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  1. fish20

    Austin Dean, great prospect?

    Not a prospect. Might be a decent 3rd OF but ideally he'd be a backup corner 4th OF. I think he does at least deserve a chance over Maybin/Brinson (for performance and service time reasons) at this point though.
  2. fish20

    Bigger Bust?

    we got 4 prospects for yelich. Brinson was not expected to replace Yelich and was especially not in his first year.
  3. fish20

    Bigger Bust?

    Brinson needs to be sent down, and he should have been sent down to begin the year any ways. To go off his baseline spring stats was absolutely stupid, as his K/BB ratio in the spring was obviously showing that this would happen. The fact that instead of just biting the bullet and sending him to AAA for a month and a half and getting the extra service time instead of batting him #8 in an NL lineup is beyond stupid, but i think eventually theyll get lucky and have to send him down soon. The thing with Brinson though, is that while he will never be a superstar with the bat, he will be a 15+ year ML player if he even develops into an average hitter, which he will likely do and much more because his defense is already fairly incredible. I really think the front office was stupid to put so much stock into his spring stats and his AAA stats in fucking Colorado Springs last year given that its one of the biggest hitting havens in the minors. Hopefully they send him down soon, get him back up here towards the end of july, let him improve and get 2 months more of ML experience to end the year, and then he'll be your opening day CF for the foreseeable future hopefully. Edit- but ya, calling him a bust is absolutely stupid. If he is even around a league average hitter he will be a 2-3 WAR player minimum.
  4. fish20

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    To get back on topic, Monte has struck out a shit ton, and while he never will be juan pierre in terms of not striking out, once he inevitably cuts it down to a reasonable rate he's gonna take off. I hope they give him the rest of the year in AA, maybe a week or 2 for an introduction to the majors in september, then the first month or 2 next year in Nola and then bring him up here. Between him in right and then probably brinson and sierra in CF/LF, that outfield is absolutely insane defensively. I see Monte's ceiling being .270 hitter, .350 OBP, .900 OPS, and an absolute cannon of an arm in RF. I dont think he'll ever be your best player, but i can see him being absolutely dynamite as a RF and #2 or #5 hitter in a lineup depending on the makeup of the team around him.
  5. conley and chen arent good pitchers. Urena and Straily also pitched every 5th day and had career years and theres no telling if they stay healthy again. All im saying is that youre not making the playoffs with that team unless you sign a legit #1/2 and a legit #2/3, and with our payroll structure that simply was not feasible, plus i really dont think you guys understand how little depth that entire organization had. One of those guys gets injured and just like every year we completely shit the bed for an entire month because we dont have any capable replacements to even step in for a short time and the season is done. Might we have contended? Sure, i guess its possible if everything goes right, but sometimes blowing it up and just getting through the inevitable and building it the right way and with a coherent and consistent plan is the right thing to do. The current ownership/front office isnt to blame. They inherited a shit show of an organization at literally every aspect. Building it up with high character young prospects and trying to instill an organizational culture slowly and fiscally smart was the right thing to do as painful as this next year or 2 will be.
  6. I dont think anybody called you stupid, but that team played about as well as they possibly could have last year considering how few key injuries they had and the career years they got from Stanton, JT, Ozuna, Straily, and Urena. YOu could hope for whatever, but it is highly unlikely that running it back was gonna do anything but make it worse. And nobody is saying this rebuild is foolproof, but the process is what should be focused on 100 times out of 100 more than the result, and this process is clearly the much better way to rebuild proven time and time again. Also, both of those teams didnt have any talent at the beginning of their rebuild aside from like 1-2 pieces. Acting like they started from a place prospect wise where we arent is flat out wrong. The cubs system was a mess and they had a bunch of overpaid contracts. The astros had altuve who nobody thought was this good and essentially nothing else. We actually had a headstart in terms of tradeable pieces that commanded attention on the trade market, and we still do.
  7. the casual fan also didnt go to any games last year when we were one of the best teams in the league for a 3-4 month period and stanton was having a historic season, so i could give 2 shits what the casual fan really thinks of the rebuild, nor should the casual fan's opinion on team building have any impact on how we are building our team.
  8. Did you bother to do any research into the astros situation at the beginning of this rebuild?
  9. exactly this. Its not like the plan is lose- then hope magically we improve. It is taking advantage of the way contracts work for young players in this league and trying to build a healthy all around organization. We had no depth whatsoever before. One or a few great players isnt enough in this league by themselves to carry a team to greatness like it might be in the NBA or a great QB in the NFL. Just look at the roster the angels built around trout for the last 5 years.
  10. its not magic, its the proven best way to rebuild an organization from bottom to top in the most financially responsible and smart way. Throwing money at people and trading prospects for quick fixes in baseball is a great way to flame out, which is why we had no farm system to speak of and a thoroughly mediocre roster.
  11. that "all we needed" thing is such bs. Not only because we had no real way to get that pitching, but the point is that we did not have any depth to survive any type of injury. That is what people dont understand. How many times have we had an injury and our entire season goes down the tubes? That is the most important part of this rebuild. Last year, Stanton, Ozuna, Dee, Yelich, Staily, Urena, and JT were all healthy the entire year, and Ozuna, Stanton, Straily, Urena, and JT all had career years and perhaps in line for a (albeit maybe minor) regression. Expecting them to all not get injured and put up the same years would be incredibly foolish.
  12. fish20


    Kieboom isnt untouchable. Soto is. He is likely a top 5 prospect in all of baseball. I agree with you that they should go for it in the last year harper is there in all likelihood and fix the one hole in their lineup, just telling you what they will likely say. If they can get another catcher while keeping both i think they will choose to do that and then have 2 star prospects up ready to replace him next year. I would have to see the remaining potential catching options available on the trade market before id call them stupid for doing that. Also, I get "getting over the hump," but I think a lot of that is more luck than anything else. They have the star starting pitching, they have the great lineup already, theyve just lost game 5 in the small sample size of the division series like 4 different times, and to me that is more luck than anything else. IF i were them I go get some more shut down relievers before anything else, but i also havent looked all that deep into their team yet.
  13. fish20


    soto is likely untouchable, and probably rightly so. if they put him in a deal it would be done within minutes. you're not getting soto and kieboom though. 0 chance that happens.
  14. fish20

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    0 chance. you figure out if he wants to re-sign him, if he doesnt, you trade him for the most possible. he's the last huge piece we can deal, you dont take a chance on that.
  15. fish20

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    not for vlad jr. literally almost nobody has that much value, but to get bo bichette, JT has that value. Marlins fans should be rooting for the jays to stay in contention until the deadline so they go for it in this last year of their core. vlad jr is untouchable but i could see them giving up bichette for a late run.