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  1. Have to be excited about Joe Dunand. He’s cut his k rate down and he’s still hitting for pop and average. Riley Mahan though exciting and hitting great his k rate is worrisome. Stone Garrett though nice to see him hit I think he’s got to finish off the year before you can really get excited. Same with Silviano. Monte Harrison and Isan Diaz are struggling some. James Nelson hurt right now should be back, interested to see how he handles Jupiter. Brian Miller looks like a sure thing but quite a low ceiling. Still not sure why they wanted Sierra in the package with Miller here. But w/e. Speaking of Sierra I got no hope there. So yeah bats wise atm I’m really excited about Dunand and a little about Mahan. And need to see more from James Nelson, Monte Harrison, Isan Diaz, Stone Garrett and John Silviano (hope to see him in AA soon if he keeps it up).
  2. People were saying the samething about a 27 year old Gordon’s defense when he got here from LA.
  3. At this point 5 million shouldn’t matter. If he has a first half like he did this past season and his defens nos improved your potentially looking at a very good package coming this way.
  4. Eh if Perry Hill can fix his defense and he continues to hit he’ll be more valuable in July.
  5. Yea tf. If someone don’t agree with you you pound en till they do.
  6. I am eggcited. I like losers.
  7. If Yelich is here I don’t think he will.
  8. As of right now probably Sierra. Hope not though and he starts in AAA. Still have more deals to make.
  9. Yea minor league teams select alot. Orioles took 3 in the major league portion btw.
  10. Jason Martin would be interesting but yea feel they are taking Cortes. Sickels ranked him 20 on yanks list.
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