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  1. Captain's Camp

    I kinda like a closed meeting of the top prospects that are going to be at each level for the particular year to kind of show them how the organization wants things done and for the players who attend to go back to their respective minor league team and kind of lead by example. Wont be fool proof and some players wont be the best leaders, but i think its a great start as far as building a consistent organizational culture that this place has lacked for years. The word culture in a sports franchise is often overused, but i dont think it is a small thing for a franchise to have. This organization has lacked a culture and expectation of how to conduct yourself for so fucking long, due in no small part to the fact that the previous ownership didnt know how to conduct themselves as owners let alone transmit to the players the expectations of how they expected the players to act.
  2. Bruce Sherman makes an appearance at ST

    I cant put into words how great it is to finally see a long term plan and an owner that understands the benefit of building a particular way and sticking to it for the long haul. I cant believe we werent successful since 2003 planning our building strategy off of how Jeffrey Loria felt any particular day. Color me shocked that that didnt work out.
  3. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    wow didnt even realize that.
  4. Samson sucks, but god did he bend the city over in that ballpark deal.
  5. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    Healey has quickly become my favorite marlins beat writer. Have no idea when he started following the team, but he is good. What ever happened to Joe Capozzi too?
  6. because thats a comparable situation at all. Entitled dick or someone who wants to not waste years of his prime playing for a team with no intention of contending. IF they said they didnt care about winning and that they already have their money how would you react then? Players have power, i have no problem with them attempting to use it.
  7. i mean, they can go demanding it. And it worked. I dont blame either side. You woudnt want to waste years of your prime on a team that has no intention of winning anytime soon. Never gonna blame a guy for wanting to win. Team doesnt have to give in, but i have no problems with any player trying to exercise some power. If he made a comment to the effect of "i dont care about the rebuild i already have my contract and im making money regardless and i dont care about winning" youd torch him for that too. Especially with the bullshit theyve had to deal with since they were drafted in this organization and then the new ownership group comes in and immediately wants to rebuild.
  8. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    I can agree with that, i just think asking a small market team already hemorrhaging money to add what would be likely 35 million dollars at least on a team with an already $140 million payroll is beyond unrealistic.
  9. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    or they dont get career years out of Stanton and Ozuna, Stanton doesnt stay healthy for the first time in his career, a SP they sign isnt as effective as they wanted or gets hurt like Chen and they are in a worse place than they already were. You cant point to one team who ever won anything of significance with the kind of lack of organizational depth like we had. It's the exact reason why we have had that one-two months every single year for years now where we completely shit the bed. This team wasnt winning anything regardless.
  10. Mets sign Jason Vargas

    Good signing by them. also just blew my mind that i looked at his espn page and saw that he was 35. I remember coming up and debuting with the marlins.
  11. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    Either that or given our complete and utter lack of depth we were an injury or 2 from being right back where we were with more future salary obligations.
  12. What can be expected from the offense?

    I think the lineup is actually fairly average and possibly above average as currently constructed before we trade people. I think they end up keeping Anderson and Brinson down for a month to get the extra year, but after that we are looking at C- JT 1b- Bour 2b- Castro SS-Ridde/Rojas 3b- Anderson LF-Dietrich CF- Brinson?/ Maybe Jon Jay RF- Cooper/Maybe Melky? with Prado as a kind of super utility guy. That is not terrible at all. Not elite, but not terrible.
  13. is someone gonna tell straily he will be traded before the year is over....