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  1. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    Gotta take 3 of 4 in Philly.
  2. Who decided to close Stanton's stance?

    Some road analysts have pointed out that it requires you to have a dominant eye on the correct side. Some guys don’t have that luxury. Evidently stanton’s dominant eye is his left eye.
  3. August 19 Marlins @ Mets

    Got that lead.
  4. August 19 Marlins @ Mets

    Freakin double plays today.
  5. August 18 Marlins @ Mets

    Play ball folks.
  6. Passan always asks the Marlins to trade away the stars and then writes a hit piece afterwards about how they traded another star.
  7. August 16 Marlins vs Giants

    Another series win.
  8. Aug 15 Giants/Marlins

    Stanton trying to be a hero now.
  9. Aug 15 Giants/Marlins

    Yeah he watched him watching the homer.
  10. Aug 15 Giants/Marlins

    Ellis joins the fun!
  11. Aug 15 Giants/Marlins

    Marlins are winning 1-0.
  12. Aug 15 Giants/Marlins

    Straily looking good so far.
  13. Stanton named Player of Week

    Yes Bryce Harper also was on waivers.