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  1. Kyle Tucker and one of their better SP prospects not named Whitley. That makes sense for both sides. Their lineup is loaded and they could use a catcher and we would get a top 10 prospect in baseball and hopefully a high ceiling SP to add to our collection of higher floor/lower ceiling SP prospects.
  2. This is going to get done this week.
  3. fish20

    New Logo Coming

    I like the one on the right. I hope they just stick to a teal and black/silver logo and dont force the colors.
  4. Ideally we could get Tucker AND Yordan Alvarez but likely it would be a lesser guy like Nova who im sure we like and know cause we originally signed him.
  5. obviously we'd need another 1-2 fillers. Just meant him as the main piece.
  6. If you can get Kyle Tucker for JT you do it in a heartbeat.
  7. Cleveland makes sense- McKenzie, Nolan Jones, and Noah Naylor. Padres- McKenzie Gore, Luis Urias, and Chris Paddack Astros, Whitley and Alvarez
  8. fish20

    New Logo Coming

    hurray for logo talk. cant wait for people to overreact and criticize something they really dont care all that much about anyways for the sake of fake outrage!!!
  9. fish20

    New Logo Coming

    i want the old kinda teal marlins logo but instead of F just put M. Seems simplest and people like that color and this will be an updated take on what is probably the most popular logo we've had
  10. I know this is just how it is, but why is the amount of money these teams have left kept such a mystery?
  11. They dont have a manager or general manager and are even more poorly run then us.
  12. fish20

    Marlins open 6 40-man spots

    there are still plenty of guys we can drop from the 40 man even after this. Still have Wallach, Yadiel Rivera, Del Pozo, and Galloway. Im sure we will add the prospects and then make more room with those guys as free agents are added
  13. ya, you give whatever to the younger one to take the flier on him in order to get the older one.
  14. we were in on chapman too from what i can remember.
  15. fish20

    Worst in the NL

    Not gonna say the trade looks great right now, but they didnt trade him for one guy, they traded him for 4, which was literally the entire reason for the deal which your post doesnt seem to understand. The point was obviously to get high level talent back but it was to also get a lot of prospect/organizational depth and we did get 4 guys who will be ML players and cost controlled for 6 years. 2 of them had disappointing years, but acting like it was a 1 for 1 deal or that a guy needed to have mlb success right away in the first year seems to be your problem in not understanding the rationale behind the trade.

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