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  1. Blow The Whole Thing Up

    Mike Hill is still in charge.
  2. cinn vs marlins 7/21

    Oh hey still winning.
  3. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    That's what I should call the HR thing.
  4. Marlins Trade Phelps to Mariners

    Good one.
  5. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Realmuto is the least of Miami's problems, also he isn't a problem.
  6. Brian Anderson playing well in AAA thus far

    Get this kid up here.
  7. Ellington recalled

    Haha I noticed that little weasel I quoted above deleted his post when his ignorance was pointed out yet again.
  8. Brian Anderson playing well in AAA thus far

    Well shit forget what I said, just cut the kid.
  9. cinn vs marlins 7/21

    Yeah I'm the problem. When someone says something and they are asked a followup question on it, that's a how discussion works. Every time I ask you to followup on something, you ignore it because you know you said more dumb shit and there's no way you can back it up> Over and over. You're a joke.
  10. cinn vs marlins 7/21

    You only ignore my posts when I ask you a legit question and you're incapable of answering it.
  11. cinn vs marlins 7/21

    Stupidity. I don't even know where to begin with this one.
  12. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Sounds like somebody has a personal vendetta against Realmuto. Most other clubs would like having him. Marlins finally have a good catcher after many years without one and this guy wants him gone.
  13. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Wait what? He's better than the league average in CS% and he is not a liability behind the plate at all. His offense is certainly not easy to replace at the catchers spot either.
  14. Marlins Trade Rumors

    What a shocker, another question posed to @taiwanmarlin goes unanswered.