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  1. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    Please clap.
  2. Marlins willing to deal relievers

    Don't trade anyone with value. Acquire value with trades. Yep.
  3. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    Turns out it isn't easy finding hundreds of millions of dollars in a few months. Who knew?
  4. Marlins willing to deal relievers

    I just let Loria know you've OK'd this.
  5. Bullpen facelift

    Pretty much.
  6. Bullpen facelift

    I get it, but this overly general thread with an unrealistic topic inspired two posts with decent info, especially for someone that isn't following the team very closely. and Not bad considering the topic. I've seen much better topics have threads with far less info than this one.
  7. Marlins sign Rogers

    Lik Dis If U Cry Evertim
  8. Marlins sign Rogers

    Discount double-check.
  9. 6/18 post game

    I feel like I'm just waiting for new ownership. We know what Loria and Hill will deliver. I'm just going to wait for the new group to come in. I can't get invested in a team with so many question marks in the future.
  10. Bullpen facelift

    Is Heath Bell available and not 400 lbs?
  11. Draft Thread

    Yeah but it's too early to judge.
  12. Draft Thread

    Too early to judge. It's only the day after.
  13. A's @ Miamah 06/13

  14. Draft Thread

    Is this season over yet? When is the home run derby?