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  1. Marlins Trade Phelps to Mariners

    Hill made the trade.....LOL that should tell you all you need to know.
  2. Marlins Trade Rumors

    No matter what happens the Marlins will end up either paying his full salary by not moving him or pay at least 50% when they do, ala Hampton the pitcher Loria paid $10 million a year for like 3 years to beat us with Atlanta
  3. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Exactly my thoughts
  4. Marlins Sale Rumors

    I agree, only difference is they might waste more of a new owners money....the payroll could be doubled but you'd still get the same results
  5. Hill was extended

    Or he humiliates him into quiting....like making him clean the public bathrooms by licking the toilets & urinals
  6. 6/30 - Marlins at Brew Crew - 8:10

    Because no one really cares anymore, even the more die-hard fans, and it is Friday night. Why care if the owner doesn't even give a shit ?
  7. Ozuna now positioned to start in ASG

    With Heck gone finally I can vote for someone that really deserves it.....not that all my votes went to him, but I voted like a typical team fan for about 15 of my votes :P
  8. Marlins Sale Rumors

    Well I doubt that, because the cost prohibitive travel for ALL teams, and the Marlins would have the largest of that cost. I just don't ever see that being viable. However if a Chinese developer did own them, it could lead to some very interesting and creative ways they'd run Marlins Park.
  9. Yelich rumors

    I agree.
  10. June 6- Marlins @ Cubs

    We fans sold the Marlins a long time ago.....
  11. 5/23/17, Marlins vs. Athletics

    Marlins in the win column
  12. 5/23/17, Marlins vs. Athletics

    Ramos is trying his best to lose it......
  13. 5/21 Miami @ LA

    Yep, Marlins are badnewbehr
  14. 5/21 Miami @ LA

    At this point, Loria must be keeping Hill just to piss off what is left of the fanbase. There is zero reason that ahole should still be with the organization
  15. 5/21 Miami @ LA

    Why is Ziegler still on this team ? For whatever reason he hates pitching for the Marlins. DFA his ass, I don't care what it costs, it's costing the team games.