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  1. I would as well with Alfaro just to dump because there’s no point in keeping him if he doesn’t mesh. but what that just said was ridiculous about offering Sandy. Im just trying to point out that I’m giving them the means to go get some pitching. They have a horrible farm system. I wouldn’t need to offer Pablo.
  2. What do you mean? You just said it was “overpay”. If it was overpay then wouldn’t it work? Or are we going to keep flipping the coin until we get to an answer you like?
  3. Stop it. There is no need to move pitching to a team that doesn’t even have prospects. The only way Pablo moves(not even Sandy) is just Pablo and Alfaro. I’ll happily package Sierra, Isan, and Monte to Texas for Lance Lynn in that scenario.
  4. Lmao at offering Sandy. They’re giving Frazier too right? None of it goes I wouldn’t need to trade it. They’re not turning that down. So how did Urshula’s value go up in your mind? Since you just said the theoretical offer was an “overpay” and now you’re talking about offering Sandy, an all star level pitcher, what kind of backwards logic is that Batman? You would destroy our pitching depth by giving him up because Sixto isn’t consistent enough to be our go to guy yet. I’m giving one of the worst minor league systems in baseball essentially 3 valuable guys they could use in trades
  5. Why should we get JT when I can get value with James McCann? I mean JT is really good but I’m not locking into a catcher for 8 years. I save money with McCann that I could use elsewhere.
  6. You’re not being realistic. The Yankees want proven veteran pitching. We don’t have that. They don’t have a prospect pool to get there and I’m giving them 2 of the better prospects in our system. They also have a young catcher that they can decide to move for a pitcher because he also has value.
  7. I don’t you think you’re getting what is being said. Marlins: Urshula - all around better player than Anderson Yankees: Anderson- solid 3rd baseman Alfaro- quality back up catcher behind Sánchez which they need AND has the potential to be more Diaz- prospect to help them get veteran pitching Sierra- prospect to help them get veteran pitching We improve, get rid of a quality catcher who doesn’t gel with our guys, loosen an incoming logjam, and give them a great trade that will help them. They probably would accept on the spot.
  8. And why not move Alfaro to put it over the top and free us up at catcher. Wouldn’t hurt to try.
  9. LB is Lewis Brinson. That’s his nickname since he was a kid playing against me in Coral Springs and if you think that’s an over pay then I don’t know what to tell you. Anderson has no where near the value of Urshula defensively or offensively. Alfaro would be the value in that trade for the Yankees being that they don’t have a backup catcher/anybody potentially good enough to start over Sánchez. We need to move on from this current batch of prospects because our drafted guys are going to beat their brains in anyways.
  10. Honestly I think the current batch outside of LB, Lewin Diaz, and Jazz need to go. Our drafted guys are coming and all the players mentioned are going to be on movable contracts. The only predicted signees I would expect to be here 3 years from now out of that group is McCann and La Stella It wouldn’t be popular but I would approach the Yankees about Gio Urshula with Andujar coming back and see if I could give them Anderson, Alfaro, Diaz and Sierra for him.
  11. Cost efficient = short term fix...don’t know what to tell you on that. Joc is the only one in his 20’s still. I honestly love Tommy La Stella or Josh Harrison spending money or being cost efficient. Profar imo belongs in the OF, Schoop isn’t a fielder, and Kipnis hasn’t hit 250 or higher since ‘17. Jazz needs to focus on getting the ball in play and prove it on a consistent basis. He’s Miggy’s replacement but he needs to find consistency in his game. Berti isn’t an everyday starter and Isan has had his chance to make an impact and flash but he hasn’t. Essentially we need to
  12. If we’re willing to spend some money... C- James McCann & Matt Weiters 1B- Justin Smoak(he’ll be cheap though) 2nd- Tommy La Stella RF- Josh Reddick - Move Harold to Left, Berti/Coop become primary guys of the bench, and Cooper can platoon at DH as well. Pen- Let Vincent walk, sign Mark Melancon. Rotation- middle of the rotation guy like Matt Shomaker just so we can add a veteran and use Rodgers/Garret as a 6th starter. All of this would be around 50-55 million in total spending. Don’t think this is the route they’ll take though. They
  13. We don’t have to go the JT route. I would target James McCann and Matt Weiters. McCann would probably be around 12 a year like Marte and Weiters would be around 3-4 but that’s not what I would do. We can upgrade while being cost efficient. C- Weiters against Righties and a mentor to Alfaro 1B- Justin Smoak vs Righties and DH duties depending on matchup. You can go with Martin Gonzalez but I believe Smoak is a better fielder. 2nd- Josh Harrison RF- Joc Pederson moving Harold to Left and Dickerson to a permanent DH/ 4th fielder role so he can focus on hitting.
  14. So we should keep him up here to bat 180 for the third time?
  15. I mean I would go for James McCann and Weiters but they probably won’t spend that money.
  16. Then the unproven guys that have showed nothing like isan can be sent down.
  17. Last time we did that he batted 240
  18. Cooper has a limited ceiling and Aguilar is 30. They’re staying but Aguilars role is dropping to a platooning role between DH and 1st with Dickerson. We need to hit and take advantage of our pitching while we still have ball club control. We’re not going to be able to pay all of them and we won’t pay any of them if we’re not winning.
  19. I meant hitting wise. My plan moves him to DH and out of the field. Guy love to hit so he’s going to get his chance just to hit.
  20. Everybody not named Marte, Miggy Ro, Anderson, and Dickerson does not have a safe job.
  21. Too much pressure on a young kid.
  22. You mean other than he’s not a RF and should be in LF?
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