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  1. Bald Eagle

    Which has been the most disappointing Marlins season ever?

    Acuna is off to a poor start for the AAA Braves, total BUST!!! /marlins fan logic.
  2. Bald Eagle

    04-22-2018 Marlins at Brewers

    Cause they didn't get a fair offer for Realmuto. They felt the offer for Yelich was fair. It obviously wasn't for financial reasons.
  3. Bald Eagle

    04-22-2018 Marlins at Brewers

    Yeah but re-read what Marlino said. He implied it was for financial reasons which it wasn't.
  4. Bald Eagle

    04-22-2018 Marlins at Brewers

    Yelich asked to be traded. They did want to keep him, had nothing to do with salary. And if they had Yelich they'd have a win or 2 more (maybe).
  5. Bald Eagle

    Who would be the "LUCKY MAN" in every series ?

    All of them, they are getting paid good money to play a game.
  6. Bald Eagle

    04-21-2018 Post Game

    Except for the fact his career April average is .250 and his career average in general is .267. His April struggles have become overstated, he's definitely off to a horrid start this year.
  7. Bald Eagle

    Why was the 2006 rebuild so much better than the 2018 one?

    You can't fix people who refuse to budge even a little.
  8. Bald Eagle

    Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    This is ridiculous. Name another owner that’s done that when starting a rebuild. Did the cubs owner? Did the Astros owner?
  9. Bald Eagle

    Mets want Realmuto

    Man time flies. Didn’t realize jeter has been the owner since 2007.
  10. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    I believe severino is a talented guy and can be a national guy for a long time. Holly too may work in another environment. Don’t like them with fish.
  11. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Boring team. Bring back rich and Tommy. Just admit you fucked up.
  12. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Of course. He hadn’t thrown more than what 70 pitches this year and that was in game two of the season. He went as long as he could.
  13. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    You think taking him out after 7 no hit innings would make fans happier than taking him out after 6? That’s some nonsense.
  14. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Who you bringing up instead?
  15. Bald Eagle

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    He would’ve had to throw 110 pitches or more to do it and wasn’t stretched out. One game isn’t worth ruining his career.

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