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  1. Tim Lincecum

    A team other than San Fran offered a big league deal, a little speculation out there it may be the Marlins but nothing substantial yet.
  2. Bruce Sherman makes an appearance at ST

    Bruce Sherman only cares about making sure Jeter hits his profit bonus, oh wait he'd be paying part of that bonus. That narrative sure doesn't work well.
  3. Jeter on fan reaction so far

    These 4-5 people that are in favor of the rebuild sure are vocal and get around. I assume they wore fake mustaches and other disguises and stupid Jeter believed it was multiple people.
  4. Jeter on fan reaction so far

    Jeter needs to stop trying to spread this propaganda about many fans being for the rebuild, its almost like he reads this website's propaganda and runs with it.
  5. Frisaro on first 5 days of ST

    Be careful then, don't bring up BABIP or you may be looking at a 10-year ban.
  6. Captain's Camp

    They should open this camp to fans next year, I'm half-serious, some people may like to watch that. It's like a future star showcase.
  7. Captain's Camp

    Good work with that propaganda people, whoever the other 3 or 4 other people are. We must be doing well to convince all those outsiders.
  8. Captain's Camp

    @SilverBullet1929 I see you found the 4 or 5 people in favor of this rebuild, better recruit them to this propaganda website asap! Right @DTrain
  9. Frisaro on first 5 days of ST

    Do you have a list of people you approve of?
  10. Severino Gonzalez outrighted to AAA

    Richie Sexson for a bonus dick.
  11. Monster Jam

    That was the Race of Champions, not monster jam.
  12. Frisaro on first 5 days of ST

    He works for MLB.
  13. Corey Dickerson

    If Dickerson goes unclaimed, they would be on the hook for his salary. Of course it’s unlikely that would happen though.
  14. Corey Dickerson

    Too late to get my dictionary out, so I'll just say yes.