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  1. 26 of 30 first-place votes Puig got the other 4, so it was a two-horse race til the end. Still, not close at all.
  2. I purchased some Adobe software and a couple other things this past week... spent about $600 total.
  3. Show's on, folks: http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?topic_id=40172882&content_id=31207271
  4. Damn... I liked having the games on the FM band (104.3). Oh, well.
  5. Nothing's going right for the Cards
  6. Go Beltran. Go Yadier. Go Redbirds!
  7. Oakland vs Tampa Bay would be AWESOME. Meh Go Rays overall but that series sounds boring. The battle for the ugliest stadium.
  8. Beetle

    New Logo

    The new banner misrepresents the crowds that attend Marlins games. No, it doesn't. I took that picture -- the crowd is 100% legit.
  9. Uggla is being left off the Braves' playoff roster. That's gotta sting.
  10. I'm not as disturbed with the poor imitation Britto (yuck) backdrop, as with having to look at José's ass for 6 months. How come we get the Rangers every other season, yet we get the Tigers once every ten... what gives?
  11. I finally get to see a Marlins no-no – and wouldn't you know it, I was in attendance! :clapping Very nice. Beetle! I sooooo envy you That had to be awesome out there! It was special, that's for sure. Back in 06 I made big fuss about missing Anibal's no-no (I was on a plane); and I wasn't in Florida for the other 3. So, I'm glad to finally put this feather in my cap. Good crowd too. They were really into it.
  12. I finally get to see a Marlins no-no – and wouldn't you know it, I was in attendance! :clapping Very nice. Such a great experience.
  13. The New York Post (yes, I know) came out today saying the Panthers are as good as sold, to an unnamed New York buyer(s). A buyer for the money-losing Florida Panthers has been found and a deal should be announced within the next few weeks, two sources close to the situation said. “It’s imminent,� one of the sources said. The buyers are from New York, though their identities could not be immediately confirmed. http://nypost.com/2013/09/17/buyer-set-for-florida-panthers/
  14. Looking like a great game to be at the ballpark. It was.
  15. Thank goodness. That was scary.
  16. Yes, it's FOX Saturday Game of the Week; channel 7 in Miami, 29 in WPB, etc.
  17. wow, hasn't been a pitcher under 21 make the All-Star game in nearly 30 years Who was the last one to do it?Just a guess -- Dwight Gooden?
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