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  1. Interesting fact: In 2003 the Marlins clinched a playoff spot during the final weekend of the season against a New York baseball team on a Friday night game.. Let’s see if the 2020 Marlins can get it done and clinch that playoff spot on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday game against a New York team!
  2. Great win by the Fish! Marlins looked like a playoff team tonight, especially when Pablo was on the mound!
  3. I guess, as others have said, the most fair contract for JT is the max any team is willing to pay him. JT is in a very good position, just based on basic economics and supply/demand, he knows that there are very few(less than 5) catchers in all of the MLB who can perform at the same level as him, and out of all those catchers, how many will be available as a free agent next year? So all it will take is just one or two owners who believe that JT is the “one missing piece” that their team needs to make it to the post season/World Series win, and JT will basically have the bigges
  4. They just want to go back to their hotel, have some dinner and go to bed. 😂
  5. Definitely Yimi Garcia has been the Marlin's MVP this season.
  6. You're not going to stay for the come from behind win?
  7. The last time the Marlins clinched a playoff spot was on September 26th, 2003 against the NY Mets. How cool would it be to clinch their next playoff spot on September 26th, 2020 against the other team from NY..
  8. The Marlins lost 105 games last year.. Just the fact that they still in a strong playoff spot contention with 5 games to go in the season, is something special. 60 games or not.. Playoffs are playoffs.
  9. Yeah, Alfaro will definitely be the backup to JT next year..
  10. Good job, Dick! Got it right through the hole!
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