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  1. Signing petition to Manfred

    A) The franchise staples were special assistants to the former owner and president. I hate seeing Conine or McKeon go too, but it’s fairly common for new owners to replace those positions. B) Do we know that this group has financial issues? A) No-names are one thing. Franchise legends are another. I again ask, did Crane fire any similar people? B) It is pretty obvious they have financial problems.
  2. Signing petition to Manfred

    Terrible comparison A) The cleaning house part, which franchise staples did Crane let go? B) Did Crane have a financial problem? You have to be naive to think an owner who couldn't find enough resources to buy the team for months is now going to be able to field a MLB-caliber payroll.
  3. Signing petition to Manfred

    I don't think it would do anything but I would sign it anyway.
  4. Marvel's Defenders

    Anyone finish that Netflix series yet of the 4 members joining up for a mini-series?
  5. 2017-2018 Miami Dolphins Thread

    Cutler looked decent last week, they should be 2-0 after wiping the floor with the Jets tomorrow.
  6. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    Yeah I'm sure he won't be changing the roster at all.
  7. Marlins Hall of Fame

    Saw this in a fortune cookie?
  8. Marlins Hall of Fame

    I like the way the colors look on your D.
  9. Dan Straily

    2 or 3 top prospects I believe it was.
  10. Team Photo Fun

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Rojas is the monkey? LOL @ Tazawa. Nice find @JTRiddlesMom
  11. All Marlins Team

    Yeah this wasn't the idea I had but I welcome it anyway. The more topics the better I say.
  12. Marlins Hall of Fame

    Glad everyone including so-called staff is taking this thread seriously.
  13. Marlins Hall of Fame

    He wasn't terrible, he just isn't HOF material.
  14. Marlins Hall of Fame

    As far as items, I want the ball Alex Gonzalez hit off Jeff Weaver in the 2003 World Series over the LF wall in there.