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  1. They can make room easy. For instance Castro’s option will surely be declined and that’s one spot. Granderson is a free agent so that’s another. Noesi’s spot will be available I’m sure as well.
  2. Noesi is nothing more than an innings eater for this year. They are going to shut young guys down so they need a guy like him to pitch those innings.
  3. Yeah but some people excused Gallen's performance due to it being in Coors. I guess the conditions changed over the past few days.
  4. If the right guy is there this off-season you get him. It’s a multi year deal anyway.
  5. I'm gonna need to know Yes' platform before I decide if they are the right person for me.
  6. Every move the marlins make and don’t make can’t be seen as a dealbreaker
  7. We did it the same second almost. Unless they come back, you should start tomorrow's.
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