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  1. ill go saturday and sunday.. section 143 row 9 ..
  2. Dont Push Me- 50 cent ft Eminem or What's Happenin-Trick Daddy ft Ying Yang Twins
  3. WTF! Cabz n Lowell have more homers than sosa!!! w/e maybe next year..
  4. It's called Let Me Dance.. I have no idea who sings it.. she's korean
  5. LETS GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!! Represent the team well.. Now we have to get JP in the All Star game too.. -hope Miggy does ok..
  6. July 11th?? I think so... that's for first 10,000 fans I think..
  7. hey there... well I guess I can say WELCOME!!!!!!! Me new too -mima :thumbup
  8. lol.. I don't have my restricted yet.. but I do drive.. shhhhhh... :whistle
  9. I love Manzanillo.. Him and his ::cup check:: ... The team just has to start talking to him more.. get to know him.. maybe there's more to him then just hitting himself on the head and screaming at himself.. I think he's cool.. It's gonna take a few days for them to "vibe" with Manzanillo and Aguila.. but they're the Marlins... the most playful team.. I think they can handle two more ^_^
  10. poor AJ.. he pitches so good and we can never get a win for him.. hopefully that changes tonight.. :thumbup
  11. cabrera, lowell, JP, & some others I forgot... I'm going either way. I don't care what player isn't there.. The game starts at 3:05 pm... so I'll be there by 11 am
  12. Last year .. a girl I know when to Fuji Film Day and she took a picture with some players.. so I don't know. It's the first 5,000 fans...
  13. 1. What's your first and middle name? Lauren Marie 2. How would you describe yourself? looks? personality? Funny.. Loud...Long Brown Curly Hair..Brown eyes...5'5''... 3. What's your favorite color? TEAL! blue & pink 4. Do you live in a one story house or a two story? two story 5. Favorite Florida Marlins Player? Miguel Cabrera 6. Are you an animal lover? Y/N Yes 7. What time do you go to bed? 3 am 8. When is your birthday? November 22, 1989 9. Single/ Engaged/ Married/ etc: Single 10. What are you wearing right now? XL tshirt w/ sponge bob boxers 11. Do you believe in Astrology? yes 12. What was the last thing you ate? Papa Johns cheese pizza 13. Do you get nervous when watching Marlins games? all the time
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