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  1. Sorry boys I usually will never bet against my Fish but when I saw that they had the betting line close on this game today I threw a couple grand on Padres. This team is just not it. The bottom 5 of today’s lineup are barely cracking .200….. 😞
  2. Awesome, hopefully the HRs keep coming and he cuts down on the strikeouts. Hey may end up being a better player than Bleday, Misner, Burdock or Encarnacion. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so….. FLORIDA Marlins sgoooo!!!!
  3. Can anyone explain why you would draft a young player that may end up playing college ball and then you lose him? I don’t get it, I understand you get another pick for it the following year if that happens but why would you want to risk waiting. Why wouldn’t you draft guarantee guys that can come in and make an impact hopefully. Genuinely curious.
  4. Alright buckos we are back to 10 games under. You know what this means. 10 game winning streak coming up! Sgoooo!!!!
  5. I’ll take the double u …
  6. Too bad Bleday isn’t showing up. He should have been playing in it…
  7. Just keep on hitting Jesus Sanchez. We need you to be the real deal. Especially with Bleday looking like due due
  8. What’s up buckaroonies you ready to sweep the Cubs? It seems we are the Cubs big bully and we got them in a headlock giving them nuggies right on their curly red mop top head. We really got their number. Key factors : Sanchez to stay hot. Isan Diaz to be no where on my TV today. You boys to start respecting Donnie Baseball!
  9. I don’t know boys it’s starting to worry me a bit. I thought for sure he was our best hitter coming up. He was looking great in spring training a while back. Now every time I check the box score he has a big donut under hits. Starting to think he might be dew dew ???? Thoughts???
  10. Lets goo!! Another W buckos. Great way to cap the series after starting down 2. Lets sweep the Dodgers!!! Why not?? Sgooooo!!!!
  11. Jesus has been on absolute fire and lets not forget about Lewin as well. When do you guys think they come up?
  12. You boys ready for some T-Raw tonight? The rookie of the year campaign continues tonight!!
  13. What’s up boys? Been reading the comments here for a while finally made an account. How about big boy Jag tonight? To think people were mad when we signed him when they found out there was no DH because they thought we were fine with Coop and Lewin. Settle your horses buckos and all praise the Jaguar!!!
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