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  1. Monte hit 21 HR in 122 games in 2017, and 19 HR in 136 games in 2018, so he definitely has good power, he just has to figure out how to do it at the Major league level.
  2. Cardinals have to sign him! Even though I wouldn’t be surprised if he will have a long second career as a member of the Cardinals in a coaching or FO role, it would be nice to see him back there to finish his playing career, like when Ichiro went back to the Mariners in 2018.
  3. I agree, there is something about hearing Rich and Tommy that brings back so many memories and reminds me of my teenage years and fun times watching Marlins games. It's a shame that they didn't hang on to those guys, there is something great when teams have the same announcers or at least the same play by play announcer for 20-30 years or more. Guys like Vin Scully with the Dodgers, Jack Buck with the Cards, Skip Carey with the Braves and Michael Kay with the Yankees, among many others. It's nice to hear a familar voice year after year, even when the team players and managers will ch
  4. OK thanks! Was Conine better than Hollandsworth? Well I guess that wouldn’t be too difficult. 😂
  5. Of course, I know Tommy Hutton was Rich’s partner, it’s just that I saw a clip on YouTube from a few seasons ago and it was just Rich Waltz and Jeff Conine in the booth. There were a few seasons where I didn’t watch any Marlins games on TV, so I was just curious if at some point it was just Jeff and Rich or if Jeff was just like a fill in commentator. 😂
  6. That first pitch to Rojas called a ball was in almost the exact same spot as the Brinson strikes. WTH?
  7. Umps are so annoying sometimes. If they are being terrible at their job that game but you say anything to them about it, they will throw you out of the game. And that’s it.
  8. Your prediction at the beginning of the week that the Marlins will hit 8 HRs this week or home stand.
  9. If Isan and Devers keep up the hot streak, Jazzy could find himself as a part time player 😭
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