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  1. Yeah but some people excused Gallen's performance due to it being in Coors. I guess the conditions changed over the past few days.
  2. If the right guy is there this off-season you get him. It’s a multi year deal anyway.
  3. I'm gonna need to know Yes' platform before I decide if they are the right person for me.
  4. Every move the marlins make and don’t make can’t be seen as a dealbreaker
  5. We did it the same second almost. Unless they come back, you should start tomorrow's.
  6. It’s just interesting to me how you sway your opinion on players so quickly. If you had posted about gallen before the year, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been so enamored with him because frankly nobody here was. This Yamamoto thing really shows it. In less than a month, he went from a rotation lock for years to out of the rotation next year. I want to see what happens if Sandy has like 4 straight great outings. He may be the anomaly. I don’t think you are capable of liking him.
  7. It will not make me a fake fan if I do not stay? @SilverBullet
  8. You had Jordan as a lock in the rotation for next year (and beyond) and "so far ahead" less than a month ago. It was too fast then to make him a lock and it is too fast now to give up on him as a starter.
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