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  1. Stanton Trade Rumors and Updates

    Attendance is not going to fix the Marlins money woes.....their brand is tainted no matter what. I haven't seen any numbers but I would venture a guess that their apparel sales & other sources of income probaly the lowest or next to lowest in MLB, heck there are probably minor league teams that out-retail them. Also their really bad media contract. Attendance revenue is important, but I'll bet that the small sales from those jerseys & the cheap commercials they don't sell are the main problems with revenue.
  2. Stanton named MVP

    Figures, always a hater. He can go take his cowboy hat and shove it up his redneck ass
  3. Manfred, is right but this is such a bad move for them to have to make.....it just deepens the hate and mistrust the locals have towards the Marlins. I completely understand what is happening and why and I agree with it. I hate it, but I understand what needs to be done. But it's just when this franchise has something to hang it's hat on, some gust of wind comes along to blow it away. I swear this franchise is cursed.
  4. The repair of media & fan relations

    hahaha I see what you did there. But seriously, I think this is something they need to do, and so far its been crickets. I haven't seen or heard from a single player or coach on any of the local media. Hell I haven't seen even Jeter outside of the initial run on some of the local media outlets. Is his "shyness" right now due to the "Stanton" stuff ?
  5. Another aspect going forward is how are they going to repair relations between themselves & the local and national media, and also the fan base ? Will we finally get to see players at venues around town ? On local sports shows ? on morning radio shows ? etc. Loria was such a fool when it came to this, I still think, a very crucial area of fostering potential revenue for your team. I know he hated being criticized by local media. But the local media blackout was a move that cut his nose to spite his face : It made no sense. Why not just bite your tongue and do whats best for your franchise & financial future. I'm willing to bet he lost at least $50 million in total over the last 6 years (or longer) since he started by losing potential ticket, parking, clothing & concessions sales, just because his players & coaches couldn't be seen or heard on local TV or radio. When people don't see or hear from you, they forget you, and then they don't think of you and most certainly don't buy any of your products.
  6. I don't know of a single poster on this board (well maybe Taiwanmarlins, but he is just "different") that would be unhappy with a rebuild. We all understand why they need to do it, but what we are afraid (I believe) of is the lack of experience in this area of team management, and also afraid of the retention of Michael Hill, and what his role & influence will be.
  7. Stanton Trade Rumors and Updates

    Again it wouldn't be Stanton's fault. It lies solely on Loria for agreeing to it. Loria gave him this power.
  8. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    Is there any notion of increasing revenue by increasing the Marlins presence in the Caribbean ? Do they already broadcast to PR and the Dominican ? Will they have a chance do you think to broadcast to Cuba in the next 4 or 5 years ? To me, this is a way they could increase that money from radio & TV rights.
  9. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    They have strong numbers and they have a large market....closest teams are the A's and Giants and they are 800 miles away. I had a very good friend that lived in Bucoda, WA about 70 miles south of SeaTac, and he and just about everyone else listened to the games via radio or watched on TV. He said the couple of restaurants in town, and the local bar were almost empty on nights the Mariners played
  10. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    This is not a similar market to anyone else.....except maybe Tampa Bay.
  11. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    Man these guys are just out of touch.....they really believe that's how naïve the fanbase is ? That Jeter is all it will take ? Geeeesh how do they get all that money and be such morons ?
  12. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    Man these guys are just out of touch.....they really believe that's how naïve the fanbase is ? That Jeter is all it will take ? Geeeesh how do they get all that money and be such morons ?
  13. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    But this franchise WILL lose more games, because the talent is not there, and the Phillies and Braves and Mets will most likely be better in the next 2 years. So the only way to increase attendance is to make it more affordable for fans to come to the games. Reducing ticket prices, concessions prices and parking prices may increase attendance some, but losing (which there will be lots of) will not lure them any more than now....they already are the "forgotten" franchise by the local media. How are they going to increase revenues when they have a losing product on the field ? I'm already worried.....
  14. Scott Boras rips Jeter's plan

    Boras is not wrong, but it does beg the question of do they have the financial stability and durability to "go the distance". I am worried they are "Loria part deaux". I wonder if Jeter has the mental capacity to live with failure and losing. He's never been subject to it, and I really think he might bolt in the next couple of years because of it. That's why he's only investing $25 million. A very small token amount.....that way in 2 or 3 years he can run off and maybe get $30-35 million from Sherman, or whoever buys his share. I'm not sold he will stay very long if they don't make good progress or what looks like good progress quick enough for him. Then you might get a Dolphins situation....a rich owner that is just "drifting" and not really knowing who to turn to and very, very lost, and a franchise that can't get its head out of its ass.
  15. Jeter's Payroll Trimming Plan? Trade Stanton, Gordon, and Prado

    I think you are completely wrong. The revenue streams are drying up with more & more people cutting the cord & younger people not replacing older ones that die off. MLB has done a pitifully bad job at cultivating the next generation of fans. That is why this sale price for the Marlins just blew me away.