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  1. Jeter's Payroll Trimming Plan? Trade Stanton, Gordon, and Prado

    He wants them to sign Darvish and Arrieta if I remember right.
  2. Stanton Trade Rumors and Updates

    I hope he rejects every trade as an fyou to Jeter.
  3. You’re easy to please.
  4. Yeah why use that international signing bonus pool money, it isn't like we need to help our system. Mike Hill seems to trade that money away annually.
  5. He was waiting for Samson to call him.
  6. Not to mention Otani would never have been a realistic option anyway with the way the system works. He's locked into a set amount of money so he basically will go where he wants to go since pay will be similar or the exact same everywhere. He's been open with his desire to be a Yankee and they have interest.
  7. Yeah I don't appreciate the commish telling me its unfair to be angry at ownership. Sorry bud but I pay money to watch the team, and the players and YOUR salary comes from fans like me. I'll be angry if I want to be.
  8. Could probably get some real tasty pieces for Yelich.
  9. Good point, I can see changes there coming in a year or two.
  10. Yeah I think a lot of this is wishful thinking on @fish20's part. Like he knows along with us, it'd be ridiculously stupid to not trade Ozuna. For some reason he's trying to rationalize it though into Jeter playing around and planning to do it. Sorry but no, it just seems Jeter is being that dumb.
  11. according to you, its already the plan and Jeter is just being coy.
  12. The repair of media & fan relations

    That's a rather bold question.
  13. YEAH @Dr Beinfest Disregard every single analyst, every single source and every single report and trust fish20.
  14. Scott Boras rips Jeter's plan

    Yeah he planned to keep payroll where it was supposedly.