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  1. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    Not sure how to take this news. The most disturbing is the news on Mike Hill. Unless he isn't to be making any decisions. but just a puppet. Do you think that he could actually be going to do a COMPLETE do over of the team....including Name.....meaning no reason to keep any old Marlins, especially MR MARLIN Jeff Conine ?
  2. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    The day the announcement of the awarding of the franchise. I'd grown up in the 60's & 70's in Miami, always watching Sat afternoon baseball & wondering what it would be like to actually have my own hometown team....then it happened when I was in my early 30's. I immediately gave up my watching of the Braves, Mets & Cubs games and became interested in the Marlins only....watched the 1st exhibition game with John Lynch pitching for the Marlins (yes it was *that* John Lynch too)....
  3. How will you react to the firesale?

    they have a deal with Jeter, the Mas ship has sailed I think
  4. How will you react to the firesale?

    I'm really ready for the next phase for this team, and not interested in this year anymore. For me, it's all how Jeter & company will build for the future. I want to see a clear plan, not Loria's let's patch it for cheap plan or his Let's build with stupid money for middle road players and hope to catch lightning approaches. They are way too much of a gamble.
  5. Stanton chasing history

    Oh God that is depressing.....
  6. How will you react to the firesale?

    Okay I can see that.....well if he had only done this 10 years ago and gotten out,
  7. How will you react to the firesale?

    I think you are correct, that Loria has had this planned all along. My question is *WHY* would Loria do that ? Just to fuck over the new owner ? I mean he got what he wanted and the was to become a billionaire. I'm no big business type, but it does seem counterintuitive to me to make the team harder to sell by having all those backloaded contracts.
  8. How will you react to the firesale?

    Who said anyone pretended to have no money ? Dude you are forgetting this is a BUSINESS, and it's their fiduciary responsibility to their own investment, to make the business become as close to or actually profitable as they can. They just invested $1.3 billion and you want them to bleed more $$$ just for your entertainment ?
  9. How will you react to the firesale?

    Have you forgotten that Sherman & Michael Jordan are supposedly the real money behind this buy.....they have money trust me
  10. How will you react to the firesale?

    More fuel to that fire.... http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article86476492.html "The study found that “Miami’s median home value of $245,000 is well above the national median of $181,200. However, with a median household income of only $31,917 a year, well below the national median of $53,657, most of these homes are either out of reach or a financial burden on most Miami residents.” One report said that the average household in Miami pays about 62% of their monthly income towards housing...that is quite burdensome and leaves very little disposable income to pay for expensive (higher than average) ticket prices.
  11. How will you react to the firesale?

    Or do they have discerning fans that won't go buy tickets for a team they know is a loser. There is also Miami...yes Miami is one of the poorest areas in the country. Don't let the glitz & glamour fool you. Most of Miami works paycheck to paycheck with shitty paying jobs (unionization is pactically nil), due to "right to work laws" which suppresses wages & creates a huge gap between rich & poor. Working people in Miami have less disposable income than nearly every other major American city. Couple that with the Marlins high ticket prices, the team hardly ever wins, firesales, Loria's local media blackout, etc....well you get small crowds. Same with the Heat, and other local teams...ticket prices are way out of touch with the local economy....
  12. How will you react to the firesale?

    I love how these people, many of which don't live in So. Fla, and a good portion of them have never even been to So; Fla always blame the residents. 6 winning seasons in 25, yet pepople still want to blame the fans for not packing the stadium every night.Dude people here need to see that new ownership is commited, not just here to make some cash.
  13. How will you react to the firesale?

    Yes, he wouldn't allow his players, coaches or any team official to go on a radio or tv channel sports show that had smeared or bad mouthed him. Joe Rose has talked about it numerous times on his radio show, that his producers call the Marlins office, and never got return calls when they wanted to have a player make an appearance. They gave up asking a few years ago he's said. He said he learned through the grapevine that Loria had put his foot down after his local press conference a number of years ago in which he was soundly made fun of when he criticized the media and then refused to take questions...he basically called a presser and then it turned into a 4 or 5 minute rant by himself, aimed mainly at the local press, and cried about "poor me". I have no idea what he thought he was going to accomplish doing that but antagonize the local press even more. When you see the local Sunday night Sports shows on Channel 6, 7 & 10....the Marlins, even when winning are the 3rd or 4th thing talked about.....the press buries them because of the way Loria treats them (and I have heard just about everyone). Loria has ZERO social skills when it comes to people he needs to nice too. If it's business folks he can get away with it, because it's a cut-throat business, but dealing with the press you can't take that approach or they will use the proverbial "poison pen" to bury you.
  14. How will you react to the firesale?

    New management will give me hope....I want to see how they are going to rebuild the franchise, especially the fanbase. Because Loria did so much damage to it, it's going to be especially interesting in some of the ways they may actually give us access to the players....can you imagine....Marlins players will actually be allowed to go on local radio & TV shows for the 1st time in almost 10 years. That local media blackout I think has been one of the stupidest things Loria has done.....it, made the players seem so remote. The local fans, or even people that wanted to be fans, felt like the Marlins were a visiting team even at home.
  15. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    yep.....tease was nice, but.....SAME OLD MARLINS. A fanbase that's had 6 winning seasons in 25 seasons. Not exactly a way to build a loyal fanbase.