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  1. Miami Marlins' Fans 2018 New Year's Resolutions

    that is why we need to give jeter an open mind..he is a decorated veteran of the game..he knows this game better than any owner ever has or can hope for..
  2. Miami Marlins' Fans 2018 New Year's Resolutions

    that is because no fan base has taken our roller coaster rides..we are also now working on our second generation of new fans..the braves have been in Atlanta for 6 decades? the braves have been around for over a century. you can't compare with us..
  3. to the simple minded fans..they think money is power...i say knowledge and wisdom is real power..and we have it.. fisrt of all.in our 25 year anniversary season,we will have our 4th ownership who doesn't need to concer themselves with finding a home for our team..that has been done..ll they have to concentrate on is building a winning tradition as jeter says he wants to do.. second ..we have what will be for the first time ever an owner who knopws more about baseball than any owner can dream of..we all know derek is a decorated veteran. we have don mattingly a well established manager who wants to work with jeters objective. ..a lot of us think we are depressed..but we are well accustomed to new beginnings..but this time ..we have better baseball minds than we ever had before..
  4. Miami Marlins' Fans 2018 New Year's Resolutions

    i plan to give derek jeter an open mind..don mattingly believes in what jeter is doing enough not to resign..i think an open mind is the least we can do..