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  1. There are a few rows that are freezing and then others that are like a sauna.
  2. Me either. Only happens if one is voted in, but not for a reserve cause they’ll just have to replace them anyway.
  3. This is where I think Jeter and company is failing big time. They are giving people more reasons to not come or come back. I understand those prices are pretty normal in MLB these days, but the Marlins should not be charging normal prices. He needs to make concessions and parking cheap. People may be more inclined to buy a ticket if they know they won't need to take out a mortgage for the add-ons.
  4. I thought Smith also but he started to struggle and then got hurt. If he comes back quick and gets back into form, I still say him. If not, maybe Alcantara?
  5. Crying about a mistake that has happened and can't be changed is the very definition of "crying over spilled milk" https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/cry-over-spilled-milk
  6. I love that incentive. Makes me want to play online more.
  7. Found it. Not sure how this helps sign draft picks though.
  8. What is dammit and where can I try it?
  9. I wish those were my dreams, lucky you. I dream of weird stuff.
  10. This game thread is action packed and the game is still hours away!
  11. You can believe in whatever stats you want to believe in, I don't care what you enjoy. I choose to not use them because if a guy has a good HNHZY+, it doesn't mean much to me. I saw enough evidence of the faults in having so many stats when there became ways to prove any point about any player. You can use some 4 letter stat and show me why Player A is better than Player B. Then I can reference a five letter one with a plus sign next to it and prove the opposite. Totally cool that some people like them and believe in them though.
  12. Not only that. But when you create 5000 stats, there will always be at least one that proves any point. The stats become meaningless.
  13. I could be wrong, but I think that means both sides can agree to renew the deal for up to 10 years. Each renewal would be for 5 years. This coming after the initial 35 years.
  14. http://www.miamidade.gov/govaction/matter.asp?matter=080474&file=true&fileAnalysis=false&yearFolder=Y2008
  15. When you invent 5000 stats, nutty things like this occur. I am sure FG has some nutty things too.
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