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  1. Boycott The Team

    Make his cheeks rosy.
  2. Boycott The Team

    A witch trial would be nice... But seriously once Loria is gone, it would be decent to hear explanations and rationale for transactions and how coerced transactions pressured by the top affectected their operation.
  3. Boycott The Team

    We need accountability for Dr. Beinfest's mess he made. This is not just Hill. Hill will take the flack but he's just the current yes-man.
  4. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    I dont want you waiting too long but i will say how am i supposed to know? Im not a baseball executive and reporters dont stalk and report JTs value like they do other players. Im only guessing his value based on similar player like lo duca, who was worth penny. Penny was already a quality mlb pitcher and probably worth a couple good prospects at the time. Sorry im only conjecturing. Im creating a scenario where trading JT might be worth the pitching we need.
  5. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    I think hes the one who gave Grienke his contract.
  6. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    Exactly. I dont see how Marlins can rebuild their pitching staff unless they make a sacrifice here and there. Unless they can get a good deal with Ozuna I dont see where the arms will come from besides JT and/or Gordon.
  7. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    They could get rid of Gordon if he catches fire and another team needs a 2B and speed badly in a playoff push. The stars have to align tho for sure.
  8. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    Only because JT has value. I like him a lot but he has value. He should bring at least 3 quality specs with 1 or 2 MLB ready pitching specs.
  9. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    More high calorie dressing is needed.
  10. Boycott The Team

    True. Might as well keep Stanton, if nothing else than having baseball's 2nd baddest babe. This is a good team with a new rotation. Trade a piece like Ozuna/Realmuto/Dee for some pitchers.
  11. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    Dee Gordon is not getting on base enough and he's not stealing enough bases. Hovering just over .300 OBP will not cut it. "Launch him" as the other poster said. Ozuna is the 2nd best left fielder in NL by WAR and Yelich is 3rd best CF. Marlins have 2nd best outfield WAR in NL. Keep them all. Get rid of Ozuna only if multiple elite starting pitching prospects can be returned. Revamp the infield outside of Bour. Bour is a nice piece. Gordon, and whoever plays SS and 3B when Prado isn't injured need to go. Dietrich is a nice backup piece, but every year it seems he is playing a lot (injuries, suspensions, etc.). Trade Realmuto. Get a defensive and pitcher oriented catcher. Someone who can call a good game and make relationship with young pitchers. REVAMP THE ENTIRE PITCHING STAFF. Launch almost every pitcher on this roster, especially if they have value. Start the rotation from scratch, from pieces from TK/Gordon/Realmuto/Prado/Hech/Ozuna trades. And build bullpen from Bear Claw down. Trading Prado and Stanton might be hard, so keep them if no value is returned.
  12. Agree. Stanton is one of the biggest reasons anyone could watch when its all going south. Hes worth the contract. He will catch fire.
  13. Blow The Whole Thing Up

    Big G told you so! On fire!
  14. ***Just clarifying my previous post is a movie quote alluding to homophobia in hip hop culture, if anyone was offended by it. Should have made it clearer.
  15. Who says this team has no fight?

    Unleash all that excess testosterone on the baseball Big G. Get hot!