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  1. If I were a girl...I wouldn?t know what to do with him?but he would be a happy man. Love the quote though, almost brought a tear to my eye.
  2. Tim Raines :blink: I'm guessing they meant JR.
  3. Are you kidding me?! :lol Who's next, Robert Parrish? Dino Radja is on the short list
  4. They need to bring it back to Hawaii.
  5. I'm interviewing Colt Brennan tomorrow for my radio show on Thursday.....any suggestions on questions? why he ended up in Hawaii Ask him if sh*t-talking is encouraged at Hawaii :|
  6. SlapHands69


    I "Live" for this
  7. I hope he loves you long time
  8. I'll have to retract some of my earlier posts as. I talk to two people on the regular that run two of the biggest independent college sites. One is now saying that there is some smoke dealing with this situation. If this happens, I'll gladly be Ramp's sexual slave for a period. My love is unconditional, I?ll do it for free Ramp :needs_a_shave
  9. SlapHands69

    Hot Guy Thread

    The reasoning behind the whole Hasselhoff being a hot guy and all is due to my trivial fantasies. In Elementary I would space out and think of the show Knight Rider. It would be just me and the Hoff, next to each other on top of KITT. We would start off slowly and then the Hoff would say ? Gimme all ya got Kit!? Then I would wakeup. The fantasy would just end there :confused Paul Walker's V-Line :notworthy You got some good taste in Men Ashley!
  10. SlapHands69

    Hot Guy Thread

    2 out of 9? Meh. I remember when Dodge made a thread like this. I'm still bummed that he later went and deleted it. Wasn't there a "Man Bowl" as well? Haha, I'd love for someone to get started on that again. Picky! All I need is someone with a nice smile and a nice back. I?d like to see what your definition of hot is. I also know for a fact you wouldn?t turn down any of the above.
  11. SlapHands69

    Hot Guy Thread

    I wasn?t so sure about Don Cheadle but how can you not? I bet the guy is fully loaded and comes with all the goodies and fixings. He?s also quite the actor and very comical. I bet he is a great person too :thumbup
  12. Barbosa is a freak :notworthy
  13. Game just ended, great game by the fish, superb game by De Aza and Armando , great homer by Miggy!!!! Armando Almanza, the living legend. Still throwing socks to this day...
  14. I just purchased a keg for a party on Sunday. The choices are very limited.
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