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  1. Also last time I checked (since you like picking and choosing which post you want to respond to) This is what we should do at 3rd. Apparently @SonOfJack has dementia. https://www.marlinsbaseball.com/topic/78848-what-to-do-with-alfaro/?do=findComment&comment=1792172&_rid=14449
  2. Did I say that? Or did I say give him a shot and see if we can create more depth? Do you always like putting words in people’s mouths? Or is critical thinking not your forte?
  3. He was a lazy hire to begin with and does nothing but bring name value. Everything you’re seeing is exactly why the Dodgers kicked him to kingdom come. You wanna one the sad part? We’ve blown 25 saves this year. We’re 23 games back. If Don even had a semblance of a clue this team could have finished around .500 this year. Are we though? Nope. That stat alone shows you how foul the leadership stinks.
  4. Lmao that was pathetic. Alright ship him out. I’m on board now.
  5. That’s what’s going to tell you that they have no interest in fielding a winner? Not capitalizing on a playoff run and keeping that type of expectation going into this year didn’t do it for you?
  6. Can’t wait for this long AB to end in a dribbler.
  7. Lol don’t mind them. They popped some shrooms before posting.
  8. Are you Das Texan who said that in the very conversation about him? No you’re not. How else was I going to make a comment about that very quote there Sensai?
  9. That wasn’t directed at you even though I quoted you.
  10. Y’all told me OF is easy though?
  11. Literally have no idea that’s a rule involving their stats.
  12. Pitching is totally on Mel. As in how good of a job he’s doing. Nobody talks about pitching but you’re right. We can’t identify relief pitching for the life of us. I’m afraid if a bigger ball club pays the big bucks once his contract is up then we’ll lose our only advantage.
  13. I’m not too concerned about it. He’s a movement pitcher and depends on deception. He’s never been a guy to throw it past somebody and who knows what actually happens. Sometimes these surgeries allow you to add velocity because the previous damage is what held your FB back. Him and Meyer were probably going to be moved anyways. Perez and Fulton grade as players with higher floors and the talk of extensions to the big three with Thompson and Cabrera still under ball club control would’ve created a log jam. I still expect Meyer to be moved this offseason. Maybe Eder is moved in ‘22 instead of this offseason as well.
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