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  1. Want to hear a funny coincidence. I went to the same high school as Brinson just years before him. I am a white male that dated a black girl at that school while I went there. A whole Haitian gang tried to jump me and I gotten into multiple fights with them because they didn’t like the fact a “cracka” was dating a hit black girl. This is the sad reality that goes on every day in this country and is completely ignored because it’s some how taboo to call out racism when it’s black on white. Thousands of white kids are picked on and bullied being called “white boy” across Florida everyday and it’s overlooked yet society always wants to make up false racism against blacks. Luckily for me I could fight and trained MMA so I could defend myself but many white kids are jumped by gangs of blacks everyday. You are blind to what actual racism goes on.
  2. BA is the best 3rd base glove that has ever played the game. You are wrong. Google it !
  3. Awesome it might be worth $1 one day
  4. You dare to talk about the GREAT CONINE THE BARABARIAN like that?
  5. When does Jesus Sanchez come back?
  6. I got Marlins game going as well as the Blue Jays game because I have some money on them. Corey Dickheaderson just hit his first hit as a Jay. It was a triple that scored two runs….
  7. The top six picks in the 2019 draft were all hitters. Two years later, one of them (Andrew Vaughn) is already a fixture in an MLB lineup and another (Adley Rutschman) is mashing in Double-A. The three high school picks have all reached Double-A or higher and all are impressing at the plate. And then there is Bleday. The fifth pick in that star-studded 2019 draft, Bleday’s .198 average is seventh worst among the 48 qualified hitters in Double-A South. His .660 OPS is 40th among those 48 hitters. Bleday has yet to do damage as a pro, which is concerning as he was seen as an advanced hitter with plus power coming out of Vanderbilt.
  8. He is still only batting .198 I check the wahoos box score every night and almost every night I’m disappointed. That average needs to come up big time. This season is well underway and he’s still nit finding a groove. It’s weird too because all of our so called best hitting prospects are our worst hitters in the minors. How is that so? Bleday, Mizner and Burdick
  9. Sorry boys I usually will never bet against my Fish but when I saw that they had the betting line close on this game today I threw a couple grand on Padres. This team is just not it. The bottom 5 of today’s lineup are barely cracking .200….. 😞
  10. Awesome, hopefully the HRs keep coming and he cuts down on the strikeouts. Hey may end up being a better player than Bleday, Misner, Burdock or Encarnacion. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so….. FLORIDA Marlins sgoooo!!!!
  11. Can anyone explain why you would draft a young player that may end up playing college ball and then you lose him? I don’t get it, I understand you get another pick for it the following year if that happens but why would you want to risk waiting. Why wouldn’t you draft guarantee guys that can come in and make an impact hopefully. Genuinely curious.
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