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  1. Pags

    You only hear about coaches when the players are doing bad but never when they're doing well. It sucks.
  2. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    Arizona and Colorado play eachother several more times and I think our schedule is pretty favorable overall. We play a lot of teams that we can/should be able to beat. Plus we have a series each against Arizona and Colorado. There's ways to do this.
  3. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    I say if we go another week with a similar 6 of 7ish type of run like we have of late and especially if we gain a game or more then yeah we can definitely start looking at the standings more intently. Still a longshot of course but we've definitely picked up some steam recently.
  4. Who decided to close Stanton's stance?

    This is a really odd thing to say. Virtually every baseball player ever has had their own unique stance even if some have seemed similar to others. What works for one player in no way is expected to work for anyone else as far as batting stances. You can't just copy someone's stance and expect to hit the way they do. If that was the way it worked then every player would just steal the exact stances from some of the all time great hitters and that's it. You can't just say "Oh hey Tony Gwynn was a great hitter so I'll just use his stance." I've never heard anyone imply that one should just use someone else's stance to become a better hitter.
  5. Who decided to close Stanton's stance?

    I think I read something where Tim Wallach said since Stanton got hit in the face in 2014 he was backing off of pitches inside but that the closed stance forces him to be even closer to the inside pitches and he's able to attack them better. Like a reverse psychology way of overcoming his biggest problem he got more into it instead of further from it. No idea who's idea it was but if that analysis is true I found it interesting.
  6. Mattingly continues to lose games

    Yea Dave Roberts is probably the winner but I dunno I've always felt Manager of the Year too often goes to the manager of the best team and in a sense that defeats the purpose of Manager of the Year. If you have a team that's talented enough to win 100+ games, they'll probably win that many or close to it no matter who the manager is. I've always felt the best managers in a season are those that managed an overachiever as opposed to the most talented team and Mattingly fits that bill this year. Those are the managers that made a significant difference in the team and in their record. For a better example I think Joe Girardi in 2006 is the perfect example of what a manager of the Year winner is supposed to be.
  7. We won't find out but I'd love to know what Stanton thinks of all this because I think so many writers are forgetting what a full no trade clause means and Stanton has never truly shown a desire to leave here despite what the media tries to say. The guy bought a big time new home here and if there's a new regime and he's suddenly healthy and productive he may insist on being the centerpiece here even if it takes a year or two longer. I genuinely think Stanton is more likely to stay than go, for many reasons, and the media seemingly wants the world to think otherwise.
  8. Mattingly continues to lose games

    Mattingly can be very frustrating with his in game decisions because sometimes the better decision is super obvious... but I really feel like he's shown us a lot with how well the team has played considering all the injuries, lack of pitching, and the overall flaws of the roster itself. I think Mattingly deserves some Manager of the Year votes for the way he has led this team.
  9. I do laugh at how many people think Loria blew up the 97 team. Also the amount of people who don't realize that Loria kept the 03 team together in both 04 and 05. Casual fans can be pretty dumb at times. Oh the article? Excellent points and I'm glad he called out Passan on his trash article from this week.
  10. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    Did you all see that Sherman's cousin is Judge Judy? Lol
  11. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    The problem is what are gonna be the payroll constraints and is it even realistically possible to add what we need to get over the hump? I see what you're getting at but I think even if we get closer the gap might still be larger than we think.
  12. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    Makes you wonder why those reports of Hill and Samson staying ever even came up. It was pretty obvious to most that they would only stay on during the transition but would ultimately be ousted. Seems to be par for the course with the news and media these days. Report every possible scenario so that eventually one is right and then when one actually comes true just act like that's what you always said was gonna happen.
  13. He already wears no pants, what else do you want?
  14. The Official Giancarlo Stanton Man Crush Thread

    That's interesting, not just for Stanton but the others as well.
  15. With the amount of time, money, and effort it would take to actually be able to negotiate or change whatever says the sculpture can't be moved this isn't even worth them looking into any further. I can't imagine Sherman and Jeter hate the thing that much to bother fighting this.