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  1. Castano wasn't optioned because of his performance, but because of that shirt he wore in the post game presser the other day
  2. Does anyone know if Diaz is any good at bunting?
  3. What's funny is game day play by play shows Diaz striking out after ball 4
  4. Rule 5 makes things weird
  5. And print this quotes terribly but when you see it was more of a "whatever, we can't" sort of reaction
  6. I really don't know why this game wasn't pushed back an hour
  7. We're making this scrub look like the reincarnation of Cy Young
  8. And obviously game 7 in 1997. Right as the Marlins did their comeback to tie it I finished one of those enormous souvenir buckets of soda. And then wouldn't leave my seat even though I had to pee. I swear hitting the urinal was almost the satisfying as the win.
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