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  1. 6/14 Post Game

    Bour to first. Moore and Dietrich platoon 3b and or 2b. Prado to 2b or 3b. Trade gordon for pitcher. Or same thing except trade prado for pitcher and kerp gordon. Or keep both but trade Dietrich and or Hech.
  2. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Dont worry they will all hop on the bandwagon soon... "Theres something special going on" - Hutton after the Mordecai walk off homer day after Ramon Castro walk off in 03...
  3. Yelich rumors

    His contract is sweetener in a trade. He has a good contract for a team. Should bring much talent. I still say keep.
  4. Yelich rumors

    Yelich is only 25... Hes still pretty much a prospect.
  5. June 7th Post Game Thread

    Good salvage. 2-2 next Pittsburg series and they can salvage the trip, 3-1 or better and it could be a good trip still.
  6. June 7th Post Game Thread

    From my view it looked like the 2nd baseman had to charge the ball and make an off balance throw to first. He was still out by quite a margin tho.
  7. CJ, Edgar to coach Futures game at Marlins Park

    Yep! 2001 I believe.
  8. CJ, Edgar to coach Futures game at Marlins Park

    CJ is back!
  9. 6/6 postgame

    G needs a big game
  10. Or pinch hit with 2 outs. Or better he can still hit anywhere in the lineup but if there is a man on 1st and less than 2 out so a force and double play is possible just have the guy on 1st get intentionally picked off. Like intentional walk creates a double play scenario the intentional pick off destroys it.
  11. Bour (ankle) likely going to DL

    I guess the boycott bandwagon is going to be picking up steam again...
  12. 6/4 Postgame

    Well prado at 3b will put dietrich back to bench, a left hand pinch hitter. That solves those 2.
  13. 6/4 Postgame

  14. 2017 Marlins Comeback Bandwagon

    You do realize there are only 2 wild cards?
  15. 2017 Marlins Comeback Bandwagon

    No hits!