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  1. On 5/25/2021 at 6:48 AM, SonOfJack said:

    How about letting us edit players then in-season? As far as I know, you can't edit players inside franchise mode while in a season. You may be able to after the season ends, though I haven't been able to try that yet.

    I created myself and messed up on certain things so I went in to edit him during the franchise. I couldn't find anything either

  2. I'm knee deep in franchise and I LOVE it. Only negatives I found were the trade logic (which lets me fleece teams but I'm not too mad about it) and the changing of player numbers once new players join the team. I had 5 players change numbers when my two new players joined when they didn't even have any current player numbers. Weird

    I'm the Pirates and I made this trade:

    Cespedes (picked him up as a FA. Was decent for me but he didn't fit my team. I need more speed and contact)
    Kevin Newman
    Some low level minor leaguer in the low/mid 60s overall


    Rougned Odor
    Jasson Dominguez

    Yup lol

  3. Should've never left St. Louis. Reminds me of Griffey when he left Seattle. Pujols will go down as an all time great but he'd be up there with Mantle, Mays, Aaron, etc. if he stayed with the Cardinals his whole career. Would've won a few more World Series and had the whole career with one club status. 

    I hope he signs with the Cardinals for the remainder of the year as a curtain call in a pinch hit role. 

  4. This is my 2nd MLB The Show I've ever played. I played a little of 2012 on PS3 but that's it. I don't play online but focus on Franchise modes. Currently played the season opener and won 4 - 0 against the Cubs with my Pirates. Here's my roster and rotation after some transactions:

    C John Ryan Murphy
    1B Edwin Encarnacion
    2B Kevin Newman
    SS Bo Bichette
    3B Ke'Bryan Hayes
    LF Yoenis Cespedes (Crushed a 460ft 2-run HR last game)
    CF Me (2 - 4 with a solo shot last game)
    RF Franmil Reyes (Solo HR) 
    DH Paul DeJong 

    I do the universal DH (personal preference). Signed a bunch of older players to 1 year deals as I build up my team. Flipped Stallings and a minor leaguer to Toronto for Bichette. 

    1. Cole Hamels (14ks and a CG in the opener. BEAST)
    2. Chad Kuhl
    3. Steven Brault
    4. Mitch Keller
    5. Trevor Cahill
    CP: Richard Rodriguez

    I hope to get some bullpen help at some point in some way. All my relievers are in the 60s expect for Rodriguez. 

  5. On 4/16/2021 at 9:10 AM, Das Texan said:

    Pittsburgh Mike somehow doesnt have quite the same ring as Nugget.


    Too bad.


    But welcome back!

    I haven't gone by "Nugget" in 15 years! Now my girlfriend and I call each other Nugget as pet names which is weird because it's not connected to my former nickname at all. Life comes at you fast

  6. 2 hours ago, AeroFishOne said:

    Out of the Marlins jerseys, I like the original marlins road jerseys and the Turn ahead the Clock jersey I have. 

    Those Turn Ahead The Clock's are so funky lol. I'd like for MLB to do another one of those one day. My favorite Marlins jersey I've seen is a 1993 home Chuck Carr. Was that a vest or did they have different color sleeves?

  7. On 4/10/2021 at 5:50 PM, Italian Marlins Fan said:

    Are you looking to add to your collection at all? Do you collect other things besides jerseys? My b, I only ask cause my dad and I have a lotta baseball cards lmao. Im more of a shirt guy cause florida is so hot to wear jerseys most of the time. 

    Always looking to add. My jersey and t-shirt collection is probably over 150 - 200 items. I grew up in the 90s and collected jerseys in middle school and high school. I grew out of that faze but now since I'm older with money I got the itch to buy jerseys I could never afford before. I collect t-shirts too. I try to thrift a lot of what I have because of cost but I do spend too much when I'm looking on eBay lol. 

    I try to limit myself to Pittsburgh sports but some players I'll grab if I come across them. Griffey, McGwire, Sosa (90s baseball for the nostalgia). Not too much Marlins stuff to be found up here in Pittsburgh but I do see a decent amount of LeBron era Heat stuff. Got a 2012 Heat NBA Title caricature shirt I really like from the thrift a few weeks ago

  8. On 4/10/2021 at 9:42 PM, AeroFishOne said:

    Got a hand full. Most are blank authentics I got when we switch designs in 2012.

    What are your favorite jerseys? I probably have over 100 Steelers/Pirates/Pens jerseys (99% authentic with a few team issued). My favorites are:

    Steelers: 1994 Rod Woodson 75th Anniversary Gold "Bumble Bee" Authentic
    Pirates: Rob Mackowiak Team Issued 2003 Road Jersey Vest
    Penguins: Mario Lemieux 1991 Stanley Cup CCM with 25th Anniversary Pens patch

    I've got a ton of shirts too... player caricatures are my favorite. Only Marlins jersey I have is a 2000s Juan Pierre home pinstripe Majestic authentic.

  9. 6 hours ago, Michael said:

    Congrats on Jack Leiter or Kumar Rocker!

    I remember Nugget, somewhat. Granted that was literally half my life ago. Lol

    Welcome back!

    Congrats on building up a stud then trading him years later.... or picking a complete miss that fades away into obscurity lol

  10. 7 hours ago, Iowa said:

     season 20 20x1 GIF by South Park

    I definitely remember you. The Marlins fan from Iowa. KJC is one person I used to talk to a lot if you remember him. There's a few others but the names escape me. Don't ask me why I'm here but I guess I'm feeling nostalgic with baseball season here. 

    Miami Marlins still doesn't feel right to me. I miss the old uniforms with the Florida name. I was a huge 2003 Marlins fan because of this board. I still have a Juan Pierre jersey! I got it in a thrift store in Massachusetts oddly enough

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