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  1. Boycott The Team

    Is it because you've permanently moved to London now? Because I was looking forward to our second date. Hopefully not at a chain restaurant.
  2. Boycott The Team

    I'm going to take this as consent.
  3. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    I agree with this and predicted it years ago when the negotiation was first mentioned. I hope everyone is wrong and a massive deal is signed. Need monies.
  4. Boycott The Team

    I agree. @Dr Beinfest should be spanked.
  5. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    I wonder how many people have to needless die because of aloha snackbar for some of you people to wake the fuck up. Stop accepting this regressive, blind acceptance of all things, especially Islam.
  6. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    Ramadan coming soon.
  7. Russia, the Us, even North Korea attempts to or listens in on communication. We especially know the NSA can, thanks to leaks about their tools. Literally anything with a microphone and internet connection. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that Russia has these tools, since they can develop them or because our tools were leaked onto the internet by contractors. Again, things that would have happened before Trump took office. It's also been documented that the result of the election cannot be attributed to Russian efforts. Fake news isn't new. The only thing new is how strong it's been branded. What is new is the proliferation of internet use and social media. There is fake shit online all the time. There is fake shit in person all over the place. People have been able to decipher or make up their own minds since communication started. Also, all nations do this type of propaganda, especially the US. This is hardly anything new. What is new is the media's and left inability to take a loss.
  8. My post says leaker(s). Easy to miss though. It just doesn't make sense to have Russian plant in Trumps administration. The leaks and timelines don't add up. If the leaker(s) are Russian ops, they would have had to have been there before Trump's win. Propaganda campaigns and disinformation...such as?
  9. Someone was leaking before Trump was inaugurated and continued to do so during the transition. That person cannot possibly be placed in Trump's camp by Russia. They would have been there during Obama's terms. Maybe before. Who knows. It's much more likely the leaker(s) are just pissed off people. Russia attempts to influence our and other nations elections all the time, just like the US does. The funniest part is that I doubt this is going to plan the way they imagined. Comey influenced the election more than they ever could have. It's been the US media and specific members of government who have done much more harm than Russia ever imagined. Getting Trump elected is also questionable as their end goal. That would have been a laughable when they would have started their influence operation. IMO Russia didn't really do shit besides the DNC breach. They attempted the same with the RNC. Other than that it was the democrats fucking over Bernie, who would have won, and shitting the bed with clinton because she's awful.
  10. Loria worst owner in all of sports???

    Who was? We don't have a knowyourmeme.marlinsbaseball.com section yet. I'll probably still like the meme.
  11. Loria worst owner in all of sports???

    Unfortunately we don't have this for 2017. Would make this season slightly less horrific.
  12. Loria worst owner in all of sports???

    A shining example of how Loria is a bad decision magnet. What was Jennings nickname again? Something to do with ice cream. I loved those memes.
  13. Loria worst owner in all of sports???

    Is Loria the worst? Yes. One special example: Dan Jennings was made team manager. LOL. Remember that season? Holy shit. Why do we follow this team?
  14. This would only make sense if the Russian leaker was put in place by the Obama admin since leaks have been happening since before and during the transition. So if you're willing to accept that as a possibility, then sure. Why not? But it's much more reasonable to assume the leaker(s) are upset Obama admin holdovers.