friendly guy and a decent teammate, it’s just that even last year, I could already tell that Dick just didn’t fit. I mean he came up big in some moments over the past couple of seasons, I’ll give him that, but Marlins have too many talented outfielders in their system and with him in LF, it wasn’t letting those guys get a chance to play.
  13. I don’t know why, but every time I see Zack Thompson he reminds me of this guy: And the red City Connect uniform is not helping. 😂
  14. Seriously. Are all the new uniform designs being outsourced to first year fashion design students? The only thing MIA from those shirts are any designing talent making them. Bonus points if you understand the stupid pun I just wrote. 😂
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