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  1. Look at Monte go! I said on the day of the trade, he could end up being the best part of the return. Sadly seeing how Brinson has been, Monte doesn't need to do much once he makes it to the bigs to be better.
  2. Thank you for agreeing they are jokes.
  3. I never saw Mike Stanton hit homers, he was a decent reliever though. Future pitching coach maybe
  4. Wait who am I kidding anyway. No way they spend more money on fencing, there are only so many going out of business sales available
  5. You know they can see these posts right? They'll just make it tougher, you should keep quiet on it.
  6. The rewards are good if you enjoy diamond dynasty. If you don’t like DD, it’s fun to do anyway just to accomplish stuff.
  7. That 48-hour positive wave going around this site should disappear now.
  8. You are gonna take @rmc523's Creepiest Member title away
  9. That must be it. Thanks for confirming i am not crazy.
  10. Was there anything like them in the past? I can’t believe I’m imagining it
  11. A team can win with any lineup on any given day, this lineup is still putrid and not MLB caliber. And this lineup sucks even if they score 10 runs today
  12. Our leading RBI guy has 7. Is that right?
  13. Lineup looks like a B team spring lineup.
  14. The Marlins should do one of 2 things. Play Brinson every day or send him to AAA. I think he should go to AAA for a couple weeks personally. What they shouldn't do is what they did the past two games, have him sit on the bench.
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