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  1. https://www.fanragsports.com/jeters-marlins-bid-may-be-voted-on-soon/ FYI Jeter will only own a 4% share of the team. Michael Jordan just half of one share. Sherman of course will be the control person with a 46% share. Also a COO will be hired to actually run the business side as Sherman has no baseball experience. It's amazing how little experience this entire group has. There's no guarantee any of this works out. It's a little scary how unknown the post-Loria era will be. We assumed it'd be only better things after Loria but I'm not convinced.
  2. Chris Volstad

    If Mike Hill stays on this is probably our Opening Day starter next season.
  3. Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    First of all, even if he decides to leave he doesn't forgo the contract. He gets that money no matter where he plays unless he opts out. Switching teams doesn't negate the contract. Secondly, there's also no guarantee that the team he gets traded to is gonna be an immediate winner either so there's always the chance he'd prefer to stay here, be the face of the franchise (yes, even in losing seasons, look at 2017 as a perfect example), and hopefully ride out the storm and still be here for the next good team. I mean, I know it's unlikely, but what if Jeter does figure this out fairly quickly and the team is good 2 to 3 years from now? Stanton is definitely young enough to still be a significant part of that. It's not all the same but look at Ryan Zimmerman being productive for the Nationals at age 32 after riding out their bad years in his twenties. Stanton could be similar. Again, I'm not saying all of this is likely but it's all more reasons why Stanton might not really mind staying.
  4. Jose's Death, One Year Later

  5. Jose's Death, One Year Later

  6. Jose's Death, One Year Later

    Excellent article... http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/article175185466.html
  7. Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    Full no trade clause. It's not Jeters decision if Stanton goes. Never forget that.
  8. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    You know who's gonna be a reallllly good test for us to see how much of an idiot Jeter is? Perry Hill. If he fires Perry Hill that will tell me a lot.
  9. Signing petition to Manfred

    Lol awesome. Let me check the rates and get back to you.
  10. Signing petition to Manfred

    My joke was better.
  11. Signing petition to Manfred

    You gonna fly over here or you want us to fly over there? If you fly over here make sure to at least bring a pen with you.
  12. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    Owner of the first professional Taiwanese hockey team.
  13. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    No wonder you want this team to always spend big in free agency no matter what. You're the Taiwanese Wayne Huizenga.
  14. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    I disagree with this. Jeter wants to run the team and the reason he's with Sherman is that Sherman is ok with sitting back and letting Jeter make the moves. Other potential owners turned down teaming with Jeter for this reason. Until we're specifically told otherwise I'm 100% believing these are Jeter's moves.