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  1. More to do with us struggling with movement like most young teams.
  2. I wouldn’t use “timely” and “runs” in the same sentence. Let’s replace “timely” with “consistently hitting”.
  3. The only way Pablo leaves is if we’re robbing somebody’s farm system.
  4. Lol so a guy that grades out as one of the best RHPs in the NL via advanced statistics is a “No. 4” guy on a contender? Did he bang your wife?
  5. Good job getting ahead. Close him. You have a high pitch count.
  6. Bullpen game. Pablo doesn’t have his usual stuff today.
  7. They were trying to turn 2. Problem is that when you keep throwing the same pitch to good hitters...
  8. Ughh Eire Adrianza. Another pesky little fucker.
  9. No strike because Pablo missed his spot...even though it was still a strike.
  10. Honestly this is a mute point unless Jeter is willing to shock me and go after a legit guy with experience with young teams like Ron Washington or somebody like Joe Espada or Hensley Muelens that are just waiting for their shot. Other than that it’s probably going to be Rowson, Posada, or Al Pedrique which probably brings more of the same. Shoot, Mike Jacobs wouldn’t be bad if you surround him with vet coaches but they don’t have the balls to pull something like that.
  11. I mean if we can somehow win this series, go 2/3 with the cards and with the cubs which isn’t exactly out of the question then we’re 35-37 heading into the Blue jay/National home stand. Those matchups are really favorable for us and we can leave June as a winning month. July opens essentially with the Phils, LA, and the Braves twice. We would need momentum heading into August IMO.
  12. That’s what I was thinking.
  13. Anybody know about Zach Zehner? Apparently we gave him an MiLB deal and he’s going to Jville.
  14. Need to move Dickerson so Sanchez can come up and be a regular. We need that type of power infusion and he might save us a trade if he can come up and be decent.
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