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  1. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Same person as who? And you're the one that just called me a moron and told me to go f myself like a 13 year old kid. I didn't resort to name calling or personal attacks. You did.
  2. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Of course I realize it. The fact you like a guy who was a Marlin for less than a week is meaningless.
  3. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    No actual Marlins fan could ever root for the Mets. I don't believe in second teams in general, but rooting for the Mets as a Marlins fan says a lot about how much of a fan you ever were.
  4. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

  5. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Anyone that can flip support to the Mets on a whim was never a real fan to begin with.
  6. Captain's Camp

    Your list of people who apparently disagree with you all the time keeps growing with each reply. Better add me to it as well.
  7. Mini Piazza

    Isn't there a big Mike Piazza fan that is a member here? He may enjoy this thread.
  8. Prado thankful, would never request a trade

    Yep, I laughed at the "whole goal of why they play" being to win. The money has ZERO involvement. hahahha
  9. Facial hair allowed

  10. 4 bobblehead games planned in 2018

    Bobbleheads are overrated anyway, bring back troll dolls.
  11. Billy the Marlin performer fired

    I am one of those 400 too and don't care how many others there are. I know there will be 4 million of them saying they've been there all along though come playoff time.
  12. Billy the Marlin performer fired

    Just ignore that kind of stuff, take it from whom it comes. You seem like a great poster and I appreciate your opinions. I noticed your sign-up date, you're an "old-timer" only in terms of your membership here.
  13. 5 Marlins in BPs top 100 Prospects list

    This should be good.