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  1. Congratulations Don! Hope to see him win a few more before he retires!
  2. Wow, not even Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly could get the Marlins as their 2nd team.. Mrs. Kim must be something special then..
  3. I speculated a few weeks ago in this post: https://www.marlinsbaseball.com/topic/77649-marlins-hill-parting-ways/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1747000&ct=1605315211 that perhaps the next person hired would be titled “GM” as opposed to “POBO” as POBO implies a higher up rung on the corporate ladder than just GM, even if it’s pretty much the same job tasks. We will probably not know the real reason for some time why they went with the GM title instead of “President of Baseball Operations”. My own personal opinion is that Jeter is a pretty traditional baseball guy and GM is jus
  4. Dodgers win! I'm happy for them.. They definitely deserved it. Time for the offseason to officially begin!
  5. Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Who are you going for? I have mixed feelings about this one, on the one hand, I like the Dodgers and I'm happy that they made it and they are the only other team in the NL after the Marlins that I wanted to see make it to the WS. On the other hand, there is the fact that the Rays are the other Florida team and they have never won the WS before and they have only been around since 1998 so that would be fun as well to see them get that title after not being relevant in the AL East or MLB playoff race for most of their history. This is a
  6. Slow news day/month for NY baseball. Jeter was in the news, NY newspaper found something NY baseball-esque to write about.
  7. If Sandy, Pablo and Elieser can stay healthy and consistent in 2021, we could possibly be looking at the next great MLB "big three" pitching trio. Having Sixto as the 4th pitcher to start the year wouldn't be the worst option of all time. I definitely think the Marlins need at least one LHP in their starting rotation. I would like to see Trevor Rogers get that chance if he's ready..
  8. Just doing an offseason checking in on this site and I was surprised to see this news. I guess I’m not super surprised since at the end of the day the Marlins team is a business and anyone who has been in or around the corporate world will know that when new leadership/ownership comes to a business it’s pretty normal for them to bring their own managers and/or replace the positions with new people. Still it’s a little sad seeing as Michael Hill as far as I know was the only remaining member in the organization that was here in ‘03, or at least he was the most prominent. Now the only
  9. Dodgers have been my unofficial second favorite team I think since Juan Encarnacion was traded there after ‘03. While I haven’t followed them super closely over the years, I have followed from a distance every season, maybe watching a game or two if I can. But I have to say, I’ve never been a biggest Dodgers fan in my life than I am tonight! Let’s go Dodgers! 😂
  10. Well, thanks to the Marlins for a fun ride in the 2020 season! It definitely had it’s ups and downs and share of frustrating moments(citrus series, 29-9 loss, Red Sox series, just to name a few out of many) but it also had some really fun moments like the comeback win vs the Phillies, Sixto’s first few starts, BA’s three HR game, the 7-1 start to the season, and many more! This was definitely a memorable season for me for sure, it’s moved pretty high up on the list on my list of personal favorite Marlins seasons so far! It was such a great feeling seeing the Marlins in a playoff
  11. I'm waiting for someone to create the final post game thread of the season to discuss this last game of the year. @Michael said that he won't be back until February of next year, so I guess it won't be him.
  12. I'll be rooting for the Dodgers the rest of the way.. I probably won't watch any more playoff games the rest of this season, but GO DODGERS! Especially in the NLCS!!!! 😂
  13. Imagine if Harold Ramirez was healthy all year, we would have hardly seen still seen Matt Joyce starting a lot of games. 😂
  14. Hey, would you hire Freddie Gonzalez again as Manager? 😂
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