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  1. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Good point. I can't imagine them getting a worse deal than this so giving him some extra relief experience couldn't hurt his trade value. Seems the team just wanted to get rid of him all of a sudden.
  2. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Only the epitome of mediocrity can stay in the Marlins organization for so long.
  3. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    I think they need at least 30 more wins the rest of the year. All teams above them at best finish the rest around 0.500 gives them good shot then. Either way if only 1 team in front of them does even above 0.500, they will have near impossible chance. But math is beautiful.
  4. Random evidence of a cluttered mind, that's for sure.
  5. Mattingly continues to lose games

    Even with G and Ozuna having career years, he has done satisfactory. This pitching staff even without the injuries is the worst in baseball given to him by any GM. Injuries. Prado and Bour and Chen. Bour likely could have taken most improved player if he continued. Definitely the coaches deserve props for the emergence of Bour and the career years of G and Ozuna. Urena's emergence also deserves recognition. I say unmistakably Dave Roberts or Lovullo. Roberts will likely win but I give it to Lovullo.
  6. Joe Frisaro has given up...

  7. Thanks my grammar is terrible. شكرن
  8. It doesnt matter if your black or white! Oww!! Whoo yeah!
  9. David Samson and Mike Hill plz tell us what Lorias ass smells like!
  10. This team has a good skeleton in my closet. Keep Hill. Just add some meat to the bone.
  11. You may say that im a dreamer but im not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one.
  12. The mets fans are like luke skywalker and issac newton. Both of these things are going out tonight and then fighting for force.
  13. Middle of lineup? Why not number 2? Like Derek Jeter. Number 2.
  14. Cards fans are not bad. They are not obnoxious or loud in my experience. Their children usually are well behaved at games. They have good southern manners knowing they are guests in someone else home.