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  1. Told y’all this kid’s hit tool is undeniable. I couldn’t believe how bad he was struggling compared to what I saw at Vandy. Playing in the SEC is like facing High A or AA pitching every night. You’re facing at least one draft pick a series and he raked.
  2. I’m actually excited for De la Cruz. All the Astro guys that project as hit first guys hit really well. Now where’s that CF that Mish promised?
  3. On a serious note, who could they grab at CF? I know Ketel Marte put time there. Mullins just because the O’s are terrible but that’ll be a hefty price tag for a guy with one year production. I don’t see the Pirates moving Bryan Reynolds…am I missing an obvious one?
  4. Buxton gives us our first premium player since Stanton and probably most exciting since Miggy. Call Brinks to get the truck warm and a bubble wrap company to keep him healthy.
  5. Daydream at best but imagine if NG found a way to pry away a prime Byron Buxton from Minny?
  6. If they want a fill in CF then why don’t they give Ender Inciarte a shot. He was just DFA’d.
  7. Hard working kid. I see him all the time at north springs park. He’s our first Coral Springs kid too. LB is from Margate.
  8. Na, they just seen him already. It’s up to him to make adjustments now.
  9. Doubt it. He needs to revamp everything about him when it comes to his swing and approach.
  10. Detweiler hasn’t been an average starter since he first came up.
  11. Busy day week for me so Im not watching but did Don pull Zach 60 pitches into a decent start? Wtf?
  12. 5’10 catcher with some pop. Guy hit in the SEC so give him a shot. https://d1baseball.com/player/nPxJCRMy/sam-praytor/
  13. It’s how it should’ve been done starting 4 years ago. We play in the biggest park in the MLB. Putting the ball in play is going to matter more that hitting it over the fence.
  14. Another kid with a legit hit tool.
  15. Morissette probably won’t stay a Short. Another kid with a legit hit tool though. He fills out more and we might be looking at somebody with Scott Rolen sequel potential or chase Utley if he plays 2nd.
  16. Couple names intrigue me at 31 Adrian Del Castillo C UM- off year lead to drop but he would def be the best player in the board and maybe the best hit tool. Needs work as a C but he’s better than Zach Collins was coming out behind the plate. Wes Kath 3rd Base- HS kid from AZ with a legit hit tool. 6’3 200 that’ll probably grow into power number being that he’s young. Plus arm and range. James Wood- HUGE kid, 6’7 240 to be exact. Power, arm, and Speed are his game. The entire package is too intriguing. Grades as a CF.
  17. Do y’all think we go college INF or a C like Del Castillo or Nelson at the comp round? Del Castillo is the better pure hitter than Nelson.
  18. And there it is! The No. 4 best player at 16. Hell yeah!!
  19. I love that kid Mack’s personality and how his buddy spoke about him. I love that it’s probably going to come down to him or probably Watson.
  20. They should give Coop a shot to play 3rd. If they’re willing to play him in RF with his limited athleticism then you gotta give him a shot a 3rd.
  21. 3-0 lead with an Aggy homer and Jesus just got on with a single and was followed up with a miggy ro single.
  22. Whatever you do, don’t throw inside to Acuna.
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