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  1. Marlins Trade Phelps to Mariners

    Brayan is 2-3 years away I guess but potential is there!
  2. Yeah I gotta think that was not on purpose. Would be super dark.
  3. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20107444/giancarlo-stanton-says-30th-home-run-milestone-important-marlins-winning
  4. Marlins Sale Rumors

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2017/07/18/why-jorge-mas-will-be-the-next-owner-of-the-miami-marlins/2/#1831a6a913f6 More speculation but whatevs
  5. Marlins Trade Rumors

    He was a pretty good hitter too!
  6. I believe what the Coors fan was saying is that Beane's specialty is doing that, so why bring in a guy that's good at that if you don't plan on doing that?
  7. Hendo signs with Ducks

    Isn't this where careers go to die?
  8. Marlins Sale Rumors

    Yeah I believe that is right.
  9. Marlins Trade Rumors

    I don't think anybody wants Hill to be in charge when it happens, you're preaching to the choir broseph.
  10. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Probably should wait for the new owner to take over and see what happens there champ.
  11. Marlins Trade Rumors

    ALSO since when is Chen returning a sign for optimism???!?!
  12. Second Half Predictions?

    He meant second half of this season not second half of this decade!
  13. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Would you try and trade Straily?
  14. I wonder how he didn't notice that though...
  15. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Wait until the final week of the trade deadline when all the teams in the hunt want to add a back-end arm!