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  1. Marlins had bases loaded and no outs, barely managed to squeeze out one run in that opportunity.
  2. More fielding issues from Mets, Marlins with another opportunity to score.
  3. Mets fielders having a rough day, hopefully the Marlins can get at least another run out of it.
  4. That is a little bit concerning, about Yimi. I know it’s still spring training, but did you notice that inning there were at least 3 really hard hit balls deep? Batters are getting really good swings off him lately. Something seems off about his game lately, hopefully he’ll get back to normal by the beginning of the season.
  5. Hahahahaha. The Marlins lose one game and this place shuts down for almost 24 hours. No new game thread as of 1 pm EST, no comments about yesterday’s game. Come on guys, I know nobody is expecting the Marlins to win every single spring training game, although during last week this place was much busier when they were winning every game. Even in November during a weekend it was busier here than it has been the last day. Let’s Go Marlins! 😂
  6. I guess @SonOfJack ran out of chicken this week. He'll have to make another shopping trip soon. For tonight I guess it's that Taco Pizza on the menu for ya.
  7. If Coop keeps this up, Marlins could get higher quality piece(s) in return, if/when they trade him in July. 😂 JK, I don't know if they will trade him, but if he keeps hitting like this, I could see more and more teams interested.
  8. Paul Hoover? Bonus points if any Marlins fans remember him.
  9. I think Dugger was recently hired and is working the controls today. JK, Dugger still has a job, he was DFA by the Mariners, but several days later they sent him outright to their AAA team the Tacoma Raniers.
  10. And that was the moment I realized this place wasn't as family friendly as I once thought.. 😂
  11. Too bad we lost Harold Ramirez and Matt Joyce.
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