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  1. Cabrera and Willis is bad in retrospect, but we have the benefit of the fullness of time to make that determination. The worst trade is that whole series of trades where we kept trying to dump Luis Castillo (P) until we succeeded. The Marlins were in a position, and this predates, at least the first time, Jose's tragic death, to have Jose pitching before Luis. Even with Castillo's poor season this season, the trade was just wrong headed from it's very conception
  2. He was hit by pitch seven times because the numbers you're looking at are regular season. Urena hit him once on purpose after he pitched a huge fit for being hit on a pitch that was barely inside
  3. It's for the kids. This kid in my section totally rocked out to it
  4. 0-2! Just where he wants em!
  5. Jorge gonna tighten this thing up
  6. Almost ready is one of the most frustrating times to be a fan of a team. I just think of 2001
  7. I would prefer if these were our new uniforms
  8. I would like a couple extra here. But then, I am an insurance agent.
  9. He managed with a little help from his friends
  10. Well it looked like it from the 3b line
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