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  1. I play in an adult league too bro! Can’t give up on the dream lol.
  2. Did you really ask if facing BETTER hitters will stunt his development? who actually played past middle school here?
  3. There’s nothing realistic about saying he won’t be in the rotation next year. From a Managers standpoint you say that for PR and to inspire competition but there’s no way in God’s earth he isn’t going to be at least in the. No. 4 spot just based off pure talent alone and not including his early success. He has already proven he has the best big league stuff out of the entire rotation. A bad game in the playoffs doesn’t change that. Don’t know if you realize but out of all the guys that are going to be competing he would have the 3rd most experience behind Pablo and Eliesar AND far and away the
  4. What is this thread? He was 3-2 with an under 3.50 ERA. Like what? He pitched brilliantly vs. the Cubs too.
  5. I think it’s pretty easy to say that Hill had more say with Loria than he did with Jeter. Jeter brought guys from the yankees here and gave them elevated roles. That’s all that needs to be said.
  6. Defensively yea, he just had an off year with the bat.
  7. If we’re really thinking cost effective prospect wise and money wise then the plan is pretty simple. C- Sign Matt Weiters to a 2-3 mil deal, Keep Wallach on the 40 but move him down 2nd- Josh Harrison to a 4 mil deal, Berti can move to a more natural utility role LF- Jurickson Profar. If he explodes he could offer a big return on a short term deal + he’s a movable piece. Can essentially play anywhere. Move Dickerson to a DH role. RF- Josh Reddick on a 1-2 year deal. SP- Alex Wood on a price it deal RP/CL- Ken Giles on a prove it deal
  8. If we’re considering a trade for somebody then why not hit up the cubs about Willson Contreras and Jacob Stallings of the Pirates. I wouldn’t mind packaging Alfaro, Guzman, Misner, Urena, and maybe Holloway/Guzman if it got me Contreras and Jose Martinez? Stallings and Musgrove for the Pirates?
  9. JT is unrealistic...like in outer space realistic because of money/contract. He’s not going to be healthy after this one is up. Just how playing Catcher is. McCann is realistic and we’ll only shell out somewhere between 11-13 mil a year plus add pop to the lineup. A cheap option would be Matt Weiters but he would be a righty only option. It’s also worth looking at Wilson Ramos and Mike Zunino if their options aren’t picked up.
  10. Probably. I don’t know how we don’t consider McCann being that it’s the biggest hole in our lineup fielding and hitting wise.
  11. Right? But yea I think signing McCann to a 12-15 mil a year deal is the way to go with the catching situation and some more pop. James is great with pitchers and he’ll smack 18 over the fence.
  12. You can give a prove it deal to Wood. I would actually pay to sign Brian McCann and make that my offseason splash.
  13. I would say so. That’s what you would be paying for an above average reliever to begin with. I would still add somebody like Joakim Soria for about 5-6 just to extend it.
  14. Point I’m trying to make. Buy low and and sell high once club control is up. Or keep him...whatever Jeter wants. Same with Renfroe who’s probably cheaper prospect-wise to get.
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