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  1. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    You could say... he watches him... like a hawk.
  2. Bour homers in AA

    Why isn't he up yet?!??!!?!?
  3. Peters to start Friday

    That's what she said.
  4. Peters to start Friday

    That's what... too easy.
  5. Peters to start Friday

    Bunch of heightphobics in this establishment.
  6. Stanton hates Wednesdays

    I literally don’t give a shit! I still want to know what stanton does on Wednesday’s to cause this.
  7. Fantasy Football???

    How about in rewind?
  8. 8/27 Pads Marlins

    Even guys may get impregnated by one.
  9. 8/25 Pads Marlins

  10. 8/25 Pads Marlins

    T-Mo is a good name!
  11. 8/24/17 Post-Game

    Now take 2 of 3 from the fathers!!
  12. Fish & Phils - 8/23/17

    Finally some attendance in a game thread and nicolino does that.
  13. Fish & Phils - 8/23/17

    Go Los Marlins.